Friday Floss #Floss #SwishSwish

Right, let me start by saying I am not talking about dental floss – though as a retired dentist, I’m sure my Pops would be so proud if I was extolling the virtues of regular flossing and inter-dental brushing for the health of your teeth!


I’m talking about that new dance craze that the kids are all going mental over.

That move that seems a bit of an impossibility…

giphy (1)

Yup, that one!

Katy Perry’s Swish Swish song has got the Floss kid going strong!

Now, I count myself as a pretty good dancer… I can try my feet at pretty much any move (not saying I can do them all!) and I’m pretty good at hip swivelling too.

But this one got me foxed…

Lil Princess has been ‘flossing’ (sorry again Pops, not the dental type again!) for a while now, and she makes it look so easy!

The other day fellow blogger and teacher, and all-round good sport, Fatty McCupcakes posted on her Facebook Bad Teachers Group about her class all being obsessed with this move, and how she basically did her back in trying to learn how to floss!

Well, last night we had our school disco – well, two discos – one for the younger lot and one for the older ones.

The first one was great, dancing to the Macarena and jumping around with 4-7-year-olds is just my thing!

The second one was cool too – I got to be there, embarrassing my daughter!

But the crowds of 7-11-year-olds flossing was getting me down! (Again – Pops, don’t get excited, there weren’t groups of children conscientiously clearing the gaps in their teeth collectively!) And one of the younger members of staff (she’s like 21, or something, a mere babe, and not much older than the kids!) was able to floss, so she showed me, as only a teacher can do… and I got it!

I was so excited! I flossed with the best of them! I couldn’t go at the speed of some of the kids, but hey, I got the move, got the idea, and was so pleased with myself!

Lil Princess was well impressed, rather than embarrassed, that her friends were coming up to her and saying “Your mum can FLOSS!!!”

She even challenged me to a Floss-Off when we got back home!

And you say you want proof? Here!

See! Told you I can do it!!

But I have to say, my back doesn’t half ache now!!!!!!!!

Still, it felt like a great workout, and I shall try and keep my flossing, both dental and dancing, up regularly!!!!

Have a fantastic flossing Friday Peeps!

My interactive peeps!

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