#WritePhoto – Avenue

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

Edith looked down the avenue of wooden sentries to the solitary, blossom-covered tree at the end.
Twenty years ago, she’d planted that with her young family, it was like nature’s headstone.
A reminder that he was there, waiting for her when her time came.
It would be like walking down the aisle to her beloved once again, but this time she’d be carried in a box, and lowered to the ground.
Her children had already been instructed to plant another sapling there, next to her Peter, so they could grow old together, if not in life, but in death.




#WritePhoto – Fallen

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

Let Sleeping Rocks Lie

“Shh! they look so peaceful. We can’t move them!” Bob surveyed the scene, and his gaze fastened upon the two large stones again.
“But what we gonna tell The Boss, Bob?” Dick knew The Boss wasn’t an easy man. He expected the site to be clear by tomorrow evening. There were big plans afoot for this plot of land he’d bought.
Luxury houses boasting a true view of nature – never mind how much of that nature they would have to destroy to create them.
“I dunno… there’s just something about them. It’s like they’re telling me submili- sulbimin-, oh you know, like they’re sending me messages not to touch them, or the stuff around them.” He looked at Dick. “Don’t you hear it?”
Dick stood, cocked his ear to one side, straining to hear anything. “Nah mate, all I hear is the sound of the bulldozers making their way over!”
“All I know is I can’t do it.” Bob took off his hardhat and made to walk off.
Soddom opened his eye and glanced over at Gomorrah. “Do you think it worked then?”
“I’ve been laying here for over nine hundred years. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to move us. It’ll not be the last. But the point is, we’re still here aren’t we?”
“And why was it again, that we couldn’t be moved?”
“Because, dear Soddom, we’re fallen angels, destined to lay in one place forever more.”
“But what would happen if we were?”
“I’m not about to try and find out. The last time we didn’t listen to Him, we went from beautiful cherubs to large lumps of rock. We lost our wings, our voices. At least time, and erosion, has given us some shape back. Goodness knows what He would do to us if we moved… Now do be quiet, you’re disturbing my beauty sleep!!




#WritePhoto – Ascent

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

Journeying up
Rising, flying, soaring
Pushing oneself, achieving goals

Ritu 2018




#WritePhoto – Splash!

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

Well, this photo sparked some memories!

Sashaying around the house, 11-year-old Ritu was so proud of the new boots her parents had bought her.
She felt so grown up, so in fashion – something she had rarely been in the past. Actually, the boots had been given to her a few weeks back, and she had debuted them at her school residential trip, at the disco, along with her rainbow coloured dress.
Oh yes, so on-trend was Ritu!
They were the boots of her dreams, grey suede pixie boots, with a slight slouch to them. Ritu had never owned something so ‘cool’!
Today, they were visiting some family, and she was looking forward to showing off the funky footwear.
It was a beautiful sunny day so Ritu, her brother and cousins were playing in the garden. The boys played football – obviously – and the girls wandered around chatting.
Stupid boys! They’d kicked the ball into the pond. Ritu couldn’t let the young ‘uns risk getting the ball out, so off she went, heroine extraordinaire, to rescue the situation.
Bending over she reached out to the middle of the pond to gently coax the ball towards the edge of the pond…
Even bigger SPLASH!
Ritu was sat in the pond, dripping wet, amongst the frogspawn… then she remembered her beautiful boots!

Based on a totally true event as I was growing up.

I never did wear them again, despite my mother doing some amazing rescue mission to make the boots wearable again… I just kept on smelling frog… (actually, I think I imagined a fishy smell that wasn’t really there…) Those poor boots… and poor me with frogspawn all over me!


Image result for grey suede pixie boots

They looked a bit like these boots!





#WritePhoto – Waiting

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

It’s that time again
Can you feel the pain?
Don’t know what you gain
Crying like the rain
Still wrapped in your chains
Yet I can’t refrain
It all starts to drain
Thoughts inside my brain
And you’ve left a stain
But I’m still

This was actually a poem I wrote a couple of years back… I hope you enjoyed it.



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