#SoCS June 15/19

Linda’s #SoCS Prompt for this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is β€œsocial.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Well, this is just an ideal prompt for me today!

As you read this, or maybe a little after you do, I shall be being very social

It is the Annual Bloggers Bash today and, as every year, I am so excited to be able to meet all the wonderful bloggers and writers that I have befriended over the internet.

Yes, there are awards too, but that is not the biggest thing for me. What means the most, is that I get to talk to like minded individuals; share jokes, advice, and cake!

So, forgive me if this is brief, but for a change I am being social in reality not on Social Media!

The Bloggers Bash Awards – Last Chance To Vote @BloggersBash #BloggersBash #VoteNow

Less than 36 Hours left to vote!!!!! Get Clicking if you haven’t already!!! Share the link!

Shameless push for votes!


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Oops! I Let It Slip! #icandothis

No, not a big secret!

My weight.

After a real battle a couple of years ago, I managed to lose weight so well, using the Slimming World approach. I even posted weekly about how I was doing, and for a good 6-8 months after reaching my target weight I ‘maintained’ that weight, give or take a pound or two here or there.

Then I started to lapse… Work was stressful, home was full of craziness. And when I stress, I turn to food (I do wish I was a person who lost their appetite … it never happens!)

So there was still good, healthy eating happening… but in addition, the sweet and savoury snacks seemed to creep into my daily diet, rather a lot.


And then the Easter holidays are always a sticking point for me… all those Chocolate eggs! I was good, I didn’t overbuy them. So the temptation was not there. (Well, there were a few, but they were the kids, though I may have helped them finish the eggs…)

We went away and ate LOADS of stuff. I didn’t worry, because it was enjoyment time. And I got out of the weighing myself regularly habit too.

I mentioned to Hubby Dearest, who enjoys eating out and takeaways a bit too much, the night before that I was going to have to get back to eating better soon…

Then, this morning I did that scale thing… and wished I hadn’t!

I had crept over the 10 stone mark. So I was around half a stone over where I really wanted to be! Eeek!


Then Hubby Dearest requested that I get a Macdonalds breakfast for him, and anyone else who wants it, on my way back from grocery shopping…! No!!!!! I refused to go, initially – I mean, the laziness!

But you know what… I caved. (I’m a big softie, you know!) Lil Man ordered pancakes and Hubby Dearest wanted his sausage and Egg McMuffin.

I got them and managed to stay on my healthy eating saddle… Got home and served them their naughty brekkies, and I had this.

I can do it… honestly!

And my aim is, with 4 weeks until the Annual Bloggers Bash, to get to as close to 9 1/2 stone as I can!

Though with the baking I like to do for the Bash, I’m not sure how I’ll do!!!

Talking about the bash… did you vote for the ABBA awards yet?

Did you know I’ve been nominated for Best Overall Blogger?


If you haven’t voted already, check it out here!

There are nine awards to vote for, and each and every blogger on that list appreciates the time you take out to vote… (and it’s only a short while, no registrations required, just scroll down, select your favourite blog, and click vote! )


Unless you were hiding under a moss-covered boulder in the Blogisphere the last few months, you will be aware of the rather prestigious Annual Bloggers Bash Awards, that will be being held in less than six weeks! And the votes are now open for you to decide your favourite bloggers from nine categories…

You need to check this out… in just under 4 days, the votes received so far are 6,300… last year the total votes received were 6,500!

Have you voted yet?

Please do. It’s pretty simple, you just scroll down, choose the blog you feel is most deserving of that award, then press vote. No emails or registering needed.

But you can only vote once for each award.

It’s easy to vote… but not easy to choose… each of the nine categories has amazing blogs to peruse and decide from!

And in case you didn’t know, ahem, I was also nominated for Best Overall Blogger… If you feel inclined, my little blog would very much appreciate a little love in the form of a vote!

Click here to be directed to the voting post, and click below to check out the worldly wise words of my baking nemesis His Geoffleship!



Voting is Now OPEN for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards @BloggersBash – SACHA BLACK

The Bash is back!

Well, you all know that! But the voting is now officially open! And there are so many amazing blogs out there waiting for your votes!

There are nine awards and the process is very simple. a simple select then click vote on each nine awards, and that’s it. You’re done!

The hard bit is deciding which blog to choose though.

Please go ahead and vote. It means loads to everyone involved, the bloggers nominated, and the committee who have mixed their blood, sweat and tears into all the organisation for this fantastic event!

Oh, and if you are inclined to do so, my little blog has been nominated for Best Overall Blogger.

Best-Overall-Badge 2018

I’d sure appreciate a vote! Remember… But I Smile Anyway!

Head over to Sacha’s post, below, to vote!

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