October 3: Flash Fiction Challenge – Chai Time

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Prompt, this week:

October 3, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about any ritual involving tea. It can be a daily afternoon tea prepared specifically or the reading of tea leaves in a cup. What do you know? What do you imagine? Is your story deep and ponderous or bright and flash? Go where the prompt leads!

Chai Time

Water simmers as I add tea leaves.

I peruse my spice cupboard, wondering which to add, today.

Fennel seeds, cardamom pods, cloves, some cinnamon, too.

Each releases its unique scent into the air as it is added to the deep brown liquid.

Milk added, the boiling halts as the liquid begins its simmering journey again.

A careful eye is needed as the bubbles increase and the froth begins to rise.

Gas down, froth down.

Gas up, froth up.

Three times, then off.

Strain it. Pour it into a cup.

Perfect masala tea to warm the cockles of anyone’s heart.

April 15: Flash Fiction Challenge – Technophobe

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Prompt, this week:

April 15, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that seeds generosity. Who is generous and why? Think of generosity as planting a future outcome. Go where the prompt leads!


“No, no, Mum, just scroll down. Tap the one you want.” Nisha rolled her eyes.

She’d been on the phone with her mother for an hour now, trying to help her set up her new phone, so she could enjoy the family video calls, along with everyone else.

But this hour was worth it.

Finally, Mum would be able to see her family, regularly. Nisha hadn’t seen her for over six months.

Just then her phone beeped.

“Good to see you, Mum! Now, if you could just hold the phone higher. I don’t want to see up your nose…”

#WritePhoto – New Borns

Our #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
Its nose and ears and hooves were black
Except for its front left toe

The other ewes just lay in wait
For their newborns to come
Mary sighed with happiness
As she was already a mum

April 8: Flash Fiction Challenge – Pint-Sized Heroes

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Prompt:

April 8, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that “rethinks the hero.” Define the hero, comparing or contrasting to the classic definition. Break the mold. What happens to the hero in the cave? Is it epic or everyday? Is therre resistance or acceptance? Go where the prompt leads!

Pint-Sized Heroes

Four-year-old Nina watched her classmate’s plight curiously.

Joey had been struggling with that same jigsaw for the last ten minutes, and no guidance from his teachers was accepted.

Slowly, Nina sidled along until she was next to him. A pint-sized compadre, not as much of a threat as the adults who towered above.

She tentatively picked up the correct piece, turned it the right way, and handed it to Joey.

He popped it in, the tongue of determination that had been sticking out slipped back in, turning into a smile.

I think Joey just found his new jigsaw hero.


April 1: Flash Fiction Challenge – Gone

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Prompt, dedicated to our wonderful friend, Sue Vincent:

April 1 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a swift passage. You can take inspiration from any source. Who is going where and why. What makes it swift? Go where the prompt leads!



Just like that.

One minute, he was there, the next minute, not.

I’d sat by his side for days and nights, stroking his hand, answering to his quiet murmurs, sponging him down, dripping refreshing liquid onto his parched lips.

I knew it was coming, and I wanted to squeeze memories into every second of life that he had left, with him.

And yet, he still managed to go, without allowing me to say goodbye.

He squeezed my hand, so I turned for the glass, and I returned to a face, smiling, at peace, finally.

Just like that.



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