Living In A YouTube World – #MondayBlogs

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a shift in the behaviours of their, or other children these last few years?

In my world, the children, despite being restricted, seem to be constantly watching or near one screen or another. Whether it’s the TV, phone, tablet or PC, there is always some reason for the need for these electronic devices.

I’m lucky though, with Lil Man. He will use his phone to message friends, listen to music, take the odd photo, and maybe play a game or two. Sometimes he likes to watch funny clips on YouTube. But he’s a naturally active child, so he’d rather get out there and be physical, on his bike in the garden, or playing cricket.

Lil Princess is creative in her own way, she has heaps of Arts and Crafts materials and enjoys constructing things, or reading, but she has developed a bit of an obsession for certain online games, like RoBloks and MSP. We limit that access to weekends, and monitor what she is playing.

Though what she likes the best, is watching YouTube videos. It could be watching the latest video from her favourite Vloggers, like Smelly Belly TV or the Dobre Brothers, or listening to music, watching videos with lyrics on them so she can learn the words.

But the ones I find the most annoying, and what seems to encroach on reality, are the tutorial videos and the reveal ones. From watching how to apply makeup, to how to make slime, to being enraptured by a person opening a box or packet of something or another, it is starting to creep into her usual life.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s the way she talks!

When she is going to do something, like make any thing arty, she doesn’t necessarily have a camera facing her (though she has tried that too!) but there is a constant dialogue, describing what she is doing, step by step. If she opens a toy, again the dialogue starts.

If she is choosing an outfit, there is a one sided conversation happening with her imaginary followers!

But it’s like she, and other children I have noticed, can’t do ANYTHING without talking through it. Even watching TV or a film! That is so annoying! She feels the need, to commentate about everything that is happening on screen, and makes us miss important dialogues because she is more interested in dissecting what just happened, or what might happen!

And (forgive me, my American Blogily) its almost always in an American accent! I am constantly correcting her pronunciation and vocabulary!

Honestly, I feel like I am living life in a YouTube channel!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the fact that she, along with most kids, sees a camera phone and automatically gets the pout on!

How about you, Peeps? Have you noticed this phenomenon sweeping the youth you encounter, or is it just my strange child?

Driven to Drink! Nursery Made Me Into A Lush! #Throwback Thursday

My first class was truly a baptism of fire… Here’s a recap from how I was feeling two years ago!



*Writing while under the influence… may be dangerous, but what the heck!

Now, I’m not a big drinker, I never have been… I may partake of a tipple or 3 when we are out with friends, but never with family, and generally not at home, because I have far too much to do, then I just collapse into bed!

But this is the second time this term, I have crowned my week on a Friday evening with a bottle glass of wine or 2.

Does teaching drive you to drink?

Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say YESSSSSSS!!!!

But I am definitely in need of stress relief more than normal!  I am being good… not writing too much about school… it could get me in trouble, you know what I mean, so this one isn’t automatic on my Facebook page, where friends, family and acquaintances are so lovely as to like my page!

(You know what I’m sayin?!?!)

Well, this is glass number 2 talking, and I think number 3 might follow shortly.  Number 1 lasted a mere 5 minutes… I thought I was sipping slowly, then the bottom of the glass stared back at me as I tried to get another drop! (yup, just ordered my next one from my personal bartender for the evening)

Lush! See, I told you!  I haven’t even finished number 2 and Hubby Dearest asked if I’ve already had enough! Hell no!!!

Well, what can I say…. maybe a a haiku will help…

My first teaching class

A baptism of fire, in short

Little Sh*ts know nil!

Now let’s tanka-fie it!

Yet they fill nappies with speed

And bite and scratch with delight!

Oh what a week it’s been! And to top it off, we have Lil Man’s schools to apply for, and there is the open days to attend this weekend, football training and matches, Punjabi school for Lil Princess, and don’t forget the dreaded homework!!!!!!

Ok, I shall stop now, before I write something silly!!!!!!

Peace out Peeps…

*looks around… Where’s that refill??!

#SoCS Aug. 26/17 – When

Linda’s prompt for #SoCS this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start with “WHEN.” Write whatever you’d like, but begin your post with the word “when.” Enjoy!

When can we go swimming, Mummy?”

That’s a question I hear all the time, and have heard a lot over the last few year.

Kids love swimming and water. If we go anywhere, even for a night, the first question will be “Is there a swimming pool?”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love swimming, but the last few years, it has been less swimming and more eagle eyes in back of head, as I watched warily to make sure one of my brood didn’t drown.

Lil Man is actually pretty good, so he can head on up to the deep end, and dives in, swims around with confidence.

Lil Princess however, was a different story. She had learned how to swim, was doing really well, then I had to cancel the lessons as full-time teaching took its toll on after-school activities. She resorted to staying in the shallow end, or baby pool, splashing around, and pretending to swim (doing the arm movements, but hopping along the floor of the pool!).

I always felt bad, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

We have a couple of local pools, and when the holidays come the same old question rings out constantly: “When can we go swimming?”

I shouldn’t have a problem, but I do. Several.

  1. I want to actually swim too, but can’t as I am on life guard duty.
  2. The pools are full of crazy kids jumping in at random times, and, shock, horror, getting my hair wet!
  3. I’d need to defuzz… and I hate having to do all that preening, just to enter a pool full of strangers!
  4. Going there requires an effort I don’t always have, in lazy lounging holiday mode!
  5. Public pools can be so…dirty!

Usually, when we go to visit my parents, there is a trip to the pool involved. Luckily my mum loves to swim too, and so we station ourselves, one with Flipper (Lil Man) and one with wannabe Mermaid (Lil Princess).

We swap over the hour or so we are there, and get a little chance to swim too.

This summer, the cries for swimming have been more intense.


Because Lil Princess has been taking swimming lessons at school, and, like they say you never forget how to ride a bike (not true…I’m sure I can’t any more!) it appears to be the same with swimming.

“Mummy, I want to show you how I swim! I’m nearly in the top group too!”

So, when in Birmingham the other week, we took them.

And what a pleasant surprise!

My daughter really can swim!

And we spent the whole time in the deep end, with the kids jumping off the diving boards, and swimming. It only took one of us to be life guard, freeing the other up to actually swim!

Because I was so happy to see that, I even got convinced to show them my diving. It’s been a long time since I dived, and, many moons ago, I was pretty good.

Well, I didn’t belly flop (that was Lil Princess’s domain this time!) but I forgot the pressure as you hit the water, and nearly twisted my neck the first time! It was marginally better the second.

Diving means my hair got wet too – another annoyance that I overcame!

She’s happy, she’s shown Mummy she can swim. And mummy is very proud of her.

But not everyone knows of her skills, and she needs to demonstrate them again, so now the request is being made elsewhere…

When can we go swimming, Daddy?”

Yeah, you take them this time! The question is…When?


One-Liner Wednesday – Sleepover #1LinerWeds

“Five kids and me tonight… may need to bust out the ‘happy juice’!”

I do enjoy sleepovers… honest!

But this time, I’m word tired, and also on a deadline!

Wish me luck!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds challenge.

Last Night … (Clone Machine Required – Read On For Details!)

Oh man, the tiredness (sorry to keep mentioning it, but it’s a constant companion at the moment!) last night culminated in another headache. That is the fourth Monday in a row where I have had to pop pills. I may need to rechristen my Mondays to Migraine Mondays!

Still, I had been looking forward to the evening.

After a busy day where all the classes got to meet their new teachers for the next academic year, and any surprises regarding staff movement were unveiled, we were to be heading to Lil Man’s school as he had been selected to participate in the school’s Sports Presentation evening!

It was a large, stuffy hall we were packed into, and after introductions, there was a motivational talk from a former pupil, who is now a business man.

All well and good, using language that the kids understood (including a couple of bad language slip ups, and referring to snogging!) until he showed his presentation on the projector and there were… SPELLING MISTAKES and MISQUOTED QUOTES!

I’m sorry but the writer in me got het up straight away! I wanted to go and edit his presentation! And the teacher in me wanted to get a red pen!!!


The Achievement Formular! Formula!!!!!

I wondered if the Head Teacher was cringing as much as I was!

But no matter, the kids thought it was great!

And then the awards started…

It was a loooooooong night, as they mentioned every team they had and all participants got a certificate, but certain pupils were named and rewarded with a mention for player of the year/most improved etc!

Lil Princess was getting bored… and thirsty! She took several loo breaks, and stated that she now knew what dehydration felt like (guilt trip inducing comments all night as we hadn’t brought a bottle of water!). She lolled around over mummy and daddy all evening in the sticky hall…was not fun. My headache was emerging and tempers were fraying!

After pretty much every team had been mentioned, in EVERY year group, and the presentation had gone on an hour longer than stated, finally cricket was mentioned!

And we came away as very proud parents with an extremely happy Lil Man.

He got his participation certificate and was named Wicket Taker of the Year and Player of the Year!


The Cricket Team getting their certificates!

Thing is, by then I was suffering from a pounding headache, and just wanted bed!

We all crashed out early last night!

Oh and did you say you wanted to hear what my job has in store for me next year?

I’ll still be working with the Early Years, but instead of restricting me to the Nursery 3-4 year olds, I will be being spread, like jam, across the whole foundation stage, so two days as a Reception teacher (4-5 year olds) and three days with my Nursery babies (3-4 year olds).

On top of this change, I will have joint responsibility for the Eco Team of kids we nominate in school, Healthy Schools, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) and the School Council! There are three of us who will oversee all that  but my special interest will be in the School Council!

AND – yes there’s more – I have been chosen to be part of the Board of Governors as of September too!!!!

So, new responsibilities, on top of being basic teacher, wife, mummy, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, writer/blogger….

Did I say I was busy?

I believe I may need to really find a clone machine over the holidays!

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