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“Creativity comes in many forms.”

Ritu 2021

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge

Kick-Ass Kreators Create!

As you may, or may not, know, I set up an online accountability group on Facebook.

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The intention is to give a little motivation each day and have opportunities to share our ups and downs with each other.

A suggestion was made that we could do something like a collective creation within the group, and so Just One Line was born!

The first challenge went out on Friday, and here is the little story that came out of it!

An incessant tongue licking my cheek was what woke me from my slumber.

 I had already warned him a million times not to do that!

But dogs don’t always speak human, do they?

I guess I only had myself to blame for weakening and agreeing to look after my sister’s Saint Bernard’s.

I have to admit I was disappointed when they didn’t have that cute little liquor barrel around their necks.

But, to be honest, after the night I’d had, liquor was the last thing on my mind…

I had been up three times to see what the racket in the street was, and the dog had not even stirred!

But when the furious knocking on the back door started, at last, he was stirred to action.

As I padded down the stairs to investigate, the house suddenly became quiet; was I sleepwalking again?

What did I just step in on the stairs?

Was it my imagination, or was it a pool of blood?

A dark silhouette loomed at the front door.

I was rooted to the spot, what should I do, I hesitated my hand on the doorknob.

With the poker poised to strike, I twisted the knob, screwed my eyes tight and dropped the hand as hard as I could.

There on the floor lay my husband, looking stunned.

He wasn’t meant to be back till Tuesday.

At least he got a decent welcome from the dog, as I stood there, frozen in shock.

That’s when I poured my own liquor.

Darn flea-bitten mutt, I muttered under my breath, trying to control my anger.

From the floor, my husband produced a bottle, “To celebrate my early return, ” he muttered.

Well, that was fun!

If you want to be a part of it all, make sure you join, then you can add your own slants to the Just One Line story of the week!

Bunchems! #SundayBlogShare

Have you heard of Bunchems?

They are an arts and crafts toy, little hook and loop balls that connect together so you can Well, Lil Princess really wanted some and was rewarded with a set at Christmas, but it’s taken a while for her to get them out to play…

This was what she made.


And we even got a shout out from Bunchems on Instagram!


Love a bit of creativity!

My interactive peeps!

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