Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 342 – Family


“I love to see my family together. That’s what life is about. It’s about family.”

Ja Rule

Lovely thought, you found there, Spidey, thank you!

I really do love to see my family together, and in a perfect world, we would all be together, physically, a lot more.

However, today, we were all together, in a different way.

It was heartwarming to see my Pops and Mum, on a video call, with my brother, sis-in-law and my Finndian Nephews, in Helsinki. They have finally managed to get out there, to see the Finnish contingency, after over 2 years.

So, even though I was only there, via screen, we were all together, for the first time in a long while.

And, yes, I wished I was there, but I was so, so happy that my parents were able to get there. My nephews faces, the love they bestowed upon their Dada and Dadi, so precious!

One day, soon enough, we will be together, but right now, I am content to be able to be with them, in this way.

So, what about you? Do you love the age of the video call?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!


Today, Peeps, my pride knows no bounds.

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Yes, I know they say pride comes before a fall, but this time, I am prouder than proud of my son.

Despite the craziness of this last eighteen months, with the pandemic, and numerous other barriers to overcome, Lil Man got his GCSE results today, and he passed.

My boy will be off to Sixth Form in September!

I promise, I am not biased in this thinking, but I do feel that this year group had it tougher than most. If you think about it, last year, yes the exams were disrupted, but the children had the opportunity to cover the whole curriculum before the world went crazy.

So, despite not getting the chance to sit exams, they were prepared.

And A-Level students? They have seen the disruption, too, but they’d had a bit of normalcy with their own GCSEs, two years previously.

I mean, this set of children, have lost out on around six months of face to face learning time, suffered possibly even more testing than the average year group, as the grades were to be teacher assessed, rather than exam based, and have never faced a true exam. (SATs in primary school not withstanding!)

Yet, they carried on. And for the most, smashed their grades.

Personally, I much prefer this teacher based way of assessing, as exams mean you having an off day, despite being a good student, cound end up leaving you with a bad grade.

Whereas, this year, teachers were able to build up portfolios of evidence for each child, from assignments, to coursework, to test results, and their own professional judgement of each child, to give a grade that they felt truly reflected each pupils efforts.

I fall apart in tests and exams. I know my boy is the same.

But I also know that though he isn’t a straight A student, (can I say that, nowadays or is it a 7-9 grade student, now?) he is capable, and by acheiving the grades he needed to get to Sixth Form, he has proved that.


Couldn’t be prouder.

Now, how to celebrate for a guy who passed his exams? Does he want a special meal? A treat?

Nope. He wants to go to his cricket training!

So, I’ll be off on cricket mum duty again!

Still, I’ll be taking him there, extremely proud of the young man he has become. 💜

And here is a little poem I penned a few years ago, just for him.

Fly my little chick, fly
Just stretch those wings and fly high.

Roar my little cub, roar
Show them what you're made for.

Swim my little fry, swim
You're just as good as 'him'.

Jump my little roo, jump
You can get over this bump.

Believe in yourself
In the power of you.

Have faith in yourself,
Like I always do.


Fly my little chick, fly
All you can do is try...

Ritu 2016

For all those Little Chicks out there, that need that little bit of encouragement… You’re doing great, and you will continue to do so, have faith in yourselves… And especially for my son, Lil Man xxx

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 334 – And Chill…


“Post break, due to family visit!”

Ritu Bhathal

As some of you know, Pops and Mum are here, today, andcleaving soon, so Spidey and I are spending time with them. Until next week!


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Pops, 75 Today!

Wishing my wonderful Pops a fantastic 75th Birthday 🥰

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 299 – Family


“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.”

Barbara Bush

Thank you for that, Spidey.

Family is on my mind, a lot, right now.

If you’ve been reading for long enough, you know how close I am to my family.

We may live at a distance from one another, but we make sure we get together regularly.

Well, we did. Before all this pandemic stuff started.

Since December, I’ve seen my parents once, in August. They live three hours away, and are classed as vulnerable, due to their age.

I can’t risk that, but I hate not being able to get a Pops hug, or a Mum cuddle.

Since March, I’ve ‘seen’ my in-laws, spoken at a distance, on the driveway, and when we were briefly allowed, been into their home for short stints. I can count those one two hands. We usually go there daily. Not anymore.

The kids can go there (when not in self-isloation) as they are part of our childcare bubble, but just the kids. So I drop off at the door, and pick up from the door…

My brother is so far away, and he is used to my parents being able to go over to Helsinki a couple of times a year. Video calls are the norm. But now, it’s been over a year since he physically saw any of his family, due to the travel restrictions.

And now, we are creeping closer to Christmas. Lockdown 2.0 is coming to an end, on Wednesday 2nd December, but for our family, here in Kent, we are still under strict restrictions, being in Tier 3, as cases are still rising, despite the measures the Government set, to try and halt the spread, before the festive season.

I say strict measures, but this is what we can and can’t do. (Tier 3)

  • No mixing indoors, or outdoors with anyone who is not in your support bubble. (But, you can still go shopping with thousands of others as the shops will be open.)
  • If you are gathering with your support bubble, the Rule of Six applies. No more than six individuals allowed.
  • Schools still open, with no additional measaures introduced to aid the prevention of the virus.
  • No pubs or restaurants open, unless it is for takeaway or delivery.
  • Gyms etc. can open, but no indoor exercise classes.
  • No indoor entertainment venues can open.
  • No spectators at sports matches.
  • Avoid travelling to other parts of the country.

Amongst others…

And with school, we are in until 18th December, without a 14 day window to self isolate, before the festive season, when we have been told that, hopefully, up to three households can mix for a total of five days, to be together at Christmas. So, if a child or adult was to test positive in one of the classes, it could ruin any chance of being with family, anyway.

We are really conscious of the fact that both our kids are in Secondary school, where the virus was rife, hence the whole school closing and operating online, for an isolation period, and I work in a Primary school, where we are more likely to have young, asymptomatic pupils, so the risk is mainly to the adults.

And in the Early Years, where I work, we have been told that PPE and social distancing with the kids, is not only detrimental to their wellbeing, but also nigh on impossible.

It’s true.

How do you get a 4-year-old to understand that the adult in charge of them, shouldn’t be really comforting them, when they fall, physically? It’s what they need. How do you deal with the coughs and sneezes, runny noses, and toilet accidents, inevitable at this age, in a Covid-secure way, each and every minute?

I douse myself in sanitiser, I have my anti bac spray, I wash my hands regularly. I wear a face covering or face shield when dealing with parents and other adults, but there are so many places, I can’t protect myself as well as I should be able.

Because I wouldn’t be able to do my job.

And Home Learning for the little ones. Really? Have you actually tried? It’s tough to engage 30 kids when they are in front of you, for a few minutes. At home, on screen, when half may not even log in, is even more detrimental to their early education.

So, we, as a family, need to make tough decisions now.

Do we, if allowed, spend most of the five days we are allowed, mixing with the in-laws? Or do we just pop in for Christmas Day? I’ve already spoken with my parents and we know I can’t go to see them this time. It’s the same for my sister in law and her family. When her other two sisters come home, they already reach the three households, so she wouldn’t, theoretically be able to go over, anyway.

I know my in-laws will just want us to be there, with them the whole five days. But we aren’t sure it’s the safest thing to do. We’ve sacrificed so much, so far…

And how many people will bend the rules, just a little, over those magical five days, because, obviously, the Government know something we don’t, about the virus taking a break over Christmas, leading to a possible third Lockdown after the festive break?

I don’t know about others, but my family means much more than that.

I am prepared to sacrifice seeing any of our loved ones, this year, to ensure, as much as is in our hands, that any future celebrations can happen in a bigger, and better way.

A quiet Christmas, doesn’t have to be less jolly, does it?

There are always video calls, Zoom catch ups, and the hope that soon enough, when vaccinations are approved and implemented, that normality can settle, one more.

So… tell me, what do you think about the whole lockdown/Christmas get together issues?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

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