One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Thankful

“This time two years ago, I was involved in a huge car accident, writing off my car and getting stretchered off the motorway; one year ago, I fell and injured my arm, nearly fracturing my elbow and getting signed off work for two weeks; this year, I am sufficing with migraines… Next year, I aim to be healthy – thankful I’m here to remember the past and plan for the future.”

Ritu 2019

Written for Linda’s #1LinerWeds prompt.


The Sunshine Blogger Award – Art by Rob Goldstein

Thank you so much, Dearest Rob, for nominating me for this award! I have received it before, so as thanks, I am reblogging it!

But, I do like answering questions… so here are my answers!

Why do you blog?

I blog because I enjoy writing, and it fuels my creativity to read what others write too.

What most frustrates you about blogging?

Nothing as such, but I just wish I had more time!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I LOVE the interaction with others, and the connections with people across this world of ours.

How do you define success?

In my eyes, success is being satisfied with what you have, fulfilling your goals and feeling at peace.

What is the one thing you most want from your followers?

My followers are wonderful. I couldn’t ask for more from them! But if they want to give more, I always welcome comments!

What is the one thing you most want to give the people you follow.

Support for their writing 🙂 We all have an opinion, and a certain style, and they should all be applauded!

How do you define the difference between positive and negative criticism?

Criticism is all good, as long as you label it constructive!

How do you deal with moments when a blogger you like posts something you don’t like?

If need be, I’ll scroll on. They are entitled to post whatever they want.

Is your blog a journal, a literary experiment, performance art or none of that?

A total mish-mash of all of the above, kind of like me!

What is success as a blogger?

To me, it’s gone beyond figures and stats, which initially it was all about. Success for me, is to get positive feedback on my posts, seeing posts appreciated and shared, and if I am able to help even one person with a post, I’ll be happy!

By your definition, do you consider yourself successful?

I feel that I am successful in my blogging journey. Despite a blogging hiatus, I have still maintained my followers, and notifications have been acted upon. Getting a welcome back from my readers shows, to me, that I was missed, and appreciated!

Source: The Sunshine Blogger Award – Art by Rob Goldstein

Gee Thanks! #ThankfulThursday

Okay, so I might not had shouted it from the rooftops (or did I?), but you may, or may not, know that I was nominated for Best Overall Blogger, at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards this year.

Voting has now closed, so no amount of canvassing for support will change the outcome that is announced on May 19th at the Bash… Eeeeek!

(Did you get your ticket? Are you coming? Did you want to? Click here to get your tickets!)

But it was a lovely surprise to open a mail from Hugh on the Committee, with a shiny new badge to add to the widgets that run down the side of my blog!


That is firmly placed now, and I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to those of you who nominated me in the first place and those of you who voted for bloggers that were up for the awards.

I’m not a winner yet, but that is not the point. Being nominated is the biggest blessing.

And even if I wasn’t up for an award, I would be there, because it is the most amazing event, getting to meet and mingle with blog pals of old, and new ones too!

Image result for daddy pig

In the immortal words of Daddy Pig, “It’s not the winning that matters, it’s the taking part that counts! Snort!” (Ooh okay, and Paul (Bear) Bryant!)

So, there it is, a thankful thought for this , what looks to be sunny Thursday morning!

Now to go practice that speech, and decide on cakes!!!!

One-Liner Wednesday & #JusJoJan Day 24- #1LinerWeds – Count Your Blessings

“Count your blessings, not your eggs.” – Ritu

Sometimes we spend far too much time, getting excited over what may come to pass, rather than sitting back and appreciating what we already have.

Take time out today to be thankful for that roof over your head, that meal in front of you, the clothes and shoes keeping your warm and dry…

Be grateful that you can read, and write, that you have a voice that is listened to…

Appreciate the people in your life, the support network you already have…

Think about your blessings, and thank God/the Universe for what you have.

Peace out Peeps!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge and #JusJoJan.

Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

Thanks to Rachel, for nominating me for the Brotherhood of The World Blogger Award! I have accepted this award before, many moons ago, so I would like to share her post, and, because I do like answering questions, I shall answer those!

  1. What is your biggest regret? I cant put it out there in public, but put it this way, it impacts on my life EVERY day!
  2. What is something that your younger self would be most proud of about you? That I actually published a book!
  3. What is your favourite fruit and why? Mango, because it is sweet and exotic, and just all over yummy!
  4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? (Or what instruments can you play?) In the past, I’ve learned how to play the Recorder, Guitar and Piano! I can bash a beat out, amateurishly, on a Dhol drum too! I wish I had more lessons on the Guitar and Piano though!
  5. What setting from a book or movie would you like to live in or experience? Obviously the edible world in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!!
  6. Why did you start blogging? Purely by chance! A friend started, and I wanted to comment on her first post. WordPress invited me to start a blog, and I did, not knowing what it was… and the rest, as they say, is history!
  7. What is something you are looking forward to? Seeing my parents this weekend!
  8. If job availability/ money were not factors, what would be your dream occupation? A full-time children’s storyteller and writer!
  9. If you could start any charity what would it be? It would be something to help disadvantaged children!
  10. Name a skill you want to learn and why. I’d love to learn tact. Nuff said!

Source: Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award

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