Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 129


“The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.” – Anon

I really like this quote that Spidey found this week.

Is it not true, that failure is not a bad thing, just a trial run, in whatever field you experience it? And because of that failure, you end up learning something, and retaining it for use the next time you try? And if you fail again, you still learn something else that is new!

I guess that is the point of today’s quote. There are people out there who manage to hit the big time, first time round, and they are really lucky. It doesn’t happen for the vast majority of us.

Take a look at the world of celebrity, and how stars who became famous, almost overnight, as child artists, end up on a slippery slope as they grow up, and if they are given independence, they don’t really have a clue about real life, gliding from one bad decision to another.

Then you have people who come to fame a little later in life, and because of the knocks that life has hit them with, they come out stronger people, with lasting power.

It’s similar for us budding authors. Easy to sit and wish that we were going to be able to write a best seller, straight off, like some of the big name authors, and land publishing deals, and have people requesting movie rights… But each knock we have, be it a disappointing critique for your first ever try, to writers block, to the constant rejections from publishers, makes us stronger, better writers.

And how much do we really know about the journey of some of these best selling authors? A lot of them have faced the struggles we do, hence their own learning curve, and then success!

(Can you tell I have writing on the brain, seeing as I am currently trying to write my first ever first draft! #RiNoWriMo)

Have a wonderful week Peeps!


Write away, right?


Those that know me, know I’ve always been a bit of a written wordy (is that even a word?!) person. Yes, I love talking, you normally can’t have a quiet room if I’m around, but I absolutely LOVE reading, books for myself, and reading stories to my little monkeys, the wonderful classes I’m in, at school and generally any kid that wants to listen!

There’s that old chestnut, we all have a book in us, and I do believe that is true, but not all of us have the ability to relay that story, and almost as much as I like to read, I enjoy putting pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard!) to be wordily (see, another Ritu special!) creative. Ever since I was small I’ve loved to write. In fact the first poem I remember writing was back at school in Lower 2 (year 5 nowadays) and though it was simple, I was extremely impressed with myself! Yes, I still remember it too…

I was sitting in the kitchen,
I had nothing to do,
When my brother came behind me,
And suddenly shouted “Boo!!!”

I fell off the kitchen stool
And landed with a bump!
I turned around and gave my brother
A big hard thump!

He flew across the kitchen
And started to bawl
And yet he still admitted that
He wasn’t sorry at all!!

I gave him another pinch
And all he did was cry…
He said he was sorry
But I’m sure it was a lie….

Ok, ok, a little sibling violence there, but not reflected in reality, hey brother dearest! 😛..anywho, my teacher thought my rhythm and rhyme was great!

I went on to write short stories and won a few small awards in school writing competitions, which boosted my confidence. Great! So I must be able to write! Then life took over, GCSE’s, A-Levels, University life (academic and social!) and finally marriage. One day, around 10 or 11 years ago, I thought, no, this wrong,I should try and do something with all,these literary ideas whirring around in my head, and my darling other half bought me a laptop so I could get creative, and I did… 15,000 words and a few months later, I had the first few chapters of a chick lit type book, then trying for a family kicked in! So, guess what took a total back seat? Yup, said book.

Children… My wonderful children, the next inspirations I had. I would read them all sorts of books, and thought “Well I haven’t time to write a long saga, maybe children’s literature instead?” So I did just that and I managed to write something I’m so proud of, I even got to the stage of thinking of next steps with regards to publishing… But illustrations caught me short…

Cue another few years going by. I went from qualifying as a teacher, to working in banks, retail and a marketing company, then came full circle to school again. Here, some of my wonderful colleagues really encouraged me with regards to story telling, and I got to mentioning that I’d tried to write. I got a chance to read what I’d written to my then class, and I appeared to have great feedback! So I started on a couple more ideas… Then life got in the way … again…

So, 3 years later, the writing bug has bitten me again, in the form of this blog, and I have decided that, yes, I MUST get back into my writing, blogs and fiction. In fact another colleague just said yesterday, that I should bring in something I’d written to read to the new class…

Now this is where you come in…. Please encourage me!
Even if nothing came of it, I’d like to think I actually finished my book, and the children’s stories I started, all those years ago. And if it does happen, I see my name on the front cover of a book, I can thank you all for giving me the ‘thump’ I needed ( like in my early poem!) to get me going again!

OK so… Think I’m getting the hang of this!

So I’m not a technophobe at all… Use all manner of gadgets and gizmos to aid life nowadays… But publishing on t’interweb… Well I wanted the blog to look ok… And the menu to read correctly…
Took me a while but I think I managed it! Woohoo! Achievement! Lol! ☺

My interactive peeps!

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