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I wanted to have something really witty to write about this morning… but alas life did not allow me to do that. Instead, work is dragging me down, being faced with some huge responsibilities (which I can handle) and a group of children in a class that I feel I cannot help.

I could have ranted again about the ridiculousness of the Government expectations for children aged 3-5, or moaned about the lazy parenting that results in classes full of children who have no patience, no respect, no clue… but I won’t.

Instead, let me share some Friday Funnies I found on Google, I needed a giggle, and I believe everyone could use one at some point… It’s Friday after all!

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I did so well with my weight loss… then holidays happened and a little of the weight crept back… I’m still attempting to eat well, but the naughty snacks keep appearing… maybe I should just accept that my real true love (apart from Hubby Dearest, and my family!) is food!

funny friday facebook status

Unless it’s my birthday or the holidays, then yes please! Can I exchange my Mondays too? I’d rather have Sundays!

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I LOVE you Friday!!!!!!

Have a great one Peeps!!!!

Toot Toot!

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Image from Google

There you go, you got it from the reliable source that is the Minions – never hold your parps in.

These restrained balls of methane may be responsible for making you think silly thoughts!

Let em out! Free that fart!

Who cares if there’s a stench, it’ll only last a few moments!

But a sh*tty idea’s effects can last a lifetime!

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

Monday Minions


Welcome to a new week!
Have a great one Peeps!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Monday Minions

wpid-fb_img_1438096609887.jpgI am definitely capable of this one, what about you?

I find myself doing this to my kids, when they are waffling, then I realise I may have just agreed to something I so should not have!!!

And I’m pretty sure my Hubby Dearest does this to me a lot of the time, because we often have that conversation  “You didn’t tell me that!”, when I know full well, I had been rattling on for half an hour about said topic!

Have a wonderful Monday Peeps!

Minion Monday


Oh we all know people like that, don’t we!!!
Still, life is to learn from, so make sure you do!
Happy Mondays Peeps!

But I Smile Anyway...

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