Returning #writephoto

Sue is back with her #Writephoto prompt after an enforced break. We are so happy to see you back with your prompt, Sue. Gently does it!

So the prompt is RETURN along with the photo:

of normality
That's all we seek.
of affection
That's what we need
of common sense
That Politicians lack
of our lives
That's what we miss

Ritu 2021

I’m Back! (Kinda!)


Oh no!!

Hi my wonderful Peeps! I know I was only gone for a couple of days… Heck, I was still browsing my notifications. I couldn’t stay away for long! But not being so immersed in the Blogosphere meant that I was more involved in things with my family, so that was good.

However, I can’t totally give up on my Blogily! I missed you all far too much! I shall be reading posts via my reader as an when I can, so I apologise if I miss any of your posts, but I shall try my hardest to be a good follower, as well as a regular blogger too, and add the being wife, mum and teacher into the mix!

Today for me was the beginning of term, inset day, with no children but training, and preparation for the next term.  It was busy, lots of paperwork done, and now we are kinda ready for the next term…

So, I am ready for the craziness to begin… the kids start tomorrow… Dear God, help me!!!!!!!!!

My interactive peeps!

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