Monday Meh! Post Bash-Blues #BloggersBash2017 #ThrowbackThursday

It’s Monday… again.

Comes round so fast, doesn’t it?!

And I’ll be back to my usual routine, after a pretty epic weekend,

Saturday, as you all know, saw me win a rather prestigious award at the ABBA’s, and my, was I high on the achievement, the compliments from my other blogily, the sugar in the cakes…!

Then came yesterday.

And I sunk.

Oh, the exhaustion! I don’t know where it came from, but once it hit, it manifested itself fully, and I was prone on the sofa for the best part of Sunday!

I guess I had been on a true adrenalin rush on Saturday and needed to come down, so to speak!

Posting about my Post-Bash Cold Turkey blues to other bloggers on the Facebook group, it appeared that I was not alone! ( I promise, I put nothing unusual in the cakes! Can’t speak for His Geoffleship though ;P )

I guess the enjoyment we all got from the build up to the event, followed by the excitement of the actual Bash, was more draining than we had expected!

Of course, seeing as I was laying low all day, I had plenty of time to browse blogs, read posts, answer the huge amount of comments that had flooded in… and I truly felt humbled.

This Blogosphere is a wonderful place. The support everyone has given, the congrats, the excitement from them. It really makes me wonder why?

Why me?

I’m not that special. I’m just your average working mum, who likes to talk and write.

I don’t give fantastic practical advice on blogging/writing/money-saving etc. I don’t profess to be an expert on anything (except smiling – I’m good at that!). I’m not endorsed by anyone. I may have a book out but I’m no Poet Laureate. It’s taken me 17 years to write 15,000 words, and my WIP is still not finished…

And yet you all still voted for me.

What makes a good, all-round blogger?

Well, what I have had said to me over the last 48-odd hours is maybe something for us all to take into consideration, so we may all be Best Overall Bloggers, going forward.

  • Be supportive
  • Be honest
  • Be willing
  • Be consistent
  • Be yourself

So, I start this week with a spring in my step, a buzz in my brain and hope in my heart.

Thank you all so much for making me feel like I matter, and that I belong.

I seriously love you all!!!!

Happy Monday Peeps, enjoy your week!

Monday’s back #MondayBlogs

It’s Monday.

Current feeling!

And as with most Mondays, it’s back to school.

But different from others, it’s a Monday after an impromptu week off, not only for me with my arm, but the rest of the staff and pupils too because of the snow.

This shall be sweet chaos I am sure…

No one will have anything planned and ready for a Monday, as is usually the case.

The kids will be wild. They will want to tell us all they got up to, but equally, they won’t want to be back at school. I know the feeling. I’d rather be home too!


And added to the back to work bit, it is time for my in-laws annual trip back to the Motherland, so that means juggling plenty so that I am able to be there for the kids at the end of the day.

Usually (I am lucky), I drop my son to his grandparents and he walks to his secondary school, then walks home to them. My father in law picks up my daughter, so she isn’t hanging around until I finish at 5-5.30 pm.

But it’ll be a tad different the next 7 weeks!


I’ll still be around, (oh you won’t get rid of me that easily!) but possibly more fraught than usual!

Oh, and FYI, the arm… It still hurts… but I will survive!

Happy Monday Peeps! And have a fantastic week!



Monday Meh! (Again)

Forgive me if I am not as wordy for the next couple of weeks…

The end is in sight, but it still feels far away!

Two more weeks until I can slip my teacher hat off and actually relax!

But there are still plenty of jobs to get done before I can do that!

The school kids don’t know yet which teachers they are getting next year, so there is a little buzz around because there are some changes in place. We have met most of our new students, and half have visited us, but there are still a few more to come. There is all manner of paperwork that needs updating and sorting out before the year ends, to tie up loose ends, and prepare for the next academic year.

I will probably need to pencil in the first week of holidays as time to go back into school with my colleagues to prepare the classrooms too!

Then, my envisioned summer of writing and keeping the kids occupied took a different turn, when we got a sudden influx of wedding invites!

At least 4 weekends with functions, one in the week day, I need to figure out when we are going to spend a week with my parents, and we are going to try and get away last minute too!

But on the flip side, I managed to make it public in my household that I do intend to concentrate on writing during the break, so now I have said it, I gotta do it, eh! If my Hubby Dearest wants to be a kept man, funded by the spoilts of my best seller, he needs to let me write it, eh!

Back to the now…

I am falling asleep much earlier each night due to exhaustion.

I have mentioned being so tired in the past…

Image result for exhaustipated

Actually, right now, I am just plain exhausted, and I do give a shit! I don’t like to leave my blogily hanging either! So I will be around, but I might not be as noisy as I usually am!

So I am off to drag myself into the shower, and get ready for the penultimate Monday of term… And I shall try not not yawn…but I can’t promise that!

Have a much perkier Monday than I think I’m going to have Peeps!

Monday’s Here! #MondayBlogs

It’s Monday!

The beginning of the week!

Bringing all sorts of thoughts to my mind.

Worry, because we have a bit of unrest at work in my department, and things happening this week may impact us in several ways. And we need to start the end of year assessments and report for my class, which is always a tough task!

Excitement, because I am awaiting some very exciting news in my personal life!

Stress, because we have a really manic week with Lil Man’s after school activities this week! Cricket training tonight, two cricket matches tomorrow, Parents evening on Wednesday, another cricket match on Thursday, and cricket training followed by the drum lesson on Friday! Phew! and that doesn’t include Lil Princess’s street dance class on Wednesday, and their badminton training on the weekend!

Sadness, because the weekend has gone ( I mourn that every Monday)!

Happy, because it’s the start of a new week, and there are always endless possibilities!

So I’ma jus’ gonna go out there and embrace the week, and whatever it brings!

Have a wonderful week Peeps! Happy Monday!

As always, thanks to Bitmoji for being amazing with their personalised emojis that I use regularly on this blog!

Ugh! Monday!

I’m still on holiday mode… Don’t wanna go back to school!!!!

It was midnight before my body clock allowed me to sleep!


And on top of getting my kids homework ready, I had to somehow fashion an ancient roman costume for Lil Princess for TODAY!(managed with a shery, and no sewing! Go me!

Oh thus really was me this morning! But I’m up now… Better get changed now I suppose! Happy Monday Peeps!

Oh and in case you weren’t aware…

5 sleeps until the ABBA’s!!!

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