#SoCS Aug. 19/17 – Pant

Linda’s back with her #SoCS prompt AND a shiny new badge too!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “pant.” Use one the word “pant” as is, or find a word with “pant” in it and base your post on it. Have fun!


They are very confusing, aren’t they?

Well the understanding of the word on either side of the Atlantic varies slightly, and with that could come several uncomfortable situations!

You see, over here in good old Blighty, pants are the short term for underpants. Yes, that’s right, Underwear.  Knickers, Y-fronts, thongs – PANTS.

Yet over in the US of Aaye, you loosely use the word to describe what we call trousers!

So if, in one of these tags, someone asks “What colour pants are you wearing?” you have to wonder at the nationality of the person who wrote the question. Are they truly interested in the style and design of your trousers, or is there a perverse desire to collect data on what type and colour smalls you are wearing?!

What if someone asks you to take your pants off… ? Which ones!?!

Pants – American folk over there – they are not trousers, they are undies!


And don’t you just love the new badge? 😀

#SoCS Aug. 12/17 – Guess

Linda’s prompt this morning for #SoCS:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “guess.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

That Linda, eh, really kept us guessing last night!

I am so used to her email pinging into my inbox on a Friday night, giving me my prompt for the #SoCS challenge.

But she kept us waiting!

I started to get a little concerned, as she is generally pretty reliable when it comes to these prompt posts!

I even visited her site several times, right up until I fell asleep, just in case the gremlins that work for WP had decided that I wasn’t worthy of email notifications … it happens sometimes, we all know that.

I confirmed that I hadn’t unfollowed her by mistake too.

Then I gave, up and went to sleep, hoping that the post would be up when I woke, and that email would be there waiting for me!

And it was! Turns out she was fine, just actually has a life beyond blogging! (I do too, honest!)


It threw me a little because I am so used to sitting and allowing my stream of consciousness to take over late on a Friday, so you have a post ready and waiting to read early on Saturday!

Just a stickler for routine, I guess! (And a bit of an addict!)

#SoCS Aug. 5/17 – High/Low

fLinda’s #SoCS prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “high/low.” Use one, use both, bonus points for starting and finishing with one or both. Have fun!

So, here’s my off-the-cuff poem for today! Y’all can’t keep me down!!!

High flying thoughts and wild ideas
Refusing to listen to anyone’s fears
No worries that I’ll crash and burn
From any mistake, I shall learn
Belief in me, that’s what’s inside
The crest of hope, that’s what I ride
And anywhere that I shall go
I’ll not let anyone make me feel low

Ritu 2017

#SoCS July 29/17 – Limb

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “limb.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Funny, this should be the prompt that Linda decided on for this week!

The other day, Lil Man, being cricket obsessed, has been begging anyone to go and play int he garden with him, to practice his batting and bowling skills.

Being rather tired still, I have avoided it at all costs (that and the fact I am NOT SPORTY AT ALL!) but this time, after a whole day of him whining, I decided to help him out, nice mummy that I am!

So there I was, at the wicket, wielding my bat, and I did pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Despite having a bat at least six inches too short, he didn’t get me out… but I did manage to sustain a few hits to my limbs! (See, got it in there!) My thigh, one knee and the other shin got whacked by stray balls.

Still, standing strong, I managed to stay in, until we had to run in from rogue showers!

The next day, after a particularly successful trip to the hairdressers with Lil Princess, she wanted braids, I decided I needed to embark upon some epic hair removal. The kids are threatening to cause havoc if I don’t take them swimming, so I had to get prepared.

Got me a new bikini waxing set, and then set about epilating the nether regions, as well as my lower limbs, when I noticed a bruise on my shin.

Lovely! That’ll look great at the party we are attending tonight! At least the sari will cover it! And there’s no hair!



#SoCS July 22/17 – Sealing/Ceiling

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sealing/ceiling.” Use one, use both, have fun!

Have you ever decorated before?

I am not one for volunteering for this kind of thing.

Ask me to choose decor and furniture, decide on the palette for a room fine! But painting or wallpapering?

Tedious, messy and smelly!

Still, last year we made the decision to get the kids into their own rooms, and as we were going to be changing things around pretty majorly, decided that the rooms needed a lick of paint.

I was all for calling the decorators in, we know a lovely guy who is a dab hand at getting a quick, neat coat of paint on a wall! But, there were other ideas in place…

Next thing you know, my sister-in-law, who loves decorating, volunteered a few days to get the paint on the walls and ceilings… and before you know it, we, as in my sister-in-law,  Hubby Dearest, and I, were to be officially decorators for the week!

How did that happen?

All I know is that it took us about 4 days of hard graft, aching backs and necks, along with splodges of paint streaking my hair to get things done… painting ceilings are definitely not my forte!

And don’t make me tell you about the skirting board mess ups and door frame palavers! I accidentally shut a door still wet and opened it just in the nick of time, before sealing myself permanently into a paint fume-filled room!

Still, it got done. I can tick that off my list.

I have told Hubby Dearest that next time he has a bright idea to do things home things himself, not to include me unless he has asked! And to be on the safe side… he is to remember, we do have the number for that nice man….

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