Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 129


“The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.” – Anon

I really like this quote that Spidey found this week.

Is it not true, that failure is not a bad thing, just a trial run, in whatever field you experience it? And because of that failure, you end up learning something, and retaining it for use the next time you try? And if you fail again, you still learn something else that is new!

I guess that is the point of today’s quote. There are people out there who manage to hit the big time, first time round, and they are really lucky. It doesn’t happen for the vast majority of us.

Take a look at the world of celebrity, and how stars who became famous, almost overnight, as child artists, end up on a slippery slope as they grow up, and if they are given independence, they don’t really have a clue about real life, gliding from one bad decision to another.

Then you have people who come to fame a little later in life, and because of the knocks that life has hit them with, they come out stronger people, with lasting power.

It’s similar for us budding authors. Easy to sit and wish that we were going to be able to write a best seller, straight off, like some of the big name authors, and land publishing deals, and have people requesting movie rights… But each knock we have, be it a disappointing critique for your first ever try, to writers block, to the constant rejections from publishers, makes us stronger, better writers.

And how much do we really know about the journey of some of these best selling authors? A lot of them have faced the struggles we do, hence their own learning curve, and then success!

(Can you tell I have writing on the brain, seeing as I am currently trying to write my first ever first draft! #RiNoWriMo)

Have a wonderful week Peeps!


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