#WritePhoto – Dinosaur

KL’s #WritePhoto prompt, this week:

Gingerly, I ease myself forward, trying my hardest not to startle it.

There it stood, the Lesser Spotted Not So Woolly Mammoth.

And, considering dinosaurs were meant to be extinct, it should haave been a Never Spotted one.

I pull out my phone to take some photos. I needed evidence. No one would believe that this sighting was real, otherwise.

Maybe I should Insta-live it, or live stream on Facebook?

I could become viral, for discovering that dinosaurs weren’t actually extinct!

Fiddling with my phone, I get the relevant app up, and try to focus it… on nothing.

I search everywhere, frantically, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

Darn it!

At least I have my photos.

Ah, wait.

Stupid social media strikes again.

I was so tied up with setting up my Live, that I didn’t actually click a photo!

Kicking myself, I wonder when these camera phones became so much more. It was far simpler when a mobile was just a phone and camera.

Echoes of a conversation between me and my dino aged father come to mind. He always says it was far simpler when a phone was just a phone…

#WritePhoto – New Borns

Our #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
Its nose and ears and hooves were black
Except for its front left toe

The other ewes just lay in wait
For their newborns to come
Mary sighed with happiness
As she was already a mum

#WritePhoto – Rabbit

#Writephoto prompt, in Sue’s Footsteps, by KL Caley:

Foo Foo’s Revenge!

Little Bunny Foo Foo giggled to himself.

That silly fairy thought she had punished him, but what she forgot was that the goonie she turned him into, had a different power. The power to turn invisible.

So, donning his bunny glasses, he stood by the bush, and continued to bop the field mice on the head, feeling a little like his old self. If the fairy appeared, he whipped the glasses off and she couldn’t see him, either.

Perfect. He could still bop, and was safe from further transformation!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Little Bunny Foo Foo, here is a clip of the song that has been doing my head in all week, as we played it to the class. of course, I had great fun pretending to be said Bunny, and bopped many children fieldmice in the process!


Beyond The Door โ€“ #Writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #WritePhoto prompt, now transferred to the lovely KL Caley’s blog.

Doorway to another dimenson
Those going in find their escape
Those coming out, finding theirs
You see,
The grass isn't always greener...

Ritu 2021


Deeper #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt:

It was mere seconds, but as I fell, it felt like time had slowed down.

I wondered how such beauty could be present at a time where my mind held thoughts not remotely beautiful.

The russets and golds on the leaves of the branch sticking out of the rocks.

The vibrant green of the plants surrounding it.

The sun, bouncing off the light stone of the wall.

The ripples creating their own music that grew louder as I drew closer to the water.

Then, the splash, followed by muffled sounds, as I sunk deeper into the water.

Tendrils from the underwater foliage threatened to wrap themselves around my limbs, but I fought them off.

Bubbles escaped my mouth as my body floated upwards, like an air-filled buoy.

I gasped for breath as my face broke the surface.

Invigorated, I swam to the edge and clambered out, soaking, but content.

It was as if I needed that shock to the system, to realise that, really, my life wasn’t so bad.


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