April Showers, Undeliveries, Puffy Eyes And The Final Call To Vote!

It’s April 30th.

The last day of the month.

And, true to form, the April showers are not just dampening the surroundings, but truly wetting the area. The rain is hammering at the window, and the wind adds its little gusts too.

At least the lawn looks lovely and green after such a long drink!

I’m not in the mood for school.

I was rather grumpy yesterday. We had an issue with our fridge freezer and on Friday, Hubby Dearest ordered a shiny new one, ready to be delivered on Sunday.

I spent all Saturday cleaning it out, re-homing the goods in the extra fridge freezer we have in the summer house, and my mother in laws one.

Behind the unit was DISGUSTING!

Honestly, how many of you pull your fridge freezer out to clean behind it regularly?

And as it backs onto an outside wall that is quite thin, coupled with a leak from the fridge, it was damp and yucky!

Well, anyway, it was all clean, ready for the delivery on Sunday, and then they couldn’t get the dang thing into the house!

It was just a fraction too big to pass through the kitchen door! There was an alternative way to get inside, but as we have a car that is not working, (which Hubby Dearest is determined to fix and sell on) it was blocking the side entrance!

It’s stuck in gear, so you can’t just take the hand break off and roll it, plus the battery is totally flat!

After the delivery guys left, we managed to contact a garage who came and moved the car, but the delivery couldn’t take place the same day…

So I have NO fridge in the house at the moment, meaning morning breakfasts require a traipse to the other side of the garden, in the lashing rain, to get milk, eggs etc!

See. Not a happy bunny.

Added to this, my eyes are REALLY itchy and swollen.


This stupid thing called hay fever which I am blessed with! And I have been taking my tablets religiously too. Not good.

So, in order to restore the smile on my face, I am putting out a last day call for you to get over to Sacha’s blog and place your votes for the 2018 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards!

There are nine awards, and it is really simple. Just click on your chosen blog, and press vote! No registration required!

Doing that nine times takes no time at all!

And if you are in the mood to make me even happier, you could consider me for the Best Overall Blogger Award! I have been nominated, alongside a great amount of fantastic blogs. Do check it out!


Click here to vote now! It all closes at midnight BST tonight!!!!

The Bloggers Bash Awards – Last Chance To Vote @BloggersBash #BloggersBash #VoteNow

Less than 36 Hours left to vote!!!!! Get Clicking if you haven’t already!!! Share the link!

Shameless push for votes!


via The Bloggers Bash Awards – Last Chance To Vote

The Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards, In Verse! #BloggersBash

#BloggersBash #London #bloggers #blogs

Have you heard about the blogger’s bash,
Known fondly as the ABBA?
A chance to meet the Blogily
It’s frankly all quite fabba!

Not only can you mingle
And put faces to names
But also you take part
In the ABBA annual games!

By games I mean awards
Where votes will have been cast
And winners will be being announced
First, second, third… not last!

A chance to hear some speakers
Experts giving forth advice
And a panel discussion
We must, of course, be nice!

We’ll raise a glass to each other
Give thanks for all the support
And rush off to practice
All the lessons we’ve been taught!

So what are you waiting for?
Go, book your ticket quick!
And place your votes quite sharpish
The winners may be your pick!

Ritu 2017

See you on the 10th Peeps!!!!

Sod’s Law (And A Last Minute Vote Appeal!)

It’s the last day of term.

Every teacher out there is tired.

7 weeks is a long stretch for anyone, kids and adults alike.

And I have to go and wake up with a cold.


The last day.


I struggled into school, after dropping Lil Man off to his grandparents, and spent the whole day with a tissue box next to me.

It’s no fun trying to keep up with a whole bunch of 3-4 year olds, when all you want to do is give your nose a good blow! I felt like stuffing tissue up my nostrils…it’s not like I could breathe anyway!

Bu the absolute worst part? I am so considerate that I have left it until the last day to feel rotten, so I get to spend a week, which should be my break, feeling sorry for myself, and watching my nose get redder than Rudolph’s!

Hopefully, a couple of days in bed, doing not much, will help. I need to be better for Tuesday when the kids and I are planning to visit my Pops and Mum for a few days. I NEED that break too!

Why does this illness not strike mid-term? Actually, scratch that. Even if it did, I would feel too guilty to take days off! Many a time has passed where I have a migraine coming, or feel under the weather, but knowing I will leave my class understaffed, and not wanting to let anyone down, I drag myself in… inevitably using my own weekends to recuperate.

I’m not the only one. Many teachers feel the same. But what can you do?

Excuse me while I slather myself in Vicks, and replenish my dwindling tissue supply…

(feeling ever so sorry for myself right now!)

And while I am whining on… Can you see it in your hearts, to help a struggling, cold ridden teacher, who finally got her half term, but still needs to be on call as mummy, and wife too…? And click here to vote for the cover of my book, Poetic RITUals?


I need way over 100 votes… people really love those Zombie Dogs!!!! Let’s be honest, I won’t beat em, but no one can say I didn’t give it a heck of a try!

Love you long time, Peeps!


Last Shameless Vote Appeal Post! #bloggersbash

I know I have been bugging you for the last few weeks, and during the last few days, much more than normal!

But today at 12 PM, UK time, the voting for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards closes.

If you haven’t had a chance, I urge you to click here and vote for the ten award categories. It’s quick and painless, unless you like most of the blogs, (like me!) in which case you may have needed days to deliberate!

And when you get to the last award… If you want… You might want to consider me… A proverbial blogging baby in comparison to some of the amazing blogs I’m up against!

 HERE, ok?! 😉
2 sleeps to go!!!! I’m like a child counting down to Christmas!!!!! I can’t explain my excitement at meeting many of  my fellow bloggers!!!

 But the icing on the cake will be finally meeting my core Blogily ! ❤️


You know who you are! 😘

My interactive peeps!

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