TGI Friday!

It’s finally here! Friday!

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Actually, this week has sped by.

What with Halloween, and the school disco, we’ve had a few different things to spice up the week.

Coupled with the fact that we’re going to a fireworks display tonight, and that in class things have actually been pretty ‘good’ (said hesitantly!) it’s been rather lovely!

I did find out, however, that I will have an additional 30 names to get into my head, and 30 new little people to get to know… because I am switching from one class to another to cover a maternity leave… hmm, that will be fun! (Running count just for this year – 100 kids I have/had responsibility for!)

So, it just leaves a little space for me to say Happy Friday Peeps!

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Friday Fatigue!

Two weeks almost done…

And the kids aren’t even in full time yet!

Switching from Nursery hat to Reception hat is surprisingly tough, you know!

Even though these two years are in the Early Years Foundation Stage, they are both very different in terms of developmental milestones a child hits.

Nursery at 3-4 years old is a time for building confidence, looking at their personal, social, and emotional development. For us, with our extremely mixed cultural demographic, it is also a time for teaching spoken communication in English, and fostering understanding of simple concepts. The children need to learn how to play together, talk together, take turns, learn patience and perseverance.

Throughout the year there is emphasis placed on counting, and learning the sounds of the alphabet through play, and recognising their names too, with hopefully, attempts at writing it.

Reception at 4-5 years old, is a time to just consolidate these things above, but there is a high expectation to really build the academic learning foundation too. These children should be writing sentences by the end of the year, counting fluently to 20, and doing simple addition and subtraction. Oh, and hopefully they should be reading simple words and sentences too!

Within both groups we need to give them experiences to enhance their learning of the world around them, culture and community and technology. They need to experience ways to create in different ways too.

So, what impact does this have on me?

My expectations for each group have to be different.

I need to remember not to push my babies too hard, and to make sure my older babies are stretching themselves enough!

The nursery children are doing a couple of hours in the morning then the afternoon session are doing two hours. We have worked on settling them, and showing them how to keep busy, trying different things.

The reception class are still doing mornings only. They are learning about structure, and listening, and exploring their new environments.

But this doesn’t mean lots of free time! No!

We have to assess each child individually, to see where they are at the start of their academic life.

In Nursery it is for our records. In Reception it is for the National Base Line.

Yes, I can sit with a cuppa and go through my paperwork. But I am running back and forth between the two classrooms to confer with my colleagues. The path from my class to the printer is wearing thin.

And that teacher tiredness encompasses all in my profession, not just me!

And I attended my first Governors meeting too, which was actually not as daunting as I thought it would be!

I arrive home and the Mummy hat goes on. Dinners for the kids are already cooked by my dear Mother In Law, so that is great! But homework, housework, laundry, all still need doing. Making the lunches for the next day, and feeding myself and Hubby Dearest also takes priority.

Then I finally sit and can write for my blog! Ritu’s ‘Me!’ hat finally on!

My novel has a little bit left, but with the tiredness I am experiencing, I don’t want to try and finish it without a fresh brain!

So when I am yawning, and craving asleep before 10 pm, I am not fighting it at all!

Do you blame me?

Right, I’m off to finish my week!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps! I’m planning on enjoying mine!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 132


“Being happy never goes out of style.” – Lily Pulitzer

Thanks for that Spidey!

In that case, I’m planning on wearing my smile with pride for a long time to come!

Hope you all have a wonderful smiley day, not just today, but every day. Be happy, it makes everything seem more positive!

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Be Thankful

I love  being involved in new challenges, and Steph from Scale Simple has started a new challenge, coinciding with Canadian Thanksgiving! What a lovely idea! She sent a little note to me inviting me to take part, so here goes!
The Challenge rules are simple

*Share this image in your bog post

*Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for

*Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for

*Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part

So here goes!

Five people I am thankful to have in my life…

Wow, this is quite hard, as there are so many people I feel thankful to have here in my life…

My Mum – my reason to become a hopefully good wife and mother. A woman who I have seen go through the ups and downs of life with dignity, and a true inspiration. Love you Mum! X

My Pops –  my first hero. Isn’t a father always that? I feel thankful to have a dad like Pops, who has always put his family first, and taught me right from wrong, and how to cope with all manner of situations, in a calm manner. Love you Pops! X

My Hubby Dearest – I was indeed lucky to have met hubby when I did. He is truly the most wonderful person, and I see so much of my Pops in him. He loves me unconditionally, and  I wouldn’t be anywhere without him. Love you Hubby Dearest! 

My Lil Man –  you came to us after such a journey. Not only am I thankful for having you in my life son, but I feel lucky that of all th twinkles in my eye, you were the one that came to us! Love you son! X

My Lil Princess – I am thankfu for my Lil Princess, you came and completed our family, after seeing two possible siblings leave mummy early, and go take their placin the sky, as stars. You are a little diva, but you are our little diva, and we wouldn’t t change you for anything…(though having you sleep through the night would be a good thing…!)

Five things in 2015 that I am thankful for

The continued support of my family –  without them, I am nothing.

My friends – I don’t get to see my friends often… Life has made it hard, but no matter whether we are together physically or in spirit, they make my life easier to live.

My new job – it was earlier this year I was given the chance to finally take the step, and start teaching properly. I thank my Head for having the faith in me!

The chance to see my nephew –  last year, I was made an aunt, a real one, for the first time, and I was aching to see my nephew. And finally, this year I got to see him, only for a few hours, but still… What an emotional time! And next week, still in 2015, I get a whole weekend with him! They live abroad, in Finland, you see, so I can’t just drive over to them…

My Blogily – I may have started this blog in 2014, but the real connections I made were cemented this year, and I come to the end of this year, with some new people who have gained a huge importance in my life. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to read amazing writers work, and to write alongside them.

And now my Five (hopefully) Thankful Nominees!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating on the 12th October!

Fabulous Friday!

FridayWhat a wonderful quote by Oprah Winfrey!

It reminds me of a storyΒ I read about a mother and daughter…


And I hope you read it and appreciate it too!

Let me take this opportunity to say to you all, my Peeps, I truly wish you enough!

Have a happy and fulfilled Friday! πŸ™‚

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