Monday Meh! Post Bash-Blues #BloggersBash2017 #ThrowbackThursday

It’s Monday… again.

Comes round so fast, doesn’t it?!

And I’ll be back to my usual routine, after a pretty epic weekend,

Saturday, as you all know, saw me win a rather prestigious award at the ABBA’s, and my, was I high on the achievement, the compliments from my other blogily, the sugar in the cakes…!

Then came yesterday.

And I sunk.

Oh, the exhaustion! I don’t know where it came from, but once it hit, it manifested itself fully, and I was prone on the sofa for the best part of Sunday!

I guess I had been on a true adrenalin rush on Saturday and needed to come down, so to speak!

Posting about my Post-Bash Cold Turkey blues to other bloggers on the Facebook group, it appeared that I was not alone! ( I promise, I put nothing unusual in the cakes! Can’t speak for His Geoffleship though ;P )

I guess the enjoyment we all got from the build up to the event, followed by the excitement of the actual Bash, was more draining than we had expected!

Of course, seeing as I was laying low all day, I had plenty of time to browse blogs, read posts, answer the huge amount of comments that had flooded in… and I truly felt humbled.

This Blogosphere is a wonderful place. The support everyone has given, the congrats, the excitement from them. It really makes me wonder why?

Why me?

I’m not that special. I’m just your average working mum, who likes to talk and write.

I don’t give fantastic practical advice on blogging/writing/money-saving etc. I don’t profess to be an expert on anything (except smiling – I’m good at that!). I’m not endorsed by anyone. I may have a book out but I’m no Poet Laureate. It’s taken me 17 years to write 15,000 words, and my WIP is still not finished…

And yet you all still voted for me.

What makes a good, all-round blogger?

Well, what I have had said to me over the last 48-odd hours is maybe something for us all to take into consideration, so we may all be Best Overall Bloggers, going forward.

  • Be supportive
  • Be honest
  • Be willing
  • Be consistent
  • Be yourself

So, I start this week with a spring in my step, a buzz in my brain and hope in my heart.

Thank you all so much for making me feel like I matter, and that I belong.

I seriously love you all!!!!

Happy Monday Peeps, enjoy your week!

The Liebster Award

Thank you to Radhika for thinking of me for the Liebster Award!

As I have received this previously, I would like to share Radhika’s post in thanks, and as I love answering questions, I’ll answer them here!

Great questions by the way, Radhika!

  1. If given a chance, what would you like to change about yourself? I’m not sure I’d want to change any of me. As a 40-something woman, I have grown used to my body, personality and it’s quirks. If I changed any of it, would I still have the life I have now, the life I feel is perfect for me?
  2. What were you looking for when you started your blog? Absolutely nothing! I didn’t even know what blogging was!
  3. A movie, book or friend – which one for company when feeling low? Friend, Book, Movie – in that order. My best friends are always at the end of the phone, but being mothers too, they can be unavailable, so I know I’ll always have my books!
  4. What 3 things do you always carry in your purse/wallet? Money, phone, pen with a notebook.
  5. Have you ever dreamed of doing something out of your comfort zone? Not really. I think I always strive to go a little further with whatever I do, pushing myself a step further each time, so it feels achievable.
  6. Do you have any OCD habits (obsessive-compulsive disorder)? I need to know what is planned when we are doing things, and in what order. I can’t not have a plan of action. Funny, since I am such a pantser when it comes to blogging!
  7. Which do you favor – a white lie or a candid truth? I think both have their place in lives. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it needs to be told, to help a person. Equally, there are situations where revealing a truth may be more harmful, so a white lie works better.
  8. What freaks you out most? The thought of my loved ones not being with me.
  9. What is the thing that most irritates you in a person? People who always want to talk about themselves, and seem to have been there, done that, and done it better, no matter what story is being told.
  10. What does this award mean to you? I am humbled that I was thought of. Any recognition like this touches my heart. ❤

via The Liebster Award


Another morning finds me in receipt of another award.

Thank you to Tanika of Positive Cornea for thinking of me!

As I have received this award previously, I am guiding you all towards visiting Tanika’s blog via the link below where you will learn a bit more about her!

via VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD #1 – Positive Cornea

The Sunshine Blogger Award – Saurabh Malu

Thank you to Saurabh for thinking of me and awarding me the Sunshine Blogger Award!

I have accepted this before, so forgive me if I don’t participate, but please visit Saurabh at his blog!

via The Sunshine Blogger Award – Saurabh Malu

One-Liner Wednesday & #JusJoJan Day 24- #1LinerWeds – Count Your Blessings

“Count your blessings, not your eggs.” – Ritu

Sometimes we spend far too much time, getting excited over what may come to pass, rather than sitting back and appreciating what we already have.

Take time out today to be thankful for that roof over your head, that meal in front of you, the clothes and shoes keeping your warm and dry…

Be grateful that you can read, and write, that you have a voice that is listened to…

Appreciate the people in your life, the support network you already have…

Think about your blessings, and thank God/the Universe for what you have.

Peace out Peeps!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge and #JusJoJan.

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