#SoCS Sept. 11, 2021 – Where – 9/11

Today’s SoCS prompt from Linda:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “where.” Use it any way you’d like!

It’s inevitable, today, isn’t it, to think back to that day, twenty years ago?

A day that is burned into the memory of all those who were around at that time.

I just sepnt time telling my thirteen year old daughter about it all.

Where was I?

I remember being unwell, and had called in sick at the bank I was working in, at the time.

Laying in bed feeling sorry for myself, I was dozing, when Pops rushed into my room. “Quick! Switch on your TV to the news!”

As the screen turned on, all I saw were repeated video clips of an airplane flying into a building. Reading the scrolling headlines at the bottom, I came to know that something had happened in New York. One of the Twin Towers had been hit.

Was it an accident? Or…?

As the speculation spread, we were watching, live, as the second plane struck.

Horrified, we didn’t konw what to think.

Then I remembered that one of my friends had been visiting New York, and was planning on going up to the roof of the Towers. In fact she had been the day bofore and mere hours before the attack, had posted photos of herself and her friends, up there.

Was she okay? Was everyone okay?

The news continued to get worse, with the Pentagon attack, and a fourth plane crashed, after brave passengers fought the hijackers. That one was believed to have been headed for the White House.

Panic spread across the world, not just the US.

The began to mention Canary Wharf in the UK, in London. That’s where Hubby Dearest worked at that time. We were counting down the two months until our wedding, at that time.

I was frantically calling him, to make sure he was okay.

There were reports of suicide bombers in the area, but they were unfounded.

Thankfully, he was safe.

Unlike so many others in the US. Almost three thousand lives lost.

Terrorism is a horrible thing. It achieves nothing for the masses, just breeds fear and hatred, instead.

I wish we could say that the world learned from this awful incident, but sadly, it hasn’t.

We are still surrounded by situations, across the world, where terrorists reign, in some areas. People are living in fear of their lives.

Sitting here, remembering everything, my stomach still churns at the memories…

That’s where I was, twenty years ago…

#SoCS August 10/19 – Where

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “where.” Start your post with the word “where” and write whatever comes to you. Bonus points if you end your post with “where” too. Enjoy!

Where do you think I am, right now?

Actually, if you are a regular reader, you might just remember me mentioning it in my Chai catch up on Monday. (Don’t cheat and find the post – I’m just about to tell you…)

I am in Birmingham for the weekend. (As in the real Birmingham, not the one named after our original Brum in 1871!)

Birmingham is my home town. It’s where I was born. And when I die, there will be a plaque, somewhere here saying “Birthplace of famous writer, Ritu Bhathal (nee Padhaal)”


I can dream, can’t I?

Where was I?

Oh yes, I’m back home, spending a couple of nights with my Pops, kids in tow, before he ventures out to Finland, to join my mum, and his wife, who has been gallivanting helping to look after the grandchildren out there.

No matter where I live, I have to say, Birmingham will always be home to me.

A place
Where I fit
A place where I
Feel comfortable
Always an open door
Where all is familiar
No matter what the address is
You see, my true home will always be
The place where I find my Pops and my Mum

Ritu 2019

Yes, my marital home is home too. But it’s a different kind of home and comfort. Another home filled with love.

But my childhood home was filled with so many precious memories, that if you want me to be honest about where I call my home… thats’s where

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