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New kids in today – BRING IT ON!

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Today, my new class finally start school officially. We have had the taster days, and the home visits are complete. I have met all the children bar one who has been away, and I do hope she is still coming!

There are some absolute beauts, and some beauts who are going to need a little more nudging, but it’s time!!!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge!

The Onset of Inset Days #BackToSchool #TeachersLife

You know what time of year it is now, don’t you?

That end of holidays, getting-back-into-a-normal-routine time.


That having-to-get-up-early time.


School is about to start up again for thousands across the country.

Responsible adults need to drag those affected from the addictions of late nights and lie-ins,  screen and social media that six weeks off has allowed, and bring them back to reality.


Teachers – we are going back to work!

You see, it’s not just kids that have to gear themselves up for that September start.

Us educators need to brace ourselves for that new academic year start too!

You’d think after our epic long holiday, we’d all be full of energy, having had NO WORK for all that time…

Aside from the fact we’ve probably been working for in excess of fifty hours a week, during the academic year (and being paid for only 32.5 each week – standard – in our contracts, no such thing as claiming overtime as a teacher) and totally deserve a school-free break, it’s probably not been the case at all.

Teachers around the country will have spent a few days, at least, in their new year’s classrooms, clearing, rebacking boards, labelling, organising, moving furniture, writing up class lists for various things…

Then the rest of the time, we chill out and get drunk every day we firstly sleep off the exhaustion of the previous year (unless we have kids, in which case, good luck – Busman’s holiday, anyone?!) then try really hard to forget school for a little while, but any trips to the locality brings our profession back to mind, as we inevitably bump into several ex-pupils, current students or parents!

Or, everywhere we go, an educational opportunity arises, which means notes need to be taken, for future reference.

Yes, we will spend inordinate amounts of time on screens, but if you peek over our shoulders, we are likely to be on Pinterest, filling new boards with fantastic topic ideas or YouTube, finding great videos to share with our class!

Shopping trips will be peppered with impromptu visits to stationery shops, or bargain shops, where we find things that would just be wonderful in the classroom, and because we might not find them again, in pops teachers hand into own pocket, and suddenly there is an almighty hole in the bank account that we probably won’t be able to claim back… but it’s for the kids, so, you know…

We may have managed to squeeze a proper holiday into the time too, and emerged tanned and relaxed, or more exhausted than when the departed!

Still, all good things must come to an end, and all that, and here we are on the cusp of the new academic year.

Time to get ready for meeting our new classes, forging bonds with new members of staff, commiserating with those of us who are still there,  getting used to changes that will inevitaby be applied, because the government thinks things need doing differently… that sort of thing.


At least we have two Inset days.

Sometimes, Inset days are my favourite days.

Because we are at school – with NO KIDS! (Neither Pupil, nor Personal – you get my jig?)

Yes, it can be a day filled with pointless training (but equally, we can have inspiring speakers in who actually help!) but you also get time in your classrooms to organise, (yup, it needs redoing, because the cleaners will have been in, and though your room will be sparkly clean, the desks will have been moved around and nothing will be exactly as you left it. FACT!)

But no kids means you can get your teacher head back on, before the onslaught arrival of your new batch of prospective devils precious pupils.

Time to get familiar with the routines again, and get as up to date as you can with the endless paperwork, so that when the children arrive, you can actually teach them, rather than spend the time ticking boxes. (Though that will still play a huge part in your daily life as a teacher – some things never change…)

Then, on Monday, it’s back to work with a WHOOSH!

So, as you happily dress your little angels and pack them off on their first day back, thankful that you don’t have to deal with the daily meltdowns for all 24 of the hours, take pity on the teacher you are entrusting them to… teachers like me!

HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL my fellow teachers!

Me And My Dur-Brain!

So, it’s the day after my WIP has finished completion (first draft stage, anyway).

What am I planning on doing to celebrate?

Why not go to school to get some prep work done, before class starts up again on Monday?

Usually we get into school from 7.30 am, so I duly deposited one child for a sleepover at her friends house the night before, and arranged to drop the other off at his uncle’s early this morning so I could get uninterrupted work done.

The idea of getting up early wasn’t a nice one. I’ve been enjoying lie ins… (unheard of for mummy me, but the kids are getting to that age where they wanna stay up later, but boy can they sleep, if allowed, in the mornings!).

But the alarm was set, and off it went at 7 am.

I was good, didn’t rely on the snooze button.

Messaged my colleague to confirm what time we were meeting, and she said probably about nine as the school wouldn’t be open before then.


So I could have had an hour’s extra sleep?


Note to self: always double check plans the DAY before!

Never mind. It’s given me a bit of extra time to write this!

Oh well, better get ready now!

Have a great Thursday Peeps!


Back to School – Whyyyyyyy???

It’s Monday… again…

It’s before 7am, and I am up… again… in the dark, faffing around and getting ready for work, preparing the kids things for school…

Did I really have a week off?

You may recall my post last week about what I had planned during our half term. If not you can check it out here!

There was not much R and R involved in the eventual plans for the week, what with kids having plenty planned, and driving up to my folks, then birthday things going on.

It all went to plan.

The car cost me an arm – rather than an arm and a leg – due to finding a great company that picked up the car, and dropped it back to us, with a service and MOT done in the middle.

The kid’s sleepover was great too – I just love seeing their cheeky faces when they have an opportunity to act all grown up, and they pushed the sleep time, but I was just glad they had fun,

The trip to Pops and Mum was short but sweet. We spent time together, popped out for lunch and shopping, and spent a wonderful evening watching old cine films again! They had found reels containing footage from when I was born, to my first steps, dancing (Lil Princess wanted to know why the 11 month old me was “twerking”! Try explaining the huge butt, thanks to a terry towelling nappy, and the baby bounce that all babies do, when they don’t have the ability to move on their feet too much, but want to enjoy the music!) in my own way, to my first trio to see family in Kenya. It was precious to see me with my maternal grandparents, and my Pops’s brother, all who aren’t with us any more.

I managed to film a couple of clips on my phone for you to share with me!

Here is me with my special style of crawling!

And here are those first steps!

I didn’t get much rest though, as I spent the first night chatting to my parents until late, and the second on the phone to my bestie until the wee hours. It was a much needed catch up, and many sage words of advice were spoken, making me feel a bit better about all sorts of things.

Back to reality (as in home) meant we were getting prepared for the Saturday night birthday treat for Lil Princess. It was a concert by The Little Mix Experience, a tribute band of her favourite group at the moment, Little Mix. It was a lovely evening, and I shall post in more detail about that tomorrow!

Yesterday was spent getting ready for today… Bleurgh!

I don’t want to go back to school!

Image result for don't want to go back to school teacher

Google Image

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I am happy to be going back to a little routine. And I am not in as much of a funk as I was in January. Yesterday, I dyed my hair – Goodbye greys! – and beautified myself!

I’m feeling more positive, and more ME!

So here’s to a good new term, full of fun and craziness at home too, when the in laws go to India, and I have extra childcare to juggle, on top of usual mum/wife/ teacher duties… argh!

Happy Monday Peeps! Have a great week!!!


Back To School Blues – #MondayBlogs

Can you believe it?

Six weeks have flown by, filled with weddings, writing and more writing! But it is time to head back through those hallowed doors of my school, ready to start another year of teaching.

I am slightly apprehensive, this year. There are a few changes to my professional role. Some of you may remember. I mentioned it before the end of term.

This year, I am not just responsible for the Nursery class. I will be teaching two days a week in Reception, and three days in my beloved Nursery. Additionally, I will be taking responsibility for the School Council, Eco Schools, and Healthy Schools with a colleague of mine… AND (there’s always an AND!) I am officially on the board of Governors too!


Today will be filled with preparation and planning. The children start back on Tuesday. And my first Governors meeting is on Thursday evening.

And along with all this new stuff, I still need to be wife and mother, and write my blog, and finish my WIP!

I am not going to get myself het up about anything. Instead, I’ll handle things in my own Ritu-style – with a smile.

If I am not as vocal, or I miss posts from you, I apologise in advance. I shall try my best to keep up with everything, but I can’t promise… This is where that clone machine would come in handy! I have loved being free to read and write more the last month and a half. I know I won’t have that luxury now, but I won’t give it up either – don’t worry!

And I will eat cake.

It’s tradition to bring some cake in on your birthday, so I have a huge supply (not home baked this time, I was a tad busy!) ready to distribute to my colleagues.

So, I shall leave you to your business, and I’m pretty sure that by the end of the week, I’ll have something to report back to you about how my Teaching life is shaping up!

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