It is that time of year again! I have mentioned the ABBA’s a few times recently, but the biggie posts will start rolling now…

Today the committee have been busy and I know that alongside SachaHis Geoffleship, Huggable Hugh , a great story crafter, Adam Dixon , who I met for the first time at the last bash, fantastic author Helen Jones, and the delightful Shelley Wilson, who is responsible for turning me to YA fiction, have all been posting about this year’s awards categories!

Time for you all to get your thinking caps on! The nominations will be open soon enough! Visit the link to read up on the various categories!











Via The Bloggers Bash Awards Are Back!!



Bloggers Bash Venue Announcement

Beyond excited!

Source: Bloggers Bash Venue Announcement

Boost Your Following with the Bloggers Bash Twitter Chat!

Join the Bloggers Bash Peeps 7-8pm tonight for a Twitter chat!

Bloggers Bash 2018 – The Committee & Date

OMG! I am so excited, I may just pee myself! Next Year’s bash has been announced!!!!!!!! And it’s EARLIER in the year so there is even less time to wait!

Make sure you check the post below to sign up to the newsletter, so you can be FIRST in the queue for the tickets. Come one, you know you wanna go!!!

Come one, you know you wanna go!!!

Source: Bloggers Bash 2018 – The Committee & Date

What a WINNER Of A Day! #BloggersBash2017 #ThrowbackThursday

Well, as you all know, it was the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards today.

What an amazing day!!!!!!

The start for me was trying to carry two bulging bags of cakes to the venue, via train and tube! You’d think that would be a conversation starter, wouldn’t you?


I got a comment from one of the employees at the tube station when he clocked them, and then as I was sat on the Tube, the man opposite looked at the contents of the bag, and gave me a smile… no mate, you ain’t getting none! These are for my Blogily!


I arrived, in typical Ritu fashion, an hour early, and settled in the lobby of the venue, ready to catch up on blog posts and comments, when I heard a squeal as the committee arrlved…  Sacha  , His Geoffleship , Ali  and Huggable Hugh! 

And so the day began!

The function room, and cake station!


Over the day there were incredibly informative presentations from Suzie about how to monetize your blog and from Elena about how to harness and use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog… I feel educated now!!! (Scrambles to find pinnable images for use on Canva!)



And there was a great panel discussion with  SuzieElena and Christoph, where questions were fired at them (worry not, no one got hurt!) and plenty of informative answers were thrown back at us! It provided an opportunity for those of us in the audience to participate in discussions too, including “Lucy Mitchell – BlondeWriteMore“!


Then there was ample time in between the official slots, for mingling and chatting, which inevitably ran over the allotted time, because, did you know, bloggers talk as much as they write!!!


And then there was the all important presenting of awards! Four were announced earlier in the proceedings, and then five at the end…


Much hilarity ensued as His Geoffleship attempted to be a mic stand for Huggable Hugh! 


Presentations were made by all the committee and previous winners, Suzie, Lucy and Shelley, and last minute guest committee member Allie Potts!

And my category came up.

Best Overall Blog.

Runner up –Sue Vincent -Someone I look up to in awe!

2nd Place – Chris Graham – Again one of my blogging idols!

My heart was pounding. If a microphone had been held up close to my chest there would have been no need for a drum roll! I was shaking with nerves…

And then the unbelievable happened….

Sacha only went and said But I Smile Anyway!!!!

Seriously?! I had won!!??!!


I was almost speechless… almost. I said a few short words before I was convinced to sing a quick line from We Are Blogily! (Doesn’t take much to get me singing… who said bloggers were introverts!)

But seriously, WOW!!!!

I am gobsmacked…

Congratulations to all the bloggers who were either Runner Up, 2nd Place or Winners in their respective categories. See a full list of the Winners by clicking here!


We ended the day with a couple of hours of mingling in the hotel bar – where, interestingly enough, the Bar Manager was unaware what a wine spritzer was?! Here was me, the minimal alcohol drinker, educating a Bar Manager on how to make a drink?


I did take my selfie stick, but never got to use it…I look forward to Sacha’s posting of the big group shot!!

I didn’t get photos with everyone, was so happy to meet so many names I was familiar with via the Blogosphere!!! Shout out to Willow, Graeme, Marje, Sheila, Noelle, Sherrie, Helen, Mary, Eloise, Jools, Steve, Ellen, Lance, Sally, Icy, Matt, Susie, Adam, Ruth and Jo. If I missed anyone who I spoke to, I apologise, but it was great to meet you too!!!!!

Thank you all so much for voting.

I wouldn’t have received this accolade if it wasn’t for you all pressing that Vote button!

I had the most amazing day meeting old friends, consolidating friendships, and meeting new friends. The award was just the icing on the cake!

I hope you enjoyed my recount of a most amazing day!

Put the date in your diary for next year too Peeps!

9th June 2018 is going to be the Annual Bloggers Bash 2018!

And another important bit of news from the committee… they are looking to grow… so if you want to help arrange the event next year… you are prepared to not be nominated or to vote… you can deal with a monthly Google Hangouts call with your fellow committee members… you can offer support in organisation, admin, fund-raising, budgeting, promotion, marketing, fresh ideas etc. Contact Sacha!!!!!!



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