TFI Friday!

Oh yes! Hello Friday!

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What with the thoughts that I would be at parents evening, then not, and general work at school dealing with my own home and family life, and then a looooong governors meeting last night, it’s been pretty mad, as usual!

But this term, so far, I haven’t come home exhausted.

Last term, I’ll be honest, I had the thought flitting in my mind about asking Hubby Dearest if he thought he’d be okay supporting us, as I was ready to hand in my notice.


I was that close to jacking in my dream job!

But it ended up being exhaustion and a particularly long settling in period for our children that had almost broken me.

Two weeks in, I am happily tired, and still full of the teacher-y beans that I should contain (I think!)

I’m looking forward to Friday evening, as always, but not dreading Monday, thank goodness!

Have a fantastic Friday Peeps!

TGI Friday!

It’s finally here! Friday!

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Actually, this week has sped by.

What with Halloween, and the school disco, we’ve had a few different things to spice up the week.

Coupled with the fact that we’re going to a fireworks display tonight, and that in class things have actually been pretty ‘good’ (said hesitantly!) it’s been rather lovely!

I did find out, however, that I will have an additional 30 names to get into my head, and 30 new little people to get to know… because I am switching from one class to another to cover a maternity leave… hmm, that will be fun! (Running count just for this year – 100 kids I have/had responsibility for!)

So, it just leaves a little space for me to say Happy Friday Peeps!

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Friday Funny

I wanted to have something really witty to write about this morning… but alas life did not allow me to do that. Instead, work is dragging me down, being faced with some huge responsibilities (which I can handle) and a group of children in a class that I feel I cannot help.

I could have ranted again about the ridiculousness of the Government expectations for children aged 3-5, or moaned about the lazy parenting that results in classes full of children who have no patience, no respect, no clue… but I won’t.

Instead, let me share some Friday Funnies I found on Google, I needed a giggle, and I believe everyone could use one at some point… It’s Friday after all!

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I did so well with my weight loss… then holidays happened and a little of the weight crept back… I’m still attempting to eat well, but the naughty snacks keep appearing… maybe I should just accept that my real true love (apart from Hubby Dearest, and my family!) is food!

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Unless it’s my birthday or the holidays, then yes please! Can I exchange my Mondays too? I’d rather have Sundays!

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I LOVE you Friday!!!!!!

Have a great one Peeps!!!!

Post SATs – #letourkidsbekids

Finally, Friday is here!!!

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but for the vast majority of 10-11 year olds it will be a great day indeed!

The first day at school in a long time where they won’t have the weight of SATs hanging over them.

I know the staff at our school really supported the children, and they couldn’t have had better back up throughout this whole experience.

I saw one teacher at the end and said “You can breathe now!”

She replied “We were always breathing, Ritu!” 

I take this to mean that though there was pressure, immense pressure, on all, not just on the kids, but on the teachers also, to perform, there was an element of belief, that our kids would be OK, no matter what. The calmness with which they have been preparing the kids means that though there were wobbles through this tough time of testing, the kids were pretty stable.

Maybe I felt it more, looking from a teachers perspective, but also as a parent. I saw the effects of these tests on one individual who is more precious to me than anything.

Yesterday there was relief, but by the evening he was quiet, so quiet. Like a deep exhaustion had set in. I asked if he was ok, anything bothering him? He couldn’t even answer. “I don’t know, mum. I don’t know how I feel…”

Today they aren’t having a pyjama day, but spending a whole day outdoors in the park, doing physical and creative activities. A world away from the tests and preparations of the last few weeks. A perfect day for my sporty Lil Man!

I truly hope they can enjoy being kids again!!!

I’m not in school today either, with a family wedding to attend.

Have a blessed Friday Peeps!


Happiness Tinged with Regret. ..

It’s Friday, yay!!!!
We’ve had a lovely time at my parents. And even extended our stay by one day, as Hubby Dearest suggested it… 2 nights flew by and he knows how important my parents are to me.
Bless him!


But you know we can’t have everything and much as I love being here, the kids and I miss Daddy and Sonu Singh too!

So it’s time to pack our bags and get ready to drive that looooong journey home.

We’ll be back in another county by around lunchtime.

Then I’ll be sat at home missing Pops and Mum!
I can’t win!!!!!

But then, maybe I already have…

Just yesterday I spoke with my best friendΒ  and sister from anotha mista after months… we don’t see each other much or even speak much nowadays because of life… but 110% we are there for each other.

The fact that I have places to go, family that cares,Β  people I love.

Of course I won! They’re the ones that give me peace of mind and the strength to continue, even in the face of adversity.

We don’t all need money and material possessions to have won the game of life. Having people who care about you, people always there for you, that’s winning πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful Friday Peeps! I’ll catch ya when I’m back home!


But I Smile Anyway...

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