Murmur #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

It started with 
A murmur
Then someone screamed
Blue murder

Startled starlings
But for me
All that mattered

Was to catch that
Last glimpse of sun
After all it would be
My last one

My last sunset
My last night
My last breath
Yes, that's right

Then they grabbed me
From the wall
Stopped me quickly
Before the fall

Ritu 2019

Reaching #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

Clouds may
Cover the
Horizon wide
He shows His light
As little breaks appear
In the grey shell above us
Gently casting brightness and hope
The sun's rays reaching far and wide
If we have some patience, our Faith will win

Ritu 2019

Poised #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Forlorn, he stood waiting.

The game should have been over a long time ago, but no one had found him. No one had called out to say it was time to go home.

Patrick felt himself wilt.

Had Bob and the gang forgotten him?

His arms began to stiffen. He really needed to get back into the water. But should he risk it?

Here he was, poised on the brink of victory. He’d never won a game of Hide & Seek with Bob before. That Bob could squeeze himself into some tiny gaps. He was impossible to find, sometimes. Well, what do you expect, with him being a sponge.

Patrick raised his starfish head. No. I’m going to sit this out, just a little longer…

This story was inspired by the photo, and Spongebob Squarepants, as the figure I saw made me think of Patrick the Starfish straight away!

Image result for spongebob and friends
Image from Google

Frozen #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

A slow thaw
Of frozen streams
As the sun rises
Heralding the weather
The world has been waiting for
Ready to awaken today
A new day filled with new beginnings
It feels like anything is possible

Ritu 2019

Future & Hope


Mirror #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

“Mirror, mirror, on the water,

Tell me all about my step-daughter.”

Grimhilde stared at the surface of the pond, waiting for an answer.


Not a peep.

“Stupid reflection. Stupid pond. Stupid Snow White!”

The reflection of her face contorted into an ugly grimace.

“I was the fairest of them all, once,” Grimhelde addressed the terrified frogs who were sat, frozen, on the lily pads, unable to move, in case she cast a spell on them. “Yes, I was. Queen Grimhelde. That was me. The fairest, and the most feared. People quaked in my presence. My dear King, oh how he loved me. But he wouldn’t stop loving her.”

Grimhelde sneered as she continued. “Snow White. She was a harmless child. No match for me. Or at least she wasn’t, until she grew up. Too pretty. Eurgh! Sickly sweet, she was. And they all adored her.”

She sunk to the floor, grabbing a handful of grass and yanking it up, out of the ground.

The frogs cowered.

“And I thought I’d got rid of her! But why I had to send Henry, that daft huntsman, I don’t know. He was always too soft. A few flutters of her eyelashes, and he let her go!” She slowly scattered the broken blades of grass on the surface of the pond, fracturing the reflection.

“She lived. Those blasted dwarves saved her. Even my poisoned apple didn’t work. Instead, she marries that soppy Prince and lives Happily Ever After, and look at me. Stripped of my title and banished from the kingdom.”

She leant closer to the frogs, beckoning them to come closer. “Well actually, they think I’m dead. Left my execution to that stupid, soft Henry, didn’t they? He couldn’t kill his Queen, so he dropped me off here, as he had Snow White. Thing is, I haven’t found a band of dwarves to help me out.” She raised her hand, “I get left with frogs!” Grimhelde brought her fist down into the water, sending ripples across the surface and scattering the frogs.

“And now, even they’ve left me…”

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