Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 329 – Music


“Behind every favourite song, there is an untold story.”


Many thanks, Spidey, for finding me an appropriate music-based quote for today’s post!

It’s true, isn’t int? There is definitely a story behind favourite songs, or else, why would they be so special?

Okay, I know there are some that you just like the lyrics of, but if you dig deeper, there will be some reason, some connection, that keeps you coming back to it.

Music was on my mind, recently, as I set up my Alexa Dots around the house, and compiled playlists that I could stream through the system. I’m quite backwards like that, where music is concerned. I still prefer my cd player in the car, to the streaming, even though I have Apple music, etc, but now, I guess it’s time to harness the power, and the fun you have, asking Alexa to play certain songs, even though she gets songs of other languages a bit mixed up, and ragga songs, which I do love!

Anywho, on Saturday night, as I cooked the dinner, I asked her to play all sorts of songs, and there were mini stories behiind why each of them stuck with me.

I started with (don’t laugh) the Birdie Song. A true party favourite when I was a young child! I attempted to get Lil Princess to join me to do the moves, but after laughing at me (result, better than the moods we get!) she ran off to her room!

Then it was Copacabana, which reminded me of a dance competition in school, where a couple of friends choreographed a dance to it.

These songs morphed into more and more memories from the past, with tunes, or choooons, as we used to say, from my uni years, leading me to begin to create a playlist for myself with memory songs!

It lightened a rather heavy mood here, as a certain someone came home from a match that was lost, and was particularly negative, and after a bit of a kitchen boogie, all felt so much better. The music followed me up to the utility area, where I ironed and continued to dance to more memorable songs from years filled with wonderful memories.

What fun!

So… tell me, are you following the Euro Matches this year

#SoCS October 27/18 – Bone

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bone.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Have you ever played the trombone?

Or have you ever really wanted to learn to play an instrument growing up?


When I was younger, there was always that musical inclination. I was blessed to have been sent to a wonderful private school where tuition for pretty much any instrument you wanted could be arranged.

My parents enquired about me learning the piano when I was a mere 4-year-old tot, but at that time they were told my fingers were too small to be able to play (funny, when you see the teeny musical prodigies on the internet nowadays, some are barely out of nappies!)

Having been told that was not possible, I tried a couple of others. I took recorder lessons, and even though I never took any exams, I enjoyed it, and I still have my original recorder with me, over thirty years later! I can still play a mean Polly Wolly Doodle too!

Then I attempted the guitar. Acoustic, it was, and though I wish I had been able to stick it out – quite fancied being the one at uni who could pull out her instrument (guitar, I mean – naughty!) and strum a tune, singing along melodically… but it wasn’t to be. The teacher, Mr Mason – I’ll never forget him – was rather strict, and I recall him sitting there with a pack of fruit Polos ever lesson. He would listen to me playing my practised tunes, all the while sticking the end of a pencil into the hole of the Polos and hooking one and popping it into his mouth. Then, if you had missed a note, or played incorrectly he’d use the end of that same pencil to rap your knuckles!

I told Pops and Mum that I couldn’t go on, and so the note was sent – my term’s notice had been given. My friend was in the same situation too. We dreaded our lessons, but knowing there were just a few weeks left made them more bearable. Then one day we went in and found a different Mr Mason sat there. A rather dapper young man who coincidentally had the same name as his predecessor. He was rather dishy, in our 10-year-old eyes, but the lessons weren’t meant to be.

My guitar sat there, gathering dust. And it also followed me to my marital home, along with the recorder.

At sixth form, I was firm in my decision to become a teacher and it was suggested that I try and learn a little piano as musical skills were always sought after in a teacher. The lady who was my tutor was astounded that I had been put off at a young age, and she tried to teach the 16-year-old Ritu, who was less sponge-like than the 4-year-old Ritu would have been like. I picked up a few things, but a few months of lessons weren’t going to make me a maestro.

This instrument also followed me to my now home, but not a full-sized piano. I had a large keyboard.

The kids love that there are so many instruments in our house. Lil Man is a dab hand at playing the Dhol drum, being self-taught to a degree, then taking lessons. Lil Princess is great at picking tunes out on the keyboard, and she is actually quite good at the ukelele!

And me? Well, I can sing, at least, and dream of a version of me that may have been one of those amazing pianists, tinkling the ebony and ivory keys for the listening pleasure of others!

Ivory – now, is that tooth or bone?


And two Haiku penned a couple of years ago, dedicated to my musical journey!

Loved my recorder
Even though I couldn’t play
Very well at all!


Stood in  a corner
My guitar gently weeps
Not played anymore

Ritu 2016

Catch ya later Peeps! Happy Saturday!


5 Annoying Songs My Kids Keep Playing! #Parenting #FirstWorldProblems

Yes, I know.

A a youngster, there must have been plenty of tunes that my parents were driven crazy by as we repeatedly played them, but I swear to goodness, the ones the kids play now, are  pure rubbish, noise, not music or melody, and even shouting on occasion!

I am going to list five that they have played recently, ones that really get my goat, and I end up wanting to bury my head in the ground.

1 – The first is the latest one that Lil Princess has discovered. It is entitled Yodelling Kid and started out as a random video of a child yodelling in Walmart of all places. Since becoming infamous there have been countless remixes, and I am now faced with a yodelling kid of my own! Seriously annoying!

2 – The Yah Yah Yah Song… Listen to the lyrics… I’m sure you’ll get why it kills me…

3 – Dobre Brothers – You Know You Lit – I can’t explain how I want to shake the first singer, no expression… but it’s strangely addictive too… STOP LISTENING RITU! COME BACK TO US! It’s one of those so bad it’s good songs…

4 – KSI – Lamborghini – is this called Grime? One of Lil Man’s songs…
I just don’t get it….

and last but not least…

5 – Taco Song – The TEN HOUR version!  Yes seriously, my son, Lil Man thinks this is a great song to game to! TEN HOURS!

Apologies if you end up with some really BAD ear-worms because of me… but I have to suffer this daily. And they say Sharing is Caring, and you all know how caring I am!

Have you got any songs that really cause you to want to throw the music player out of the window?

Fine Art Friday – Music and Sketches

The other day, I was going through my bedside cabinet drawers. They are fit to bursting, and something had fallen down the back, preventing the drawers from closing fully.

Instead of dislodging the offending item, closing the drawer, and getting back to whatever I was meant to be doing, I started a reminisce.

The bottom drawer is full of musical song-books.

Ones I helped to create.

During my teenage years, we had lots of family weddings, and my cousins and I decided we wanted to learn some of the traditional songs and dances so, going forward, we could continue the traditions. Of course, though I can speak and understand Punjabi, I cannot read or write it.

So came the fun job of trying to write it in Roman English, Phonic Punjabi!

And my ‘book’ was very popular within the family. For my own wedding, I typed and printed several copies which ended up in the far-flung corners of the world! This resulted in a few reproduced fancy copies being made, and adapted over the years!


The top left one was my original one, then my cousins printed them ‘offically’ for use at their weddings

And from my little idea there were off-shoots! My mum collects them whenever she goes to a wedding and sees them, then gives them to me!



Some of the ‘spin-offs’!

And also, as I dug deeper into the drawer, I found a whole heap of printed out Bollywood song lyrics! Cue a good hour of me sitting on the floor, surrounded by books, and paper, crooning to myself, hoping I wasn’t waking the children! (Don’t ask me to sing, because you know me, I probably would break out into song with not much encouragement!)

Then I came across a sketchbook from my GCSE years. I didn’t take Art as a subject, but I always enjoyed doodling and came across these pictures.



Palm tree paradise? Yes, please!



No, it’s not a self-portrait! I was never allowed a fringe growing up, I rebelled and had one cut in my late 30’s!


20170612_204420 - Copy

I think this may have been inspired by the Ball we had in my final year at school, which I didn’t go to!


So there you have it! Ritu’s Artwork, and Musical Endeavours!!!!

Have a great Friday Night Peeps!




The Soundtrack Of My Life – International Edition

The lovely Em Linthorpe took part in a great music tag post and said that if we wanted to, we could join in!

soundtrack of my life

Simply, this tag is just picking 7 songs that could be described as forming “The Soundtrack Of My Life”.

You know me, I have a really rich, colourful and international background so it is hard to think of just seen songs, that you would all understand! So I decided to do to two posts! A previous one with western songs (click here for that!), and this with International songs, that have influenced my life!

So., here we go!

  1. Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye – AlaapGoing to weddings, growing up there were no DJ’s but live bhangra bands performing, and one of the most popular was Alaap. This was a song that was played again and again. The meaning of the song was a young brother in law asking his sister in law (brother’s wife) to help him find a wife! Popular at all the weddings, then and now still! We also knew the singer so visited his house!

2. Yeh Dosti – Sholay

Bollywood has always played a HUGE part in my life and Sholay was a film that was released the year I was born. It is classed as a classic now (eek! Does that mean I am now in the ‘Classic’ Catergory?!) About friendship, it was played lots at gatherings, and you will still, to this day, find groups of drunken lads, grouped together singing it, celebrating their friendship! Picturized on Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra, who are two kings of Bollywood!

3. Roj Roj – Sardara Gill

Going back no weddings and my internationally placed family, when we would get together at a wedding, this was a popular song, as it means that we aren’t always going to be together, like this, so we need to enjoy our time, and sing, laugh, dance and be merry!

Sorry the video is not particularly great, but it was the only one I could find!

4. Jambo Bwana

Again, going back to weddings (yes, there were, and are, a lot in my family!) when the Kenyan contingency get together, a version of this song has to be played! Hakuna Matata!

5. Chura Liya – Bally Sagoo

When Brummy DJ Bally Sagoo remixed this old Hindi Bollywood classic, it ended up being an international hit! I love this song, the original, and his version, which again was a song that takes me back to my teen years! (Again, we knew him and his family, as my Pops was his dentist!)

6. – Hai Mera Dil – Josh

Another song from Bollywood, but a pretty important one, as it was our first dance at our wedding! Loosely translated it means that you only love once, and you, who have stolen my heart, will be my one forever.

7. Lambada – Kaoma

I had to include this in my list of international songs! I love the rhythm of the song, and so does my Pops! In fact when it was released, it was Pops who bought the vinyl!

There you have it! A selection of songs that have influenced my life in some way or another!

Hope you enjoyed, and if you fancy taking part, please go ahead!!!

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