Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 298 – Rejuvenation


“Perhaps the earth can teach us, as when everything seems dead and later proves to be alive.”

Pablo Neruda

Thank you for this one. Spidey. It resonates, this week, especially.

The last few months, I have been feeling a part of me shrivel away, as the momentum of the current situation around the world takes over everything.

Exhaustion set in. All I could do was wake, work, feed family, sleep.

And repeat.

There was no room for my creativity. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t magic words on a screen. Sure, I wrote my Spidey posts, and my catch ups for the Mondays, but that was it. No real creativity needed.

Countless times, I have opened up a blank post, thinking I would take part in one of the weekly challenges I enjoyed taking part in on the blog, but even with the most inspiring prompts, nothing came.

I deleted the posts.

I had started to learn lettering, and found it so therapeutic, but again, lack of time and energy zapped the will, or ability, to start any projects.

But this week, something began to emerge from within.

Like a shoot, finally ready to burst through the ground, or a bud beginning to open, my imagination began to fire up.

Ideas for different blog posts came to the forefront. I have thoughts about the book two WIP that want to be captured on screen. I actively wanted to take part in a fiction challenge.

And so, finally, on Friday, I wrote my first piece of flash fiction for around six months, and it felt good.

I’m still tired, don’t get me wrong. Seriously, this week, apart from one evening, I have fallen asleep for at least half an hour, and woken up, startled.

But I want to write.

And I will.

I feel my creative well has begun to fill, and though for many reasons, I am not tired, creatively, I am rejuvenated.

I hope you are ready for the posts that are sure to come, and the hope that the WIP will begin to take shape again, in the near future!

So… tell me, when was the last time you felt rejuvenated?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 297 – Light


“It is during our darkest moments that we should focus to see the light.”


Thank you so much, Spidey, for such an apt quote, considering it was Diwali, yesterday, the festival of light.

Diwali, as Hindus and Jains celebrate, or Bandi Chorr Divas, as Sikhs refer to the day, is essentially two stories, but the moral is the same, of good being victorious over evil, and of how, at the end of however dark and long a tunnel, that there is light.

Bitmoji Image

This year has been strange to say the least. Since March, for the majority of the world, any special days, whether widespread religious festivals, (remember the quiet Easter, and yesterday, a muted Diwali?) or ceremonial days, like VE Day and Remembrance Day, not to mention the personal celebrations, such as births, birthdays and weddings, have all been performed or observed in a very different manner.

This year has highlighted the need for family, or that core group of people around you. It’s also impressed the importance of keeping in touch with your loved ones, near or far. Thank goodness for phones, Whatsapp and Zoom, eh!

But we are all living in a kind of darkness, right now. slowly trudging along through this tunnel, not quite sure when the end will come.

But it will.

Already, news of possible vaccinations cast glimmers of hope that there may some semblance of normality in the not to distant future.

That’s a light there, in itself.

As I type this, (last night) there are families gathered, in their household bubbles (obviously, since we are in lockdown) letting off fireworks, and eating good food together, celebrating Diwali in a smaller, yet no less important way.

We’ve been doing the same, bar the fireworks (plenty going off around here for us to enjoy!) We did a drive by in front of the in-laws house, where mum had cooked up a storm, and after a few minutes of us standing at a distance from them, wishing each other happy Diwali, we left with a bag brimming with fresh pakoras, lamb kebabs, Indian rice pudding, called Kheer, and plenty of other naughty but nice sweet goodies.

And we’ve sat, together, the four of us, eating, watching a film, and enjoying each other’s company, and keeping our thoughts positive, that this time next year, we will hopefully be in our forever home!

So… tell me, if you feel as if you are in a tunnel, can you see the light, yet? If not, how do you get yourself through?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 296 – Change


“My mother would say: “Don’t sit around and complain about things. Do something.” So I did something.

Kamala Harris

Thank you Spidey, for this great quote!

(And can I apologise for the lateness of our appearaance this morning? Been far too tired recently, and I fell asleep before writing and scheduling – but then agan, Spidey was quite busy, last night, celebrating the new president in the US!)

It would be remiss of me to not mention the HUGE news that finally, Trump is out, and we have a new US president. A new POTUS. Biden, here’s to, hopefully, a much better term, than the last has been!

But, for me, and many women out there, even more important is that woman who Spidey quoted, above.

Kamala Harris.

What an inspiration!

The first woman VP of the US.

The first woman of colour VP of the US.

And she will, I hope inspire a new generation of women, from around the world, to really work for what they believe in. Anything is possible.

Kamala is of Jamaican and Indian heritage, so she will become a figure to aspire to be like for a whole different demographic of women, as well as womankind in general.

Congrats to Biden. I hope the change will ease the unrest in the US.

But HUGE congrats to our sister, Kamala Harris! You go, girl!

So… tell me, how are you feeling about the US presidency results?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 295 – Persevere


“It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.”

C.S Lewis

Wow. Profound quote, you found there, Spidey!

And quite apt, again. (Seriously, how do you do that, every week? Find something that suits my mindset?)

As I type this, I am mulling over the aannouncements made by BoZo, sorry, BoJo, aka Boris Johnson, our bumbling buffoon of a Prime Minister, this afternoon evening. (It was due for 4 pm, then stretched to 5pm after which, it was sometime after 5 pm, which ended up just after 6.30 pm, I think.

Sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes. That announcement.

Well, it appears that as of Thursday, (because the virus knows to wait until then before spreading more) England will be entering national lockdown take 2.

Similar to that of March, but different, still.

Last time we all thought it was a couple of weeks, but it ended up months, before measures were eased.

This time, it runs for four weeks, until December 2nd. Because them, up above, think that a month should be enough to help us get back to some semblance of normality by spring, and quite possibly a better Christmas… I wait and watch.

Actually, no, I don’t wait at all. Because it’ll be daily duty as usual for me, and all the other staff in the education sector.

Baasically, all non-essential business have to close, incuding retail shops, hospitality businesses, like bars and restaurants, gyms, etc.

If you are in offices, you are back to working from home, indefinitely.

Certain industries that can’t function from home, such as construction, and manufacturing, may still be open.

But don’t worry, the drs and hospitals will be in full swing. As will all other emergency services, and supermarkets.

And nurseries, schools, colleges and universities.

I am so torn by this decision.

On the one hand, why are schools not being shut too, as they seem to be the areas where infection rates are rising, and though children may suffer much less from the virus, they are also carriers who can transfer it to members of their own families?

And on the other, it is important for schools to be open, because of the effect the last lockdown and closures have already had on the progress of many children, and, more improtantly, their mental wellbeing.

If we closed, it would be to go to remote learning, which we are lucky to be able to access, and provide for ‘most’ children. (‘Most’ because not all have electronic devices at their fingertips for a whole day at a time. Especially if you are in a family with several children of a younger age.) My two being in secondary, are computer literate, and though they don’t like it, they can access everything.

But, I hate Remote Learning for the younger kids.

It’s much more accessible for the older kids, who can take instructions, understand computers and technology, and hand in work. aside from ensuring your kid is up and logged in, most parents shouldn’t have to do much more.

With the younger ones, firstly, exactly how long do the Government really expect them to be on a screen for? My class are of an age where we are teaching them about behaviour and social interraction. Not sitting, staring at a screen, which most are pretty good at, but that’s only if it’s mindless YouTube videos. Kinda impossible when they are at home.

Secondly, we are responsible for laying the foundations of what will be a good base for a child’s education. That’s why we are called the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage.

I may be able to record an input, and design tasks for a child to do at home, to begin to understand addition, takeaway, language of position and size. I can set work to help them learn their sounds, and form letters. I can read stories for them, and ask questions. But, it’s then down to the parents to ensure they are doing these things, and to sit down and participate with the child. And they’re not teachers. Sure, many will try their hardest. But some parents have more than one child, in different classes, of different abilities. How are they expected to cope with trying to supervise ‘lessons’ for all their kids?

I hope most of my class turns up, come Monday, for their education’s sake. But I worry about if we suddenly have to provide for both home learning and in school learning, if parents decided they don’t want to send their children in. It’s a busy enough life, as a teacher, but this means teraing yourself in two. Providing content which is consistently updated and uploaded to our hub, and teaching the same, if not more, to the children who are in.

Then I also have to deal with the worry that my own family have, about us, as school staff, and pupils (Lil Man and Lil Princess) being in school, while the rest of the country is in lockdown. I know it is preying on Hubby Dearest’s mind a lot. He is so tense, and is still suggesting I jack in my job in school, as my health and wellbeing is more important to him than my salary.

But, it’s not about the money. Teaching, and the children; it’s in my blood. It’s what I’ve wanted to do, since I was six. It’s my vocation in life, and with a vocation, you take the ups with the downs.

Oh, and you cannot mix with another household, inside, or out, unless it is with one other member, and that is for recreational exercise purposes… (in the cold and dark, at the moment). But, you can look after children from another household as part of childcare… (and risk your kids taking the virus into the heart of another houshold, filled with more of your loved ones who you might not be able to actually meet, because you can’t actually mix with them!)

Seriously, my brain is all a-kerfuffle… but, I’ll have it all in place, come the next set of changes…

So… tell me, are you someone who knows how to carry your load, or does change unbalance you?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 294 – Hang On


“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Gotta say, Spidey, you hit the nail on the head with this one, this week!

Ever had that feeling that you are literally at the end of your tether, and one more thing will just cause you to totally lose it?

I, personally, have been feeling like that the last few weeks. So much going on, at work and in my personal life, at home, that I waas beginning to feel like that camel, anxious about the last straw that was going to break my back.

What with the home ‘improvements’, errant builders and decorators all vying for attention, or disappearing before finishing things, or trying to get more money out of us because they misquoted, Hubby Dearest has been on edge. This, in turn, affects me, as he is trying to work from home, as well as trying to manage these issues, and when I get home, he has a list of complaints, moans aand worries, and the worst thing is I, physically, can’t do anything, unless I jack my job in.

Then we have my job.

I am loving the new challenge of being the Phase Leader, and I think I’m doing okay… but the stress of a mamagement role, and especially any role in leadership, during the pandemic, in a school, is TOUGH! It’s not as tough for me as it is for the Head, but still, there is a huge responsibility upon our shoulders, and this first term has been a killer eight weeks long.

We’ve all been slowly crawling to this week, where we finally get a week off, but the world didn’t want us to have it too easy, throwing four cases of COVID-19 into the mix at school, in the last two days. (Thankfully, not in my bubble, but still…)

Then dealing with an extremely close family member getting a diagnosis that no one wants to hear, and being helpless, being in a different country, and unable to be there, or to be with the people in this country, who need support, due to this danged Pandemic…

And, to top it off, a teenager causing grief for his grandmother… and needing to act as a mediator…

Tether? End? Yup. I’m there.

But, I’ve tied that knot, so to speak and held on, and finally am in the week of holidays. I’m not sure quite how restful it will be, what with estate agents due to come to arrange valuations, etc, but I’m planning on resting, as much as I can, reading, clearing out more junk, so whenever we do move, there is less to manoever, and hopefully, writing!

So… tell me, how easy do you find it, to ‘hang on’?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

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