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I wanted to have something really witty to write about this morning… but alas life did not allow me to do that. Instead, work is dragging me down, being faced with some huge responsibilities (which I can handle) and a group of children in a class that I feel I cannot help.

I could have ranted again about the ridiculousness of the Government expectations for children aged 3-5, or moaned about the lazy parenting that results in classes full of children who have no patience, no respect, no clue… but I won’t.

Instead, let me share some Friday Funnies I found on Google, I needed a giggle, and I believe everyone could use one at some point… It’s Friday after all!

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I did so well with my weight loss… then holidays happened and a little of the weight crept back… I’m still attempting to eat well, but the naughty snacks keep appearing… maybe I should just accept that my real true love (apart from Hubby Dearest, and my family!) is food!

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Unless it’s my birthday or the holidays, then yes please! Can I exchange my Mondays too? I’d rather have Sundays!

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I LOVE you Friday!!!!!!

Have a great one Peeps!!!!

Tower – #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

“So, whaddya think, babe?”

Ken gestured towards an old ruin, a single tower standing amongst some dilapidated arches and crumbling steps.

Barbie sucked in her breath… and exhaled fast, taking several fast gulps of air before she remembered what her Yoga teacher had taught her about calming herself, and slowed down the intakes of breath, counting to ten before turning to her boyfriend.

“Exactly where have you brought me? I thought we were surprising each other by acting out our fantasies, not nightmares!” She looked around, turning her nose up at the mud and grass all around.

“But I thought you wanted to be a princess?” Ken was puzzled. He had racked his brains to surprise her. “See… there’s a tower, and look!” He rummaged in the holdall he had slung across his torso. “Here’s your hair!”

Barbie recoiled in horror as he pulled out a wig that consisted of six-foot-long synthetic blonde hair, displaying it proudly.

“What? You expect me to wear that??”

“Well, it’s not me that wanted to be Rapunzel, is it?” Ken stared at the retreating figure of his girlfriend. “Babe? Babe! Come back! I even got you a tiara!”



Tidbit Tuesday – Bikini Beards – And A Tribute… #ThrowbackThursday

This is a bit of a sad introduction to my  Tidbit post today. My Leibster Meister, Rib Rob of The V-Pub Blog, who introduced me to the Tidbit Tuesday posts has decided to wave goodbye to the blogging community here. It saddens me.., I know not his reasons, was it something someone on here said? Or personal reasons? Either way, I respect his decision, but will miss his presence in my blogily greatly. This silly Tidbit is for you Rob!

I don’t know if I’ll have it in me every Tuesday, now I know you aren’t going to be participating, but if I do, I’ll remember you every time…😘

So, here goes!


(Advanced warning, its not too graphic, but a bit detailed in areas!)

Now, I have had this lovely infographic holed up in my media file for a while, not knowing when to share it… and then I thought Tidbit Tuesday! What a perfect time to give it an outing!

It’s a pretty accurate representation of what seems to be happening to that little land in ladies undies, and and the facial h-area of the male of the species!

Where we are becoming less groomed and more bald, and vajazzling also… he is preening and shaping, oiling and brushing!

I have to say I have never kept with trends, I stick to the simple groomed look, neither too much nor too little.  I had an experiment with ‘barely there’ but it was far too time consuming, keeping the look… (I understand men’s problems with the 5 o’clock shadow now!) Oh and then, I was far to shy to have it waxed by someone else, so I shaved… and HECK was it itchy!

I remember someone telling me her experience of getting a Brazilian, before her wedding… it was a treat for her new Mr to be… and she felt almost degraded, having to lay in awkward positions so they could get everywhere! Then when she visited the loo for the first time after, instead of having something there to channel pee downwards, she ‘sprayed’ the whole of the inside of the bowl, and felt like she was 9 again! Pleasant!

And we have the men, lots of faces obscured by great big bushy beards! It’s funny but it seems that because the beard is in, young Sikh lads are suddenly not ashamed to keep their facial hair, and even turbans, because the look is cool!

Incidentally, if you liked this, you might enjoy my lovely education on vagina facials!…. My mum tends to read most of my posts, and she is most proud of me, but she said she wasn’t sure this was particularly becoming… I said this was where our age and generation gap showed… to me, and my readers, it was hilarious!!!!!!

Have a titillating Tuesday!

Willy! – Kids Logic Part 38 #ThrowbackThursday

Another priceless gem from Lil Princess!

LP: I know William is a boys name!

Me: How’s that?

LP: Easy! It’s got Willy in it!!!

A little smile-inducing morsel for you! 😊

Injury Report #2584

Yes, I’m back after quite a while this time with another injury report.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that my middle name should be clumsy.

From burns, to trilling up, sitting on chairs awkwardly to hitting my head in strange places… there is always something silly I’m doing!

Well, why would I change things?

Yesterday, at the very beginning of the school day, I was setting up the classroom and managed to step down from somewhere, and land on my foot in a weird way.

I twisted it, and the top, and outer side was very tender.

Spent the whole day icing it, and trying to keep it up where I could, but that’s not easy with 40 new nursery children to settle and comfort!

Plus I was at school until past 7.30 pm  for my first Governors meeting!

Got home and settled my own two to bed before really looking at it, and giving it a soak..


Oh yes…definitely swollen and sore!

OUCH indeed!

I swallowed some ibuprofen and slept well though the night. It’s amazing how good a sedative the exhaustion of teaching is!

It’s still sore today, but I’ll have to manage!

And the kids are in for longer today…EEK!

Wish me well, and have a great Friday Peeps!

Thank God It’s Friday!



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