Three Ingredient Puffy Paint

You know me, I’m a teacher, and an Early Years teacher at that.

This means a lot of hands-on sensory activities to develop and stimulate young minds, and lots of chances for me to experiment with great arts and crafts ideas I find on the interweb!

This week, we tried out Puffy Paint!

Puffy Paint

Literally, three ingredients!

  • PVA/white/school glue
  • White shaving foam
  • Food colouring

And some containers and old lolly sticks to stir.

  1. All you need to do is pour some glue in a pot and add approximately the equal amount of shaving foam to it. I used around 2 tablespoons of glue then squirted the shaving foam in.
  2. Use the lolly stick to fold these two ingredients together, as if folding sugar into egg whites. You don’t want to lose the air in the foam.
  3. Once at the required consistency, add a few drops of food colouring, and mix again.

And there you have it!

I made up 8 pots, including a white one, and the kids loved it!

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You can use a brush to blob the paint on paper or card, then once completed, leave to dry, overnight preferably, to get a wonderfully textured finish that is soft and spongy to touch!

The children really enjoyed the different feel of the paint, and they were intrigued by my sample painting, with these foam-like areas that were soft to touch.

They are so excited to be able to take their works of art home after the weekend!


Now Lil Princess loves a good Arts n crafts project! She loves her some glitter and glue, paints and pom poms!
So when she made her Christmas card for 2014 at school, the idea stayed with her…


The other day she told me she wanted to do the same again at home but this time “Reindeer! I want to make reindeer!
Lovely dear, you go ahead…
She got on with it, left it to to dry, and I have just seen the end product…


Correct me if I am wrong, sorry to offend, if I do, but I don’t see reindeer…
More like a family of voodoo dolls!!!

Making Yarn Eggs!


The things we do!

I’ve seen these on the internet so many times and wanted to try them for ages. I’d bought all the materials required but they just sat in my giant arts and crafts collection…
Its been decided that we’re making  them with the children at school next week, so I thought I’d bust out my stuff at home n have a go.
So what do you need?
Some water balloons
PVA Glue
A bowl
Some tiny treats, foil wrapped preferably
Empty egg carton
Needle or pin

What to do?
First somehow, and its not easy, (which is who I say small treats!) insert 2/3 treats into the balloon.
Blow them up to just bigger than egg sized.
Tie the knot.
In a bowl pour some glue, and just a splash of water, and mix well.
I cut long lengths of wool, each enough to wrap around the balloons, and soaked in the glue mixture. The length required depends on how big your balloons are.
Tip – soak them a strand at a time to avoid them getting knotted and tangled and keep one end handy for when its time to start wrapping.
Next, the messy part!
Take the wool and somehow, squeezing excess glue off it, wrap the wool around your balloon in a beautifully haphazard manner. Be sure not to leave any gaps large enough for the treats to fall out!
Once wrapped, hide the end under another piece of wool and lay in the egg carton to dry, or on a drying rack. You might find excess glue dripping off the balloons, so lay paper underneath to catch any spillages.
Once they are all complete, leave to dry. Make sure the location is not too hot, your treats might melt!
(I found  they needed a good two days to dry, leaving the wool nests pretty sturdy.)
Take your pin and gently burst the balloon, and if need be use tweezers to fish the balloon remnants out.
And you should, should, be left with a cute egg shaped basket with sweets and treats inside!
An inspired gift idea or favours idea!


Here they are!

You can experiment with different strings or wools, and also sizes!
Happy Easter Crafting folks!

But I Smile Anyway...

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