One-Liner Wednesday – Sneezing Season

“How does hay fever season come round so fast?”

Ritu Bhathal

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April Showers, Undeliveries, Puffy Eyes And The Final Call To Vote!

It’s April 30th.

The last day of the month.

And, true to form, the April showers are not just dampening the surroundings, but truly wetting the area. The rain is hammering at the window, and the wind adds its little gusts too.

At least the lawn looks lovely and green after such a long drink!

I’m not in the mood for school.

I was rather grumpy yesterday. We had an issue with our fridge freezer and on Friday, Hubby Dearest ordered a shiny new one, ready to be delivered on Sunday.

I spent all Saturday cleaning it out, re-homing the goods in the extra fridge freezer we have in the summer house, and my mother in laws one.

Behind the unit was DISGUSTING!

Honestly, how many of you pull your fridge freezer out to clean behind it regularly?

And as it backs onto an outside wall that is quite thin, coupled with a leak from the fridge, it was damp and yucky!

Well, anyway, it was all clean, ready for the delivery on Sunday, and then they couldn’t get the dang thing into the house!

It was just a fraction too big to pass through the kitchen door! There was an alternative way to get inside, but as we have a car that is not working, (which Hubby Dearest is determined to fix and sell on) it was blocking the side entrance!

It’s stuck in gear, so you can’t just take the hand break off and roll it, plus the battery is totally flat!

After the delivery guys left, we managed to contact a garage who came and moved the car, but the delivery couldn’t take place the same day…

So I have NO fridge in the house at the moment, meaning morning breakfasts require a traipse to the other side of the garden, in the lashing rain, to get milk, eggs etc!

See. Not a happy bunny.

Added to this, my eyes are REALLY itchy and swollen.


This stupid thing called hay fever which I am blessed with! And I have been taking my tablets religiously too. Not good.

So, in order to restore the smile on my face, I am putting out a last day call for you to get over to Sacha’s blog and place your votes for the 2018 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards!

There are nine awards, and it is really simple. Just click on your chosen blog, and press vote! No registration required!

Doing that nine times takes no time at all!

And if you are in the mood to make me even happier, you could consider me for the Best Overall Blogger Award! I have been nominated, alongside a great amount of fantastic blogs. Do check it out!


Click here to vote now! It all closes at midnight BST tonight!!!!



That time of year again…

Oh I love Spring!

The flowers n things!

The grass that is green!

Blossom on trees!

And then I recall,

That I DONT love it all!

Cos they make me sneeze!

And sometimes wheeze!

My nose always twitchy,

My eyes feeling itchy…

The blossom on trees…

The grass that is green…

The flowers n things…

God, I HATE Spring!

Ritu 2015

Seriously Peeps, I try so hard, to love the spring and summer… And from a (closed) window, or picture I DO love it, but that dreaded thing called pollen is flying about, and so I can’t step outside, especially on a bright day, with out sneezing and itching eyes! Oh and if someone is mowing the lawn, God help me!

When I was growing up, my mum suffered dreadfully from hayfever, and I felt awful for her, really I did, as I frolicked about in out large, green plant filled garden! She would use the now not prescribed Triludan, and even had to have steroid jabs to alleviate the symptoms…


Disaster struck!

When I was 15, about to take the first most important set of exams in my life, my GCSE’s, my eyes flared up.. I don’t just mean your average itch… But red raw, feels like the lining of my eye was burning itching.., then the sneezing started… 

No No NO!!!

It couldn’t be!

I hadn’t ever felt this before, but it appeared the HAYFEVER had struck me! Little did I know at that tender age, than allergies can develop at any time in your life… Oh did I moan at my fate… You bet I didn’t! Why did I get it? Why not my brother? Not fair!!!!

And so started a yearly cycle which has been running since  for nearly 25 years! I am so lucky, I seem to be one of the people who is allergic to certain pollens that start appearing end of March… And then it won’t stop until September! Not just a specific pollen that is around for a few weeks… No, nearly HALF THE YEAR I am in the strongest Antihistamine Tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops, to make me appear half normal… Oh and don’t forget the inhaler, as it gives me asthma too!

Believe me, it is NOT an attractive sight if I forget to take them in the middle of summer, when my eyes sometimes lack the white of the eyeball, as it’s all red! Oh, and don’t forget the matching accessory, a lovely red nose from all the blowing because of the sneezing!

I’ve tried all sorts of things, from the special nose balms to catch pollen, Vaseline on my eye lashes for the same reason (though when I still wore glasses, that wasn’t great, as I would have greasy smudges on my lenses, where my eyelashes touched them!) and during my two pregnancies I couldn’t use half of the stuff! I was lucky, I found a herbal alternative, safe during pregnancy, and I seemed to have mild years those year, thankfully.

This year my Mother In Law told me to smear a dab of Mustard Oil in my nostrils.. Pleasant! Not! But hey, if it works, I shan’t complain!

And poor Lil Man, he sneezes, and gets the itchy eyes… And Lil Princess, the sneezes, and asthma from it. Poor munchkins! So they have the meds too, on a smaller scale. I do hope they grow out of it, rather than into it, like me!

I take these things so I CAN step out into the world, and enjoy life… But it’s a great excuse for not doing the gardening!!!! See… I find positives in EVERYTHING!

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

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