Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 309 – Snowy Thoughts


“Snow rouses your inner child to dream and play once more.”

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Thanks, Spidey! You know exactly what has been on our minds, recently, especially here in the South East!

We have had two weekends of hints that we will wake in the morning to a coating of the white stuff, but both weekends, here.


I seriously can’t explain the disappointment!

I may be a mid-forties aged woman, but there is still that excitement at waking in the morning, pulling your curtains open and seeing white blanketing the world.

So, we have been told, that on Sunday, which is today for you, but tomorrow for me, as I type this, The Beast from The Baltic, is coming to visit. And I hope that I wake to that white blanket!

It’s meant to be heavy, for us, tomorrow, and possibly continuing a little into Monday. Heaven knows what that means for school.

School snow days could be a thing of the past, now the world has become switched onto remote learning, but I do hope that most schools affected, take the initiative, and encourage children to get out there, with their families, and enjoy the time, together. We don’t see substantial snow often, here so the kids need to be able to enjoy. Imagine the postiive effect on their mental health!

Now, here’s hoping it actually materialises! I really don’t need another disappointment, and am holding onto that third time lucky thing! (Better get my wellies ready just in case!)

So… tell me, how do you feel about snow?

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Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.   

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 159 #Snowmaggedon2018


“Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.” – Khalil Gibran

Well, we had to think about snow this week, didn’t we Spidey!

Having been stuck inside pretty much all week, not only because I was signed off with my arm injury, but because we got a whole lotta snow, courtesy of The Beast from the East at the beginning of the week, and Storm Emma at the tail end, snow just had to figure.

And this was just a perfect quote.

When you look outside and see the blanket of white covering the world, even the ugliest of scenes is transformed into a thing of beauty.

Equally, a drop of kindness into a puddle of unhappiness can make such a difference to a person.

Your simple smile or hello could change the thoughts of a person in the depths of loneliness. An offer to help out with someone’s shopping bags, or popping over to a neighbour in bad weather, to make sure they are okay, it all casts a brighter light on the other person’s day.

Random Acts of Kindness – something that spread like wildfire a couple of years back.

Why should it be simply a hashtag, a phase?

We should try to drop these acts of kindness every day.

They should really be second nature, not a deeply thought out act.

Kindness is in us all.

It is not something that has to cost money. Just a little time and energy. And believe me, you’ll feel richer yourself for helping someone.


Go on – make someone happy today, what kind act will you perform? In fact, not just today, everyday!

Stay positive 🙂

Happy Sunday Peeps!

#SoCS Mar 3/18 – Fine

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “fine.” Use it any way you’d like, bonus points if you use it as the last word of your post. Have fun!

Well, y’all know that we’ve been battling all these storms this week in lil ole’ UK…

Nothing fine about the way things were handled…

The Beast from the East came and disabled most of the South East, the East and Scottish at the beginning of the week.

“Yay!” Said the kids, “Snow days!”

A few centimetres of snow and shutdown occurred! All the schools were closed. Trains and buses cancelled. The roads were chaos. People were stuck on motorways overnight as they got stuck.

Then that cheeky storm, Emma, snuck in from the south and created more havoc in the South West and Wales too!

For the first time in history, (I think) there were red weather warnings raised in Scotland and the South West due to snow. If you don’t know, that means risk to life if you were to venture out! Eek! We were told some places could get up to 50 centimetres!!!!!

Us here in the South East were stuck with the remnants of the Tuesday and Wednesday falls, slowly turning to slush and ice.

Due to the warnings regarding the approaching storm, schools were closed again Thursday and Friday (snow day? More like Snow WEEK!) so the kids were in heaven!

Thursday saw no new substantial snow, but Friday afternoon brought another deluge, thanks to lovely Emma!

All this white stuff is lovely… but what’s the point when it’s that awful powdery stuff that is so fine, it doesn’t stick together, so you can’t make a decent snowball, let alone a snowman!

The kids have tried really hard to make them. The first lot of snow was great. Lil Princess made a three-tier one.


Yesterday, Hubby Dearest ventured out with Lil Man, hoping to make something bigger, but to no avail. They tried and tried but the dang snow just wouldn’t stay together. They ended up with a pile of snow, rather than a figure of any sort… a snow mountain!

On Friday we ventured out to my in-laws house, as we hadn’t been out.

There are no other kids here so the garden’s snow content was largely untouched, apart from the path my father-in-law had painstakingly cleared, from the house to the garage… (three times so far).

Lil Man was in heaven!

He went out, determined to make something, and make something, he did!

A snow penguin!


What do you reckon? I think he did just fine!

Catch ya later Peeps!

Happy Saturday Peeps!

Understanding Teenagers #weveallbeenthere

Sometimes, the need to write about something comes from different sources.

This time, I feel the need to talk/write about something that I got involved in on a Facebook conversation with a group focussing on local news.

As you know, since I have blogged about it twice already, we have been hit by The Beast from the East, a cold-weather system from the Syberian area, resulting in snow, and extreme cold winds.

This has meant that as our UK infrastructure is not used to these extreme conditions, the whole country grinds to a halt.

(Discussing why a few inches of snow causes so much chaos in a first world country is an issue for another post!)

Grinding to a halt means, hazardous driving conditions, so people find it hard to get to work, and if there aren’t enough adults at school to supervise pupils, that means no school for the kids.

Yesterday, and today, the majority of, if not all, schools in the area were/are closed for this very reason.

As much as it inconveniences parents, as they have to arrange childcare, it impacts upon the staff in school too. We have lessons planned, assessments, and all sorts of things that have to be fitted into a school year, and a few days away can play havoc with what we need to get done. (Sorry, veering off topic again – another post, maybe?)

As kids were at home, they enjoyed the snow. The little ones with their families in gardens and parks, the older ones, hanging out, causing their own mischief.

One large group of teens thought it would be a great idea to stand at the bottom of a hill where there is a main road junction, and throw snowballs at the moving traffic, which I must add would have been moving slowly and hazardously as it was.

And not only that.

They were wrenching doors of cars open, and the boots, when the cars stopped and throwing snow into the vehicles.

Someone on this Facebook group thought to warn folks of these ‘hooligans’, urging drivers to be aware and to approach the junction with caution.

The comments were colourful, ranging from concern for the drivers, to how they would ‘accidentally’ veer into the culprits, and even as extreme as threats to physically harm the kids responsible.

There were calls for their parents to be called up, and accusations that people don’t know how to bring up children if they go out acting in this way.

Equally, there were those saying, ‘kids will be kids’. We don’t see much snow here so they are just a little over-excited.

One woman posted that it’s not the parents’ fault, but the school, and their teachers who should have been teaching the kids right from wrong…

Red rag? Bull?

I actually controlled myself and entered into a rather interesting exchange with her.

You know what I think about the fact there are a lot of parents out there who don’t send their children to school with the right kind of social skills at a younger age.

As these kids get older, they definitely need more guidance, but there is an element of common sense that should have evolved too, by 15.

This woman mentioned that not everyone has parents to guide them. Not only did she know a couple of the children involved, but she herself was from a family background where there wasn’t the support to help her. She had been in trouble in the past, and as she grew up, she didn’t find that person to confide in. In fact, it took her becoming a parent herself, and her autistic son’s loving attitude to her, that made her realise that she needed to change herself. She mentioned that one or two of those children didn’t have parents, and one was dealing with the loss of a parent too,

Her point, which got twisted up by many others who waded into the conversation, was that at this tender age, during those teenage years, kids who rebel often need that outside person who is willing to push them, until they are ready to talk about issue, and then help guide them, as they really don’t have someone in their home life who is able to do that.

It made me think.

I have been lucky in life. I have always had a lot of support, understanding parents and family, and I hope this has coloured the way I am as a person, parent and teacher too.

But not everyone has that luxury.

Time is such a precious commodity nowadays, and given the present economic climate, you find that many parents are out at work all hours of the day, trying to provide for their families. This means there is less time to be spent with their kids, talking to them, interacting with them, and as they get older, really being able to find out how they are feeling, or if something is worrying them.

Equally, kids are privy to so much more information via Social Media as they get older. Believe me, I have first-hand experience with this one, as I have a nearly teen son at Secondary school and a ten-year-old who thinks she is sixteen!

They feel the need to act in certain ways, as it appears the rest of the world (or their favourite YouTubers) do the same.

And sometimes their wild behaviour is actually a mask over something much deeper, more sinister even. There are kids out there who may be being abused, neglected, unloved, and their way of dealing with it is to act up.

I don’t condone the actions of those kids at the bottom of the hill yesterday, and apparently today. They had the police called out on them yesterday, and it didn’t stop them. But maybe there is something more to their actions.

Maybe they really need that understanding person to fight on their behalf… and to dig a little deeper into the why, then support them through the how, until they are able to do the do themselves.

It’s worth a little thought Peeps. Thinking about why people act the way they do before complaining or condoning. And that goes for folks of all ages really, not just teens.

One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – ‘Snow Way!

“#Snowmaggedon2018 is here!” – Ritu

I know it’s meant to be one line, but you know me, I do tend to break rules!

The whole time I’ve been blogging, I have wished for the kind of snow that requires a snow day or two. Christmas with the white stuff would be so good!

Well, (not the Christmas bit) my wish came true! The Beast From The East is the gift that keeps on giving!

Woke today to another few inches. Whiteout!

The kids’ schools are closed. Hubby Dearest can’t risk going to work because of the small country lanes he has to traverse to get there… so Snow Day it is!

And me? Well, as you know, I was signed off this week anyway, so any chance of R and R … all gone!

Here is the scene this morning!

Let’s see what Storm Emma brings tomorrow….!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

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