#Snowmaggedon2018 – In addition to injury report #4098

(Warning… Instagram heavy post!)

I’ll start with the injury report, shall I?

Well, you know I was incapacitated last week? (fell over, well actually, tripped over a chair, totally my fault, in the classroom at the end of the day on Friday, and ended up with a suspected fracture on my elbow!) I had the follow-up appointment on Monday, and after a three-hour wait (eek!) and another x-ray, the doctor decided it was not a fracture, but a severe sprain, and muscular injury.

I left with a sick note excusing me from work for a week, then reduced duties for the following two… and a rather fetching sling!


So I’m not at work… but I was kinda gutted, we had World Book Day on Thursday, and a visit from a dentist in the nursery on Friday too… And I  wouldn’t be there…

But… I could rest, in peace, for a few days at least!


You know this big storm, the Beast from the East? All Siberian blasts and low low windchill factors? Well, it was due to hit last night, and we were rather let down by its efforts before bed. The kids were praying for a snow day, I knew Hubby Dearest wouldn’t be able to get to his work either…

And we woke to this…

After an agonising hour wait, I found that Lil Princess’s (and my) school was shut due to dangerous driving conditions, but Lil Man, well his school are just obviously oblivious to snow, and they were Open As Usual.

Packed a stroppy tween off with his daddy to be dropped off, and settled down for a relatively restful day with him on his laptop, working for home, and Lil Princess trying to make slime, or watch videos!

Sonu Singh had a visit to the garden too. He wasn’t sure of the white stuff at first, sniffing it, touching it, then ending up on his hind legs trying to get away, before jumping back inside!

Then he had another go, and decided snow wasn’t too bad!

The snow had stopped falling but it started up again, covering any tracks that had been made previously…

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It's coming down again! #thebeastfromtheeast #snowiscoming

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Then at 11am, we got a call from Lil Man… they had taken the decision to close his school too! Hubby Dearest ventured out, car slipping and sliding along the way, to pick up our first born!

Firmly ensconced back in the house with chip shop chips as lunch, it was time to enjoy Snow Day!

So, I am sat inside, after venturing out to take some photos, and will be enjoying this Snow inside, while the others go mad out there!

Week off? Peace? Unlikely! We have more due tonight, and then the kind folks south of us are sending in another storm, labelled Emma where there may be MORE snow on Thursday and Friday!

Oh well!

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!

Scroll along on the one below, there are a few shots!

And last but not least… Do You Wanna Build A Snowman???

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Obligatory snowman #snowmaggedon2018 #thebeastfromtheeast #snowman

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So, let’s see what the rest of the week holds! Not much rest for me, but I’ll be trying! Enjoy Peeps, and stay safe!

Injury Report #2584

Yes, I’m back after quite a while this time with another injury report.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that my middle name should be clumsy.

From burns, to trilling up, sitting on chairs awkwardly to hitting my head in strange places… there is always something silly I’m doing!

Well, why would I change things?

Yesterday, at the very beginning of the school day, I was setting up the classroom and managed to step down from somewhere, and land on my foot in a weird way.

I twisted it, and the top, and outer side was very tender.

Spent the whole day icing it, and trying to keep it up where I could, but that’s not easy with 40 new nursery children to settle and comfort!

Plus I was at school until past 7.30 pm  for my first Governors meeting!

Got home and settled my own two to bed before really looking at it, and giving it a soak..


Oh yes…definitely swollen and sore!

OUCH indeed!

I swallowed some ibuprofen and slept well though the night. It’s amazing how good a sedative the exhaustion of teaching is!

It’s still sore today, but I’ll have to manage!

And the kids are in for longer today…EEK!

Wish me well, and have a great Friday Peeps!

Thank God It’s Friday!



#SoCS July 29/17 – Limb

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “limb.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Funny, this should be the prompt that Linda decided on for this week!

The other day, Lil Man, being cricket obsessed, has been begging anyone to go and play int he garden with him, to practice his batting and bowling skills.

Being rather tired still, I have avoided it at all costs (that and the fact I am NOT SPORTY AT ALL!) but this time, after a whole day of him whining, I decided to help him out, nice mummy that I am!

So there I was, at the wicket, wielding my bat, and I did pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Despite having a bat at least six inches too short, he didn’t get me out… but I did manage to sustain a few hits to my limbs! (See, got it in there!) My thigh, one knee and the other shin got whacked by stray balls.

Still, standing strong, I managed to stay in, until we had to run in from rogue showers!

The next day, after a particularly successful trip to the hairdressers with Lil Princess, she wanted braids, I decided I needed to embark upon some epic hair removal. The kids are threatening to cause havoc if I don’t take them swimming, so I had to get prepared.

Got me a new bikini waxing set, and then set about epilating the nether regions, as well as my lower limbs, when I noticed a bruise on my shin.

Lovely! That’ll look great at the party we are attending tonight! At least the sari will cover it! And there’s no hair!




The first Sunday of my holidays and the tiredness really hit home!

It was a busy Friday, rushing from school to join thousands of cars on the Motorway, to get to Birmingham, but we did it.

A whistle-stop trip to see my parents, staying overnight with them, before the wedding we were to attend.

A day of driving to and from, and sitting, at the wedding. Eating, but no dancing, I was too tired!


Don’t scrub up too bad, eh!

Then back on the motorway to get home!

This morning, I woke up near 9 am. That is unheard of for me to be honest! But I needed the sleep!

Went shopping, the housework can wait, but food couldn’t!

Post-lunch I just crashed out.

Two hours of sleep left me groggy as anything, but I got up, and promptly slipped down the stairs, bumping elbows and my back.

Currently, I am sat here, aching all over, contemplating a hot bath to soothe my clumsy body… Then I need to sleep early!

But thank goodness for the holidays eh!

I am planning on binge watching Goodness Gracious Me! as I finally got the Box set!


Need to educate the kids in a bit more British Asian comedy! They already love Citizen Khan!



Ritu’s Healthy Living – Week 10 #icandothis


Oh yes, I am back! And with more updates on how my health kick is going!

Firstly, can I say, exercise has been lacking, seriously! When I say exercise, I mean that extra stuff we do to get fit. I run around like a headless chicken most days due to being with 40 3-4 year-olds, so I am so tired by the end of the day, I feel I can’t do anything more focussed!

And yesterday clumsy old me has injury #1890 to report. I managed to perform a most amazing trip over, where I landed with such grace, but in the landing gracefully, I twisted my ankle! It’s not too bad today, but the bone is definitely bruised!



At least my toes still look glam!


But I am still eating creatively, and cleanly. In fact today when the rest of the family ate a Chinese takeaway, I had beans on toast!

And today I had a Slimming World 1 syn fry up for lunch, and had fun with the presentation too!


And how did I do this week? After a plateaued week last week, I am relieved to say I had a loss this week!

2 lbs!


So that is 10.5lbs off in the last 6 weeks with Slimming World, and 15.5lbs off in total, since I started this journey. That’s over a stone!

It has been lovely this week as a couple of my colleagues have said that I am looking really well and like I have lost weight… It wasn’t for nothing then!!!!

So with me on a high, I shall leave you Peeps! Here’s to a little more each week!!!

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