Deeper #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt:

It was mere seconds, but as I fell, it felt like time had slowed down.

I wondered how such beauty could be present at a time where my mind held thoughts not remotely beautiful.

The russets and golds on the leaves of the branch sticking out of the rocks.

The vibrant green of the plants surrounding it.

The sun, bouncing off the light stone of the wall.

The ripples creating their own music that grew louder as I drew closer to the water.

Then, the splash, followed by muffled sounds, as I sunk deeper into the water.

Tendrils from the underwater foliage threatened to wrap themselves around my limbs, but I fought them off.

Bubbles escaped my mouth as my body floated upwards, like an air-filled buoy.

I gasped for breath as my face broke the surface.

Invigorated, I swam to the edge and clambered out, soaking, but content.

It was as if I needed that shock to the system, to realise that, really, my life wasn’t so bad.


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