Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 278 –


“Things do not change; we change.”

Henry David Thoreau

Thank you, Spidey. An apt one for the current situation, I think.

Physical things do not change, in their essence. (Yes, I am aware of certain things, like caterpillars, tadpoles etc. but I’m being metaphorical!)

But situations do, as do people.

We are all currently going though a metamorphosis of our own, as we evolve through the pandemic.

People are finding that they are enjoying certain elements of lockdown, and the gradual lessening of the restrictions has brought about a bit of conundrum to some.

Over three months, it has become apparent how much they are enjoying more family time, working at home, no commuting, cooking more, online shopping rather than going out, enjoying their gardens and discovering DIY projects they haave taken great pride in completing.

I went out to town yesterday, for the first time since the majority of shops opened. It was quite surreal to see how there were queues outside most of the shops. I’m used to supermarket queues, but to see them outside certain clothes stores, wasa strange.

And yet we have all adapted. Lil Princess went with me, and she hasn’t seen any of this at all over the lockdown period. She was amazed at the way everyone walked in their designated family groups, avoiding one another. Most people were respectful enough of each other, to give way when needed, and there was an aura of calm about the place.

We have settled into a different way of schooling in a way no one would have actually forseen, with online learning, as well as the small bubbles within school.

Adapting as we see ourselves through this strange time.

And even meeting our loved ones, restraining ourselves from hugs, sitting apart in the gardens, just to get a chance to speak to our family face to face, rather than via video call.

See. We’ve all changed in one way or another. And maybe for the better.

So… tell me, how have you changed over lockdown?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 272 – Change


“The only way to make sense of change, is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Alan Watts

Thanks, Spidey, for another corker.


It’s all around us, right now.

Eight weeks ago, we were all faced with a rather sudden change. Lockdown.

That was a tough cookie to swallow, but we had to do it for our safety, as well as the wellbeing of loved ones, friends and the wider community.

Then we all got comfortable.

Used to stepping two metres away from people, no hugs or handshakes, unless in your household. Used to queueing to get into a grocery store. Used to phone consultations with your health providors. Used to working from home. Used to the same faces around you, 24/7. Used to (for some, at least) home schooling.

And now we are faced with the next change. People tentatively going back to work. We’ve already become comfortable with our new normal. Easing back into the old one is the only way forward, given the risk of a second spike of infections.

If things work as the government want, then stage two will be of the easing, and that includes going back to schools for some pupils. I know I’ve already voiced my concerns about the government already giving a date to the wider public.

They said, at the earliest, June 1st.

The thing is that date is now fixed in everyone’s head. That it will happen then for definite. Some are worried it’s too soon. Some can’t wait to get their kids back to school. Most are just not sure.

But I have to keep reminding myself it is still a possible date of return. And when we do, the way we operate will be hugely different to normal school. I just don’t exactly know in what way it will be different. Smaller classes, less year groups in. That I know. It’s just how it will all pan out.

So, right now, all I can do, and all we can do, is wait, and try and embrace the changes, adhering to what we are advised, and hoping for the best.

But rest assured, I haven’t been sitting on my arse all this time, fully paid, doing nothing, as a certain evil cretin called Katie Hopkins has suggested all teachers are, on Twitter. (I’m not giving her the pleasure of sharing her tweet on my blog, but if you want to check it out, she had it pinned to her profile – stupit, stupid woman. Seething.)

I have been in with children some days, and at home, planning work, setting work, marking work, looking at plans for the future, and doing courses to make my teaching better in the long run. As well as looking after my own family too.

I had to mention that because it came to my attention that there are many folk who seem to think that is the situation for all teachers at the moment. Doing nothing, and being lazy, and now also selfish if anyone has said they don’t feel it’s the right time to go back…

So… tell me, if you are a parent, how are you feeling about schools opening?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 73



“All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!” – Gary W Goldstein

Isn’t this the truth!

If we were to all try and change something about ourselves in a positive way, surely negativity would start to fade away?

Just a small thought for you to ponder over that Sunday.

Have a wonderful Sunday Peeps!

Melting pot or salad bowl?

A repost of an older post of mine…. Seeing as I brought up the EU Referendum earlier!


I’m not a great one at remembering who said what, quote wise, though, if in an argument with Hubby Dearest, I can remember the second something was said, and by whom!

Ok, only just started and already going off tangent!

So, where was I? Oh yes, I was thinking about something someone once said, about immigration, and whether we want a melting pot or a metaphorical salad bowl…

I liked that whole thought. We’re all different, and if integrated properly, all the different cultures around us, living together, make a veritable smorgasbord of flavours for us to enjoy.

I know the original quote was regarding America, but it goes for everywhere, doesn’t it? Every country where there is a large number of different cultures living together, every school where there are many different children, and even within families, because, even within cultures, there are very different types of people, and if we were all the same, how boring would it be?

When you move to another country, I believe you definitely should NOT forget where you came from, or what your background was/is.
But that you need to remember that you are moving somewhere that has different ideals and sensibilities. And this should be respected.

Where I live now, in Kent, we are part of a large Sikh population that moved here mainly in the 50’s and 60’s. At that time, I’d imagine the thoughts of the general Gravesendian population would have been thinking where have these brown faces with cloth wrapped around their heads come from?

But over the years, and with hard work, most of these people built businesses, set up home and brought their families over. We see the Sikh Gurdwara standing, side by side with churches, and over the average year, as much as Christian festivals, and days of importance in the British calendar are observed, the same importance is given to the Sikh festivals, with Vaisakhi, a festival Sikhs give a lot of importance to as it signifies the birth of the Khalsa, being celebrated in such a way, the majority of the town is shut to allow a grand procession to go through, and everyone, from all walks of life are welcome to join in, and they do!

The same at Diwali, or Bandi Chorr Diwas, where we celebrate the festival of light. It’s spectacular, the fireworks, the lighting up of the temple, then days before, or after, we all celebrate Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Night with the GB population!

Yes, there are areas in town where it is a bit Indian-ified, punjabi shops catering for food and clothing needs, but who doesn’t like the restaurants, with authentic food, that have also popped up over the years?!

In the beginning, many of the men found it hard with their turbans, so many cut their hair, to fit in, much to the chagrin of their families back home, and gave themselves English names so the English tongue didn’t find it hard to say their names.  Jagdeep became Jack, Satinder became Steve, and so on. And children where registered with simple names, and hair cut from the beginning so the child didn’t suffer any bullying at school.  There were, however, those individuals who refused to change their exteriors to fit in, and this didn’t hinder them in the long run. Yes, it might have been a slightly harder integration, but they wanted to be accepted, and their religion respected, as well as being able to show they could do all the jobs just as well as your average hair cut individual!

But times have changed, a Sikh person is now proud to wear a turban, if they are baptised, or even if not, and many of our children go to Punjabi school alongside their normal education to keep a grasp of their roots.  The majority of children have their UK born parents to impart the knowledge which will help them day to day, and grandparents who will help them with their cultural roots.

When I first moved here, I found it a bit wierd, having grown up in quite an anglicised area in Birmingham, in a predominantly white school, with lots of brown interaction through my large family. I walked into the town centre here, not long after getting married, and so many faces were brown, like mine! But there were no worries, everyone got on just fine! There were very few obvious looking Muslims and I didn’t see many Afro Caribbean people initially. But that changed too over the years.

Now we have a huge addition of Eastern Europeans in the mix. And I feel like the way everyone talks about them now is probably what the locals were saying about Indians all those years ago. There are a few differences though, not so many of these new additions finding employment, instead, being housed, and having rather a lot of children.

But going back to what I originally started thinking about, with this post in mind…  It’s so nice to be able to live side by side, stand beside one another, celebrate your differences, add a different dimension to the community.  But don’t try and create your own land within another…  What was the point of moving, if that was all you wanted?  Heck it’s not like the weather is any better here!  Live by the rules of the country you move to, don’t forget your background, your culture, they make you who you are… as much as the place you move to, and the people who are from there, their beliefs and culture, make them the people they are too.

I like salad!

Big things afoot…


Shh!!!!! Don’t tell…

Image Source 

I’m still tired, yes, but kinda nervously excited.

Lots of things coming up in my life… Including starting my Return To Teach course in April, and hopefully a visit to my brother and sister-in-law, to finally meet my gorgeously edible nephew!!

But there’s another big thing… That could happen, could change the dynamics of my life… In a good way, hopefully… And I can’t tell you all yet!!!! But rest assured, when the time is right, if it works out, I’ll be dancing around, shouting from the rooftops.

But I will need your positive vibes for it…

…the only downer… I may have even less time to blog…

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