April 8: Flash Fiction Challenge – Pint-Sized Heroes

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Prompt:

April 8, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that “rethinks the hero.” Define the hero, comparing or contrasting to the classic definition. Break the mold. What happens to the hero in the cave? Is it epic or everyday? Is therre resistance or acceptance? Go where the prompt leads!

Pint-Sized Heroes

Four-year-old Nina watched her classmate’s plight curiously.

Joey had been struggling with that same jigsaw for the last ten minutes, and no guidance from his teachers was accepted.

Slowly, Nina sidled along until she was next to him. A pint-sized compadre, not as much of a threat as the adults who towered above.

She tentatively picked up the correct piece, turned it the right way, and handed it to Joey.

He popped it in, the tongue of determination that had been sticking out slipped back in, turning into a smile.

I think Joey just found his new jigsaw hero.


28 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Jennie
    Apr 11, 2021 @ 13:23:44


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  3. Norah
    Apr 11, 2021 @ 13:23:31

    Beautiful, Ritu. I’ve seen so many of these heroes.

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  4. Cendrine Marrouat
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 23:23:22

    Fantastic attempt, Ritu! I love how you led us into the story with only a few words.

    Considering how well you did, I’m sure you would have no problem writing a flashku or two. It’s a new genre I recently created: https://abpoetryjournal.com/announcing-flashku/. 🙂

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  5. willowdot21
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 22:11:23

    Love it Sis 💜❤️

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  6. Charli Mills
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 21:24:53

    What a tender story, Ritu. Your piece is a fine example of heroes coming in small packages.

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  7. Annette Rochelle Aben
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 20:17:21

    wonderful wee winners!

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  8. johnrieber
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 14:36:41

    Terrific use of imagery and pint-sized emotion!

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  9. Erika
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 14:02:21

    Awh, that’s cute!

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  10. Dave Williams
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 11:46:12

    It’s good to have an ally (or compadre) lend a hand in those difficult situations. This is a sweet story, and, like Joey, I smiled at the end 🙂

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  11. pensitivity101
    Apr 09, 2021 @ 11:17:12

    lovely story Ritu

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