TGI Friday!

It’s finally here! Friday!

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Actually, this week has sped by.

What with Halloween, and the school disco, we’ve had a few different things to spice up the week.

Coupled with the fact that we’re going to a fireworks display tonight, and that in class things have actually been pretty ‘good’ (said hesitantly!) it’s been rather lovely!

I did find out, however, that I will have an additional 30 names to get into my head, and 30 new little people to get to know… because I am switching from one class to another to cover a maternity leave… hmm, that will be fun! (Running count just for this year – 100 kids I have/had responsibility for!)

So, it just leaves a little space for me to say Happy Friday Peeps!

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Monday?! Already!?

Why/how does Monday get here so fast?

I swear, the last few weekends have gone in a flash! 

This weekend we spent a day standing out in the cold, supporting Lil Man and his team in a go kart tournament. There was a team of 6 children chosen to build from scratch an electric go kart, using eco friendly materials, and decorate it. All a form of teamwork, and plenty of opportunity for Learning about engineering and science.

They won Smartest Team, which was cool. But he wasn’t a happy bunny, as in his race, he got clipped from behind, quite severely, and the other car which was behind him, got pushed on in front… Competitive nature means he was devastated that he lost his third place…
A whole day in fresh air mean that we were all shattered and early night were needed by all!image

Sunday, no rest for  the wicked!

 It was Father’s Day, but I needed to catch up on housework, and grocery shopping, then get the homework whip out and crack it too.

This brought on a headache, so I slipped a 2 hour nap in!

Dinner, we went out, for a lovely meal with my in laws to celebrate Father’s Day, and visited the new dessert parlour in town, Creams… 

But I was so full…. I could hardly move! I had cramp from too much ice cream!!

I was so thankful for the mountain of ironing I had to do, so the food had time to go down!

But it meant another nearly midnight bedtime…

And here comes Monday… Again!

Still, reports are more or less done, and there are five weeks of term left. We still have our class seaside trip to look forward to, Lil Man has his residential trip, (first time away from us , eeeeek! Don’t get me started!) and his prom!

Where has this year gone?!

Right, I’d better be off! Enjoy your Monday Peeps!!!!

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Yup, that’s me.


It’s Friday morning and I am just so glad. I went to bed with a stonker of a headache, and woke with it too… Pill popping time!

The weekend is welcomed with open arms!

There I was looking forward to lie ins and peace… Then it all comes spiralling back to me…

I don’t do lie ins. What are they? It’s been a looooong time since I got one of them!

Friday evening will consist of cleaning the house so my weekend is theoretically free of house work, then making dinner. Then Saturady is a whirlwind morning of waking, getting children up and depositing them at various clubs, then doing the grocery shopping. Then starts the fun of pickups and lunch.

If I’m lucky I can chill in the afternoon, but more often than not there is homework to do too…

Saturday evening.. Well obviously we need tomeat!

Aaah! Sunday arrive soon! A day of rest…


Not here! 

Lil man has matches every Sunday morning,miso it’s mud scraping off boots time, and getting him ready. He disappears with his daddy, amd lil princess and I are left to finish homework!.

Lunch… Then often I get an hour or so to chill, before getting ready for Monday again…

Weekend?! Sorry, what is one of those?!

It’s Friday!

Good morning Peeps! Can I get a “whoop whoop”!!!!

It’s Friday! It’s not just any old Friday, but a Friday I have been waiting for for a loooooong time!

After my crazy nursery based day, the sprogs and I shall be hopping into the car and heading off on a 3 hour road trip (possibly longer, if traffic is unkind to us) to Birmingham, as my gorgeous Finndian family branch are here! My brother, sister in law and finnjabi nephew are here, and we get a whole weekend together!

Can’t wait for my Bubby cuddles, I have a good few months of them to catch up on!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and a fantastic weekend Peeps!!!

Fantastic Friday!

It’s Friday Peeps! The weekend is here!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and look forward to catching up on your posts this weekend!

We’ll be back home tonight, back to normality, and hopefully I’ll be rested…. Kinda!!!

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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