April 15: Flash Fiction Challenge – Technophobe

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Prompt, this week:

April 15, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that seeds generosity. Who is generous and why? Think of generosity as planting a future outcome. Go where the prompt leads!


“No, no, Mum, just scroll down. Tap the one you want.” Nisha rolled her eyes.

She’d been on the phone with her mother for an hour now, trying to help her set up her new phone, so she could enjoy the family video calls, along with everyone else.

But this hour was worth it.

Finally, Mum would be able to see her family, regularly. Nisha hadn’t seen her for over six months.

Just then her phone beeped.

“Good to see you, Mum! Now, if you could just hold the phone higher. I don’t want to see up your nose…”

OK so… Think I’m getting the hang of this!

So I’m not a technophobe at all… Use all manner of gadgets and gizmos to aid life nowadays… But publishing on t’interweb… Well I wanted the blog to look ok… And the menu to read correctly…
Took me a while but I think I managed it! Woohoo! Achievement! Lol! ☺

My interactive peeps!

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