Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 261 – Lurgy


“For a while, she considered being ill, but she changed her mind…”

Tove Jansson

Interesting quote there, Spidey. Have you, perchance, spotted the pile of tissues in the bin, and the cold and flu medicines stacked by my bedside?


For the first time, in a long while, the lurgy has caught up with me.

I consider myself pretty lucky. I have been in the Early Years setting for a good few years now, and if nothing else, it has been great for building my immune system!

Little kids are notorious for spreading germs.

My class at the end of last half term was proof, with the class depleted by nearly a third, as various bugs spread through Reception class, like wildfire.

I thought that a week away would be a good thing. It would give the children time to rest and recuperate, so they arrived back in class, fit and healthy.

Instead, we had a few still off, having not fully recovered.

Then, after our wonderful weekend away in London last week, I came back home from work on Tuesday to Hubby Dearest, sitting there worried sick. Apparently two or three businesses in Canary Wharf (where we stayed) had sent employees home because someone there may have contracted the Coronavirus after travelling…

Do we worry? How much should we be concerned? We were in the centre of London for three days.

And on Thursday, I awoke to a horrible sore throat, which developed the addition of a constantly dripping nose…


The lurgy.

But I can’t be off sick. There is too much to do at school!

And we had our class photos on the Friday.

And, I had to be better for yesterday, as we had a planned trip to London (again) to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of my dearest cousin sister in laws.

So I decided – mindset change. I will beat this lurgy.

I got up, dosed myself up for two days, and drank plenty of fluids. Stayed out of the cold, wrapped up warm when I did go out.

And woke on Saturday, not cured, but better.

My voice is rather deep and gravelly at the moment, due to the sore throat, but other than that, I am fine. Functioning normally, and I haven’t had to use a tissue for my nose for over 24 hours result!


You can battle through these things!

So… tell me, how do you deal with being ill?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Sue’s Songs For The Seasonally Challenged – We Feel Ill…

Sue Vincent, over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo blog is feeling ill… She has been rewriting traditional Christmas songs with her own very special lyrics, and yesterday’s offering was a verse to be sung to the tune of We Three Kings.

It resonated.


Because after not feeling too unwell so far this month, two kind children came in yesterday with the coughs and colds from Hell!!


And I sat in bed last night, unable to sleep as my chest congested, and today, well, my nose has been dripping like a tap that needs a washer changed!

To top it off, it was also Christmas Jumper Day for the Save the Children charity. Mine happened to have Rudolph on it, and by the end of the day, I had the red nose to match!

Anyway, back to Sue and her great words… well, yesterday, I just had to sing them as I read them, and I mentioned to Sue that I crooned away… and threatened to record the song… and she welcomed the idea (crazy woman!) so, bunged-up, and sore-throated, I sang…

And here is the result! Click the link below to hear me making a fool of myself!


And the words, if you want to join in!

Dog and mistress suffering are,
Fever-ridden, stuffed with catarrh…
Snuffling, sneezing,
Coughing, wheezing,
Feeling quite under par…
Got the lurgy, don’t feel great…
Christmas chores are running late,
Early closing?
Should be dozing!
Think that we should hibernate…
Dog’s complaining ‘cause I won’t go
Out for walks in frost, fog and snow,
She is seething,
I’m not breathing…
So much for ‘ho, ho, ho’.
In the shed the tree’s still in store,
Baubles, tinsel, angels galore,
They can stay there,
I just don’t care!
Feeling too stiff and sore…
Haven’t baked a cake or mince pie,
I should make the effort and try,
Guests arriving,
Feel I’m skiving,
Think I’ll curl up and cry…
No gifts wrapped for Santa Claus’ sleigh,
Christmas cheer? Not much here today,
Nose is glowing
And it’s snowing…
… I need a holiday…
Got the lurgy, don’t feel great…
Christmas chores are running late,
Early closing?
Should be dozing!
Think that we should hibernate…

Sue Vincent

I Iz Sik


Feeling sorry for myself,
Tucked up in bed all day
I succumbed to the sick bug
I’m not feeling okay
Drained, I have no energy
My battery is flat
But I’ve been looked after,
Nursed by my cat!
One more day I’ll stay in bed
Nibbling on toast
Using time productively
And scheduling some posts!

Ritu 2017

That Time Of Year Again

It’s October…

The temperatures are still rather erratic here, we get seasonal showers, that feel monsoon-like with the warmth, then the temperature drops all of a sudden, and you feel the arctic breeze, followed by blazing sunshine.

One of the biggest problems is that you really don’t know what to wear. I end up with half my wardrobe in my car, lightweight cardigans and chunky knits, and rain coats, with a thick coat and woolly hat, just in case!

But that still won’t help.

The other big issue is health.

These colds and viruses are going to attack, no matter what.

It always starts with the kids. That Lil Princess is a cold magnet! And when she is unwell, the world knows about it!

So the weekend started with her getting soaked at football training, and a small sniffle becoming a larger one. The cough followed shortly after, then the temperature.

Sunday, she was determined to be well… the dog was still around and she didn’t want to miss out.

Sunday night the coughing started in the night from both junior bedrooms, and Lil Man awoke on Monday with the same cough, and temperature.

But both wanted to go to school. So we dosed them up on Calpol and sent them on their ways.

I popped into the pharmacy on the way home, to stock up on cough and cold remedies, and was sure my mother in law would have tried her Indian remedies on the kids too. and I hoped to get my flu vaccination. It is another important thing for me to get, as I work with little germ machines in nursery!

But the registered pharmacist was not in so the vaccination had to wait…



All stocked up!

I got to my in-laws house to find two children wrapped up in blankets on the sofas, with various poultices around them to get them better, and a teary Lil Princess, and a red-nosed Lil Man.

After drugging the children up, I hoped for a slightly better night’s sleep, but it wasn’t to be. Lil Man woke at 3am with a headache and a temperature so high I could fry an egg on him!

So the meds came out again, and once I settled him in my bed, I went off to book appointments for his parents evening. What else would you do at 3.20am? I was wide awake so thought it would be good to be productive!

Lil Princess stayed home today, even though she’d had a good sleep, and I told my son to do the same, but he hopped out of bed and said he wanted to go to school. Really? Your mum just offered you a sick day at home, and you refused? Strange boy!

I was surprised that I still felt ok. But as the day wore on, I started to feel the sniffles…

After school, and a rather long staff meeting, I got my vaccination done (hence the sore arm). Lil Princess was still coughing but generally better. Lil Man was still not well, with his cough, cold and temperature. I hope he listens to me this time in the morning when I say it’s a good idea to stay at home!

But I am sat here with the sore arm, as mentioned above, and a sore throat… Nooooooo!!!!!!

At least I am prepared with plenty of medicines!



Teacher Downfalls

untitled illYou can tell kids are back to school, when the coughing and snuffling begins…

Especially those younger ones, picking up all sorts of bugs new to them, and kindly spreading them all to their classmates, and very often, to their teachers too!

One of my team are down already, with some sort of virus… and I fear my weekend will also be tainted with something too… I went to sleep with a lovely hacking cough, and have woken up with achey body too. How wonderful!

The aches, I am not sure if they are related to exhaustion, but on top of that, my knee is hurting too! About 18 months ago, thanks to my lovely Sonu Singh, I twisted it quite badly while exercising, and once in a while it plays up… obviously all the getting up and down with my lovelies is not helping.

So my weekend, which I thought would be a relaxing catch up on sleep one, will also need to include express getting better too!


This is the hard thing about teaching. You feel you can’t be ill, and even if you are, you soldier on. Yes there are supply teachers around – some good, and some not so – and if need be, you have to take time off, but for the most part, your average teacher will not take a day off, they will soldier on, conscious that there is so much to do. One day off means a whole chunk of learning and observation you missed. There is the worry of no guarantee of what the supply teacher will be like, and whether your planned work will be executed correctly, or not.

See, we hate to be ill, really, it’s so detrimental to our job, and to your children’s learning.

The flip side is that you end up working yourself even sicker, and then when those mythical holidays that all teachers get, arrive, you spend half of them getting better, and the other half planning for whatever is next on your plans!

So if your child’s teacher is ever ill, and not there, know it must be something pretty bad, and if they are unwell, give them some extra love, they are only dragging themselves in for your children!

Right, I am off to finally relax, after cleaning the house from top to bottom, feeding the kids, and catching up on my notifications!

Tomorrow morning I have some drop offs and pick ups for the kids, and some homework to help them with, then I can finally be a little unwell!

Enjoy your weekend all!

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