October 3: Flash Fiction Challenge – Chai Time

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Prompt, this week:

October 3, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about any ritual involving tea. It can be a daily afternoon tea prepared specifically or the reading of tea leaves in a cup. What do you know? What do you imagine? Is your story deep and ponderous or bright and flash? Go where the prompt leads!

Chai Time

Water simmers as I add tea leaves.

I peruse my spice cupboard, wondering which to add, today.

Fennel seeds, cardamom pods, cloves, some cinnamon, too.

Each releases its unique scent into the air as it is added to the deep brown liquid.

Milk added, the boiling halts as the liquid begins its simmering journey again.

A careful eye is needed as the bubbles increase and the froth begins to rise.

Gas down, froth down.

Gas up, froth up.

Three times, then off.

Strain it. Pour it into a cup.

Perfect masala tea to warm the cockles of anyone’s heart.

My interactive peeps!

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