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Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

“When you’re dealt a King, never reshuffle. You may just end up with a joker.” That’s what my mother always said. “I’m not talking about playing cards here, Emira, I’m talking about life. Take heed.”

Well, I’d found my king, and there was no way I was planning on reshuffling this particular hand that life had dealt me.

Jonathon was perfect. Good looking, dashing, fantastic job, loaded family, and what’s more, he was due to inherit a huge ancestral pile from a recent death in his family. Old uncle Whatshisname. Oh, I don’t know.

What I do know is that the old boy had a real castle that he had lived in, up until his death. It was set on acres of land, in the middle of Kent.

I’d be like a princess, or a queen, even, living on my own castle – if Johnny was to propose, that is.

We’re driving down there no, as it happens, to view the new property. I can’t wait to get my first glimpse of my mansion. Oh, the parties we’ll throw! My Insta feed will be full of photos of my new home. I wonder if it has a real throne in there?

Wait, he’s slowing down… What the heck is that?

“So, what do you think, darling? It’s a bit rundown, but imagine what we could do with the place?”

I turn to look at him, disgust etched across my face.

” I want to go home, Jonathan. Now.”

King? Nah, a joker with ideas above his station, more like!


“So, son, what did she think?”

“Mummy, you were right. A true gold digger if ever I saw one. One look at the battlement ruins and she was off. Thank goodness you told me to take the back route. If I’d gone up to the main entrance, she’d have seen the real castle, and I’d never have been rid of her.”

“Mother always knows best, my dear.”

Presence #writephoto Colleen's 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 159, #PoetsChoice

I’ve decided to combine two prompts for this one piece of syllabic poetry, a haiku/senryu with feeling, Hairyu, anyone?

I have combined the photo from Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt, and entered this in to Colleen#s weekly syllabic poetry challenge, #TankaTuesday. This week it is Poet’s choice of words!

Six silent sentries
Watching our every move
Nature's Guardians

Ritu 2020

Murmur #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

It started with 
A murmur
Then someone screamed
Blue murder

Startled starlings
But for me
All that mattered

Was to catch that
Last glimpse of sun
After all it would be
My last one

My last sunset
My last night
My last breath
Yes, that's right

Then they grabbed me
From the wall
Stopped me quickly
Before the fall

Ritu 2019

Reaching #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

Clouds may
Cover the
Horizon wide
He shows His light
As little breaks appear
In the grey shell above us
Gently casting brightness and hope
The sun's rays reaching far and wide
If we have some patience, our Faith will win

Ritu 2019

Poised #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Forlorn, he stood waiting.

The game should have been over a long time ago, but no one had found him. No one had called out to say it was time to go home.

Patrick felt himself wilt.

Had Bob and the gang forgotten him?

His arms began to stiffen. He really needed to get back into the water. But should he risk it?

Here he was, poised on the brink of victory. He’d never won a game of Hide & Seek with Bob before. That Bob could squeeze himself into some tiny gaps. He was impossible to find, sometimes. Well, what do you expect, with him being a sponge.

Patrick raised his starfish head. No. I’m going to sit this out, just a little longer…

This story was inspired by the photo, and Spongebob Squarepants, as the figure I saw made me think of Patrick the Starfish straight away!

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Image from Google

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