Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 250 – Tis The Season To Be Sneezing


“Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.”

David Henry Thoreaux

“Say what, Spidey?” I hear you all cry, but, you know what? He’s right with this one he’s found today!

Seriously, as I sit here today, typing away, with the first sniffles of the season (for me, anyway), I get it.

No one wants to be ill. No one wants to feel incapacitated in any way, least of all at Christmas, when there is so much to do, at work as well as home. Colds and flu? They can do one.

But they won’t.

When they decide to come visiting, you have to make a decision. To battle through it, and possibly infect a whole host of other people, or to sit back and allow your body to take over.

Because, a lot of the time, you get a cold because you are run down. Sure, getting caught in that downpour may not help, or going out, not wrapped up properly, can make a situation worse, but I do believe that getting a cold os really your body’s way of saying “STOP! You need to rest and refuel!”

I really should take my own advice. Yesterday, I awoke to the sniffles, but had a busy day planned, takinbg Lil Princess to visit some friends, and the idea was that they chilled out whilst I found a comfy sofa in a coffee shop, and read or wrotte, peacefully.

Nope. That didn’t happen. We still had to go, but Lil Man was with me, so I ended up dropping her off, then traipsing around a few sports shops with him after a meal together, (mother/son date – don’t have as many of those as I’d like!), before my knees said “Sit down!” and my head willed Lil Princess to want to go home.

We managed a couple of hours, where I did convince him to go and sit with me in a Costa Coffee shop for a short while, then once home, I slipped into bed with a good book, and did what I should have been doing all day – Read and snoozed!

Today, I hope to feel a bit better – got a hair appointment – but the rest of the day will be more resting up, and relaxing, ready for the last week of term! I only have to last 3 days, then officially we break up… I can do it.

Just need to shake this stupid cold! (And try and ignore Hubby Dearest who seems to have contracted Man Flu AGAIN! I just think he’s jealous that I really need the tissue box this time!)

So… tell me, what do you do to get rid of colds?

I Iz Sik


Feeling sorry for myself,
Tucked up in bed all day
I succumbed to the sick bug
I’m not feeling okay
Drained, I have no energy
My battery is flat
But I’ve been looked after,
Nursed by my cat!
One more day I’ll stay in bed
Nibbling on toast
Using time productively
And scheduling some posts!

Ritu 2017

Sod’s Law!

Oh Weekend! 

Where did you go? I can’t believe it’s Monday already!

This weekend went swimmingly, with a lot of driving, but a lot of baby cuddles from my Lil Babe, my Finndian nephew! He is so gorgeous, I wish I could post a pic, but it’s something I just don’t do on here!

We had a prayers for him too, and lots of fun, but wanting to spend every minute with him, that I could meant waking at 6am on Saturday and Sunday too, so by the time I got home, I was shattered!

Last night an early night meant I was in bed at 8pm, and gently drifting off. By 10pm I was knocked out, and this meant a good 8 hours solid sleep, as my alarm was due to go off at 6am ready for school…
So why was something beeping at me at 5am??!!

After locating the offending item, I turned off my old phone, which Lil Princess had kindly turned on yesterday, to play on, and not switched off! It had an alarm on it that hasn’t been disabled!

So much for a solid 8 hours! I also had my middle of the night visitor, Lil Princess, join me at some ungodly hour, but as Hubby Dearest is away for a couple of nights, I didn’t notice too much, that an additionalbody was in bed with me!

And, (dear God!) I’ve woken up with the cold, again! This is truly not fair! I have a week left until half term, and wanted to at least be healthy until it was over!

Today I HAVE to go in… My colleague is not around, and I can’t large my team one down. Maybe I’ll perk up,once I am with those lovely children(😁) but then again, maybe not…

Here’s hoping today goes smoothly, with not too many hitches, and that this cold does one too!

Have a lovely Monday Peeps!


My interactive peeps!

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