Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 220


“If nephews and nieces were jewels, I would have the most beautiful gems ever. ” – Unknown

Thank you, Spidey. So apt for this weekend!

Of course if you have been reading my recent posts you would know that I have been impatiently waiting for this weekend, where I get to see my Finndian family again and finally need my Finndian nephew #2.

It has, so far been a wonderful weekend, and we have bonded so well. It’s been a pleasure to see them both interacting and getting to know their bigger cousins, and the pairing up of Lil Princess with nephew #1 is just so precious! Lil Man has been spending time with both of them, and using his uncle to do lots of cricket practice too (my brother plays for the Finnish national side!)

I have just been enjoying the giggles, smiles and cuddles of #2 and the hilarious comments of #1, who is a natural joker!

My heart feels so full of emotion right now, I am not sure how I will be feeling on Monday, when we have to drive back home.

Bittersweet, as I won’t want to say goodbye, not knowing when we will be able to see each other again, but coming home, and bringing with me so many new and wonderful memories. ❤

So… tell me, how do you feel, when meeting new little members of the family?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

I’m In Love All Over Again!


The day I have been waiting for, for, well, 7 months was finally here today!

I was able to meet, hold, cuddle, play with, and generally love my baby nephew, our Finnjabi baby!
Oh how I have longed for this day!

They were over from Finland for a few short days, on the sad business of my brother’s best friend’s funeral, and stayed on a few more days, and we wanted to meet them all, so off we went to London today.

It was a most emotional day for me… I have countless ‘nephews’ and ‘nieces’ via my 6000 (slight exaggeration!) cousins, and their kids, but my Lil Finnjabi is MINE! By that I mean, my real flesh and blood, my brother’s offspring, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad emotional the moment I saw him!

He looks at people he hasn’t met before, and the sign of approval is a touching of the face, and we all got that from him! But 6 hours wasn’t enough! That’s not even an hour for each month he’s been alive!

We were with him through 2 messy mealtimes, a trip to the park, and bath time.

I wish I could post a photo of him, but like me, his parents are not fans of putting personal pics of children on any media, so I can’t even physically share him with you, but I can describe!

Big, huge brown eyes twinkling from a cute little tanned skinned face, cheeks not so chubby, but enough for you to want to eat them up. A perfect nose and the gummiest smile, showing two teeth, flashing constantly! Shiny brown hair that naturally created a mohican and frames his beautiful face.

He’s a smiler, a giggler, and sitting in his bouncy chair, he waggles his legs manically to bounce himself, and he loves to growl like a bear!

The kids and Hubby Dearest are as infatuated as I am, and when it was time to go, we physically had to tear ourselves away!

But my high light was at the end when I got a few precious moments with him, no sharing, after his bath, and he kept on grabbing my face with his little hands, and pulling me down, so he could kiss/eat my nose, cheeks and lip! My brother managed to get a video of that, it’s so cute!!! As I said in my post title, I’m in love again!!!!

Counting down the next time we meet, which I know will be in October, unless we manage to arrange a trip out to them in August!!!

In other business, the scratch is better, but I definitely twisted my ankle in our dramatic rescue of the Cat Called Sonu Singh, last night, when I fell off the chair!


But I Smile Anyway...



So Christmas is upon us, I’ve got my gorgeous lil family around me, slowly recovering from the lurgy, my in laws here, getting geared up for a family Christmas, and though I’m excited, a little piece of my heart isn’t in this…

Because it’s not fair!!!!

*toddler style tantrum being thrown in my mind, by me*

While I’m sat here, my Pops and Mum, are over there, in Finland, with my brother and sister in law, and MY BABY FINNJABI NEPHEW!!!! Yes I know I’m shouting, I said, didn’t I, that I’m tantrumming!!!

I’m super jealous! We’ve skyped, I’ve seen them getting the baby cuddles, and I want some NOW!!!!

We will go over there as soon as we can, but it’s just not soon enough!

Ok, jealous rage over…

My interactive peeps!

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