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Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku challenge:

Rough & Season

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The rough bark exposed
In this cold winter season
Branches pray for leaves

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Another Week In Nursery!

It’s been a while since I posted about my dear class.

Honestly, they are a wonderful bunch!

Trouble-free? I didn’t say that, but if that were the case, it would be boring!

Take today, for instance. We usually put a little activity out for the kids to ‘fiddle’ with, when they arrive. This morning I had stickle bricks out (remember them?) and when the children have created things, we always ask them to tell us what they made. Usually, they are just towers of blocks, and the child will tell you it’s a car/house/rocket/mummy. But their imagination and creativity is growing, and we are getting recognisable objects… sometimes…

Check out this wonderful piece…


It’s a Dog-Rocket, of course! What did you think it was?

And in other news, we have had a winter fuelled week, making ‘icicles’ and ‘snowmen’, and talking about the weather.

It’s a crying shame that these children are not old enough to have actually seen snow here in the UK, being only 3-4 years old. So I did a bit of research on good old Pinterest, and found out how to make realistic play snow, that was even cold to the touch, and mouldable too!

Bicarb of soda (Baking soda for you Americans!) and white hair conditioner. It worked a treat, but you needed a lot of Bicarb. So I found a second recipe using corn flour and shaving foam too.

The bicarb one really was cold, but there wasn’t a huge amount.


Still, the kids loved it! Though the cleaner probably cursed me, as there was powdery white stuff everywhere!!!!

And this inspired me to create a new display too!


Those are our ‘icicles’ hanging from the top, and I even wrote a poem!

Frost and icicles and snow!
Winter weather’s here you know!

A great big snowman we will build
Until our hands feel cold and chilled

Then we’ll come and warm our hands
We love winter with our friends!

Whether they appreciate it or not, I think it looks pretty! And the children always love to look for photos of themselves!


I was especially impressed with my Olaf! Who doesn’t love him? The best thing was when I originally put Olaf on the wall. There was nothing else to look at, but him. It intrigued the children, who were eager to see what all this was about. But the best scene was when I came inside from the playground to find four little girls like this…


They were ‘watching’Olaf like a film!!!!

Oh to be a child again, eh!

More from Nursery-Land another time!



It’s Been a Cold Week!

We’ve had some really frosty weather here this week, you know, temperatures hitting below freezing.


Pretty icy ferns inside my car!!

I have had to scrape ice off the windscreen at least twice!

Now I am firmly a ‘spray with de-icer and scrape’ kinda girl, but my sis in law usually splashes lukewarm water over hers and is good to go. Her father is a car salesman with his won garage, and he swears by it.

So, on the second day, I thought ‘why not try it, and filled a bottle with warn water, and got ready to pour and leave with speed.


And this happened. The frost lay on the ground ‘deep and crisp and even’, it was -3.5 degrees celsius, and my windscreen was a sheet of ice!


Because no one told me I needed to actually stick the wipers on while pouring!

Spent another 10 minutes dislodging ice instead of frost off the windscreen instead!

Women drivers eh!!!

Tis the Season to be Snotty, Fa la la la la la la la-a-a-a-chooo


You can tell its winter in our household…. well, you could tell it was the lead up to winter too!

I have been blessed with a Lil Princess who will pick up the slightest cold, cough or sniffle going, and then kindly pass it around, then when we think we’ve got rid of it, she catches it again!

Since October, I have been suffering a cold or cough, and today me and Lil Man are sporting seasonally Rudolph red noses… GREAT! I have over a week until our work Christmas evening out, wonder if I’ll shake it by then??!! Even Hubby Dearest was dosing up on the Beecham’s last night… no one’s safe!!!!!

And madam over here, of the germ spreading persuasion, is wheezing away with a bout of mild asthma thrown into the mix… Wonderful!!!

Oh well, here’s hoping any of you reading this have a healthy happy winter, and the Christmas holidays that are upon us soon, pass by with na’er a sneeze or tissue… (but I somehow doubt it!!!)

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