Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 332 – Backlash

Marcus Rashford racially abused on social media – Channel 4 News
Picture of quote by Mrcus Rashford, England Football Player

Spidey felt this was pretty important to discuss, this week, after all the drama of the last week, after the final.

Now, you now I am not football’s biggest fan, however, when there is something big to support, I am there. As I was last week, at the Euro 2020 finals.

The tension was palpable, as we cruised through the first half, then ended up on the edge of our seats in the second half when Italy equalised. A tough half an hour of extra time gave nothing, ending the night in that craziness that is penalties. All that hard work, of playing a whole match, essentlially left to the luck of the kick for the players chosen to take the penalties.

And we started them so well… Then the first England miss happened… followed by two more.

Is it not a sad thing that as soon as the realisation hit, that the three that missed, were black players, many of us already dreaded the backlash of abuse that would pour from the mouths of the racists fans who just need an excuse for their hatred and racism to show?

We weren’t wrong, unfortunately.

Whereas many of of us applauded our lads for reaching the final, and giving it their best shot, there were those rcist trolls who took great delight in spouting their hatred and opinions about those players who missed, callingn them all manner of names, threatening them, and using their skin colour as the anchor for their abuse.

Marcus Rashford, who I quoted above, was one of the unfortunate targets.

Do these peope have such short memories? Because of this young footballer, and his tireless campaigning, many impoverished school aged children were provided with food, over lockdown and the school holidays. And you can beet your bottom dollar that many of those who were speaking ill of him, had children who benefitted from Rashford’s good work.

Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were also targetted, yet even they, despite their age, have done so much for their communitites…

All this forgotten, because they missed a penalty?

It disgusts me, and I know it disgusted many others.

But what will be done to curb the loutish, racist behaviour of these football hooligans?

The turning on the players of their own team was the icing on the foul tasting cake, served by them this tournament, with England fans disgracing their team and country, by jeering the national anthems of other countries, lighting flares in the stadiums, shining lazers into the eyes of the opposition’s goal keeper, general violence and shameful behavior, is inexcusable.

I, for one, am so proud of this team that worked so hard to get further than any other England Mens team, since 1966. (I won’t mention that the Womens team have been kicking it during that time!) They handled the defeat with grace and aplomb, yet had to hang their heads, due to the behaviour of their supporters.

Supporters like that? I think enemies would be better behaved!

Come on, England Supporters. We need to get this right. Why colour the reputation of your whole county? Show a little pride in yourselves.

So… tell me, what were your thoughts on the happenings after the Euro Final?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 331 – Is it Coming Home? Part 2!


Come on, England!

Most of England, today!

Spidey and I apologise for having football hijack the post again, this week, but, come on, who could blame us?

England are playing in their first MAJOR football tournament final, since 1966!

So, you know I am not that interested in sports. But, on Wednesday, I ended up spending 120 minutes of my time (plus injury time) watching the semi final against Denmark, on tenterhooks, along with most of the nation. I actually had a book in my hands, but didn’t read more than a few pages.

Even my colleague who HATES footy with a passion ended up joining in with our WhatsApp group chat, as we second guessed how the match would end.

And, as you all know, it ended in our favour, with a 2-1 win. (Not without scandal, though, as the England team were fined £25K for the behaviour of their fans, jeering during the Danish national anthem, and allegedly pointing a lazer beam in the Danish goalkeeper’s eyes during a penalty. What a shame a team who has done us proud has to bear the scars of a bunch of nooligan fans who are hell bent on causing trouble!)

So, I hyped up my class the next day, because, if you remember, we have England as our class team, in the school sweepstakes. Sure, there are some kids who have no clue what I was going on about, but we have some die hard fans, too, who were so excited!

And on Friday, as we left, I popped on the Three Lions Song and we all sang “It’s Coming Home!” together.

Who knows.

What has made me giggle, though, is that some people have asked the Government for Monday to be a national Holiday, because they fear the amount of people who may not even be in work, or school, due to a late night filled with drinking, shouting at TVs, celebrating (or commiserating) and the inevitable hangovers!

Still, tonight we find out whether it is actualy coming home, or popping off to Italy, instead. But, we are definitely hoping for a positive result, in our favour, of course!

So… tell me, Team England or Team Italy?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 330 – Is it Coming Home?


Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


Many thanks, Spidey, for channelling my surprising football interest this week! Pele is a true football (soccer) legend, and his words can be applied to everything, not just good old footy.

If you live here in the UK, or anywhere in Europe, you can’t miss the fever pitch that the Euro 2021 football tournament has reached, so far.

I am not a footy fan.

Infact, I would go so far as to say I almost ‘hate’ the sport… Well, maybe hate is a rather strong word to use, but it’s not my cup of tea.

No sport is, to be honest. You’d be fooled by some of my posts. Yes I watch cricket. I ferry my son around to all his matches, and I watch them, because it is him playing, but it’s nothing I follow other than his games, and my brother’s when he plays for Finland.

But, this weekend, we had England in the Quarter Finals. I have seen the England flags hanging from so many houses and businesses. We have aschool sweepstake going, for each class (not financial, just to support!) and my class was handed England as their team. So, I also have a vested interest in this tournament. For the class, obviously!

Aside from wanting our class to be the winning class, I realised how important the idea of it ‘Coming Home’ is, right now, to the whole nation. We have all had a sh!tshow of a year and a half, haven’t we? The whole world. And the handling of this pandemic has left many with no faith in anyone political. But Sports seems to be the way to go, to get morale up, spirits high, and happiness flowing.

I went to pick up a takeaway last night, just as the match started, and as I pulled up to park, it was outside a pub. a huge cheer welcomed me into my parking space, and initially, I thought I was being applauded for my (not so) fabulous parking. Then I noticed the marquee in the car park, and the large screen, and the fans going wild. A goal scored, four minutes into the match.

Just that one positive start, lifted the mood around the area. Smiles passed round as freely as the pints were flowing. Other customers waiting for their food were exchanging excited banter. People were communicating in a away that has been lacking, recently, what with social distancing and masks. Okay, so there was still distance, but there were smiles (it was outside, so no masks needed!), and positive exchanges.

I watched a little but I’m afraid the gargantuan task of ironing oer a weeks worth of laundry was calling me, so, after the first half, I melted slightly, in the warm temperatures, as I pressed umpteen shirts and cricket whites, while listening to the fantastic Sacha Black and Dan Willcocks on the Rebel Author Podcast. I had my ear tuned to the reactions of the two footy fans watching downstairs.

And I heard that the match was going well.

Very well.

Lil Man had predicted a 3 – 0 win, and he wasn’t wrong, until they surpassed his expectations and finished with a 4 – 0 score.

Go on, England!!!!!

Semi finals, here we come! (I suppose I’d better be more excited with the kids in my class, now that our team have a real chance of coming out on top!

So… tell me, are you following the Euro Matches this year?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Nobody Is Immortal #ThursdayThoughts

Last night we were all busy, watching the England game.

What a cracker!

Now, I’m no footy fan, but when it comes to international tournaments like this, the patriotism kicks in and I have to sneak a peak at the results mid game, or secretly actually watch the whole thing!

Pops is alone at the moment, as Mum is eagerly awaiting the arrival of grandchild number four at my brother’s place.

He told me he’d be going to watch the match at my cousin’s house.

No worries. At least he wouldn’t be on his own.

As I mentioned before, that match was just amazing! Tension beyond belief! And it ended up in extra time, followed by penalties, and at the very last kick and save, we WON!

The country went crazy. The first time England had gone through on penalties in the World Cup. Ever!

And by the time all the coverage was winding down, it was past 10 pm.

Whenever my mum is away, Pops calls me, or messages me to let me know he is on his way home from the yoga classes he teaches, or that he has arrived home safely.

I waited a while, left him a message, and drifted off to sleep.

Morning came, and as I checked my phone, it struck me that Pops hadn’t called, messaged or anything.


Not to worry. He may have just been tired so went straight to bed.

Then I checked his WhatsApp status. It showed he hadn’t looked at his messages since before 8pm the night before.

That was a bit concerning. He will always check that before retiring for the night.

I called the home land line. No answer.

Okay, still things could be okay. He might be in the shower or maybe doing his prayers.

After a few moments of holding myself back, I called his mobile.

It rang for a while but then he answered. Thank God.

But with a very weak voice.

That’s not my Pops…

“Hello Beta, sorry, I didn’t call you last night, I was in hospital…”

Wait – WHAT???

Apparenty he’d been en route to my cousin’s house, and experienced extreme dizziness and sickness. He’d stopped the car, vomited, then continued the journey, where his stomach began to cramp continuously.

Now, my Pops doesn’t complain about his own discomfort at all, heck, when he was suffering a heart attack, he didn’t allow the doctor to call an ambulance from his local GP surgery, instead, saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll just walk back home and do it myself”… whilst having a heart attack!

But this time it was bad, so my cousin called the ambulance and they admitted him for a few hours.  There were ECG’s and heart check ups, blood tests and all mapper of investigations.

Thankfully it all came back clear, though his pain hadn’t subsided in his abdomen. He was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. So a horrible tummy bug, that may be from a germ in his gut, or eating contaminated food somewhere.

But I was devastated this morning.

  1. Why hadn’t I been called?
  2. I was nowhere near him
  3. What if something had happened to him?

Then I was equally thankful.

  1. He didn’t want me to be contacted late at night – what would I have done, other than rush over, causing more worry, on a long distance drive?
  2. We are lucky to have such an amazing extended family – even though I am not there, Pops doesn’t want me rushing over, he is with my cousin, who is like another daughter to him, and her own sons and daughter-in-law are with him 24/7
  3. Nothing serious did happen to him. I know he is groggy from the morphine shots for the pain, but aside from that and not being able to eat properly yet, he is fine. The test results showed a healthy heart and all other organs, so something to be hugely thankful for.

It’s equally tough for my mum, brother and sister-in-law. They are even further than me. We all worry, constantly, but thank heavens for those angels we have to rely upon.

I’ve spoken to Pops several times over the day, banned him from taking the Yoga classes for a few days – the students can manage without him for a while – and he is staying with my cousin for a good few days yet. I’ll go and see him on the weekend, as he told me not to rush over. In fact, if I go now, he’ll tell me off!

Mum has been in touch a few times too. We are mutually reassuring each other that he is fine – a little weak, but fine.

My cousin, her daughter-in-law and my other cousin have all called me to convince me he is okay too.

I know, deep down, that he is okay, but it really hit home today.

Our oldies, they aren’t immortal, as much as we’d like them to be… Pops and Mum, they are my inspirations. They are the reason I am here, and responsible for making me the person I am. I love them so much. I can’t bear the thought of life without them.

And so, I leave you with this thought:

Love your elders now. Respect them now. Talk to them now.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, when the only love you can show is flowers on a gravestone, the only respect you can show is remembrance services, and the only talk you can have consists of their memories…

Peace out Peeps. Go, hug your loved ones NOW!


The Reception and Other News!

It was the final part of the wedding yesterday. A reception in a beautiful Manor House Venue in Hampshire. We got there, almost, before the Sat Nav decided we had arrived, yet we were in the middle of a construction site!

A few moments of panic, then we found it, tucked away!


We were lucky, it a glorious day!


Being as it was a fusion wedding, Indian to English, the entertainment was mixed and there was this great moving band serenading groups of people as they mingled, and nibbled on canapes! That’s the Bride’s Sister In Law, having a boogie!


The happy couple. Don’t they look gorgeous!

Lil Princess loved it, running around the manicured lawns, then posing for photos! Oh, then the spinning round on the dancefloor until you got dizzy bit! And there was a liquid nitrogen ice cream stall, where you could order your ice cream and it was made and frozen in front of you! Cool!!!!


There were also the obligatory peacocks roaming around the stately home grounds, and we happened upon this albino peacock!


And here is me, in my blue garb, ready for the party!

Oh and in other news, A very proud mummy here!

Hubby Dearest and Lil Man didn’t go as it was the football season’s last match and the end of season team presentation.

Well, what a way to finish it! He scored a goal, and came home with 2 trophies! The one that all players get for completing, and a special one for commitment to the team!


We were late coming home, so once I had scraped Lil Princess off her car seat, changed her and got her to bed, he was fast asleep. I’m off to hug and congratulate him now!

Have a wonderful Monday Peeps!



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