Playing With Food #fruitart – Lil Man’s Creations!

I guess my healthy eating may have rubbed off on at least one member of my family!

For the last few days, straight after lunch, Lil Man has been getting creative with fruit!


Remember when you were younger? When your parents would always tell you off for playing with your food? Well, this is one time, I think I don’t need to say anything.

Check out his creations! And he eats them all up after, along with extra as he is creating!


In fact, if this way of playing encourages kids to eat fruit, I say PLAY MORE!

I Instagrammed (maybe I am getting addicted to this Instagram…) with the hashtags #fruitart #healthykids and we even got the attention of Delmonte! Lil Man was rather chuffed!


He’s Fruit-mous!

Any other Fruity ideas Peeps?

Home Made Christmas Decorations Desi Style!

Here’s a Santa Claus made by Lil Man


And Baba Santa, by Lil Princess, Desi-style!!! (That means Indian -ified!)


It’s fantastic what you can do with an old toilet roll, red paint, card, glitter and cotton wool!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Christmas Displays

It’s been a busy week in nursery land, Christmas-ifying the classroom!
Here is the tree as decorated by the kids!


Here is our window advent calendar. The kids created the stained glass window pictures, and now they are uncovering them, one at a time.


Our hand print Christmas tree, decorated with salt dough decorations made by the kids!


Calendars made by the kids.


And finally, our Nativity frieze, made using collage!


No one can say we don’t have Christmas spirit here!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Firework Art

Seeing as it was Bonfire, or Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th November, I attempted some firework art with my dear nursery lovelies!


We used cardboard tubes, scissors, a spikey plastic ball, fluorescent paint, glitter and black paper!

First the children feather cut the ends of their cardboard tubes, and flattened them out to make a flower-like effect. Voila! They made their own stampers!

These stampers were pressed into some paint.


These were then used as stampers and they printed imaginary fireworks on a black ‘sky! To create another way to make marks, they rolled the plastic balls in the paint then either dropped them on the paper, or rolled them around on it to make other firework like marks!


This one was mine, that was created in front of the children as an example.

A little glitter at the end while the paint was still wet ensured a sparkly firework display picture!

If only I could show you photos of them actually doing it, I would, but alas I am not allowed! But they made wonderful paintings!

The Monsters in My Daughter’s Head


She drew me a picture of the monster she dreamed up, did Lil Princess…
Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind a visit from this particular monster… If he got particularly aggressive, I’d just eat him!

A ‘downut’ (donut/doughnut) head
A ‘clare’ (an eclair) body
‘Kit cat’ (KitKat) arms
‘Jaffa cake legs
‘Marsh mellow’ (marshmallow) feet…

It’s coming up to Halloween… I’d play a nasty trick on him, and give myself a tasty treat!!! Yum!!!

The only scary thing would be the lbs I may put on, def-eating the monster!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

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