Secret #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Can I tell you a secret?
Do you promise that you'll keep it?
Words I have not told a soul
Thoughts keeping me from feeling whole
Feelings trapped inside my mind
Oh, the words I have to find
This secret needs to be set free
Will you help unburdon me?

Ritu 2020

Keep On Swimming!

It’s Monday again… How did that happen?!

Been a busy weekend for us. What with Pop’s Birthday and things I knew it would be mad, but certain things you can’t anticipate! I forgot, for a start, that we were meant to be going visiting with the in-laws on Saturday, so my beautifully laid plans for this weekend went out the window! 

Then Lil Man went for his first Cricket training… Amd he totally smashed it! The coach was amazed at his leftie bowling talent, and requested he be signed up for the team to play this coming Friday! He was invited for a one to one nets training session on the Sunday, so we duly went to the shops on Sunday morning to kit him up. Whites bought and his first box! How funny! 

But cricket trousers come with the hem undone, so I would need to hem them before Friday.

The nets went brilliantly… So brilliantly they asked that he be signed up immediately,and play on Monday, as in tonight!!

No pressure!!!

So, trousers hemmed, kit ready for his first match. Just hope that it doesn’t rain, and the match gets cancelled. He is so excited!

It’s also the last week before half term…

I can always tell we are due a holiday as my energy starts to flag, the kids at home and school start getting rattier and rattier. It hasn’t helped that I forgot my Vitamin D tablets recently, and I’ve been flaking out so early in the evenings.


I have a little secret…

I can’t be more specific at the moment. But needless to say, these holidays are going to be a week to remember for a very positive reason!

It may mean I am a little indisposed for few days, challenge entire may be delayed, but they will be done!

I’m so excited! 

And I’ll share very soon!!!

Have a wonderful Monday Peeps!

My interactive peeps!

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