Twenty Beautiful Years #Anniversary #20years

This morning as I wake, Hubby Dearest and I celebrate twenty beautiful years of marriage.

Twenty years of building our life together, having our family, creating our forever home…

Twenty years ago, I left one life, and embarked upon another, equally wonderful, with different joys.

Parents love

The last time
Family of four

A new member
Twenty years ago
We pledged our love to each other
Promises to walk together
Stand by each other
Grow old together
Share a beautiful future

And now, here we stand,
Hair grayer, laughter lines
Still strong
With our own family
Our home
And the promise of
Many, many more years
To come

Wishing my Hubby Dearest a very happy twentieth anniversary. Thank you for all the love you’ve showered me with. I’d never be happier anywhere else 💜

The Wedding Day

So, I have led you, briefly, towards the main event.

If you want to check out the wedding build up, click here.

This time 17 years ago, one of the biggest days of my life played out. The day I finally became Mrs Bhathal!

All dolled up and ready to meet my Prince! This was our last family photo as a foursome. Soon another would join us ❤

We had a magical ceremony,  where we took the four laavan, or rounds, of the Guru Granth Sahib, making our vows to each other,, followed by a beautiful reception that whizzed by so fast…

It wasn’t long before the tearful goodbyes… I may have been gaining a new family, but I had to say farewell to my own…

He’s not one for sharing photos of himself, so I will post one from our first dance, one that I love.


A truly wonderful day that I will cherish forever ❤

Happy Anniversary to my soulmate ❤

Those Pre-Wedding Traditions


I’ve been busy today, mopping up sick, and dealing with a pain-ridden teen, experiencing his first day with braces… Put paid to our plans for the weekend.

You see tomorrow is our anniversary.

However, it’s given me time to reminisce.

If you aren’t aware, Indian weddings are big affairs lasting a good week or so.

My Sikh wedding was no different, and in addition to the length of the build-up, there were at least forty guests who had come from overseas for the occasion too!

I thought it would be an idea to share the build-up with you too, so you can learn a bit about our wedding traditions, (in addition to a silly one my family have too!)

On the Friday before I got married, I had my henna applied by my best friend’s sister.

Then this is the madcap part. We had a fancy dress night!

Usually, I am in the thick of it, but as I had hands adorned with wet, sticky henna I watched from the sidelines as Batman, the cast of Cinderella, masaai warriors, giant babies, amongst others, joined the fun!

And my Pops, not wanting to be left behind, joined my Red Indian Brother as a Punjabi Pirate!

It was a really fun night, full of food, dance and music!

The next day, Saturday, was a day where there were more traditional events.

The Maiyaan was in the morning. This is the haldi, or turmeric ceremony, where the bride (and groom at his place) are blessed and wiped with this sticky goo made from turmeric, supposedly to brighten skin and make you look stunning on your special day!

Oh, and you get fed some sweet rice, which you then go on to feed to at least five other single girls/boys wishing them a speedy marital union too!

The evening was the Chura ceremony, where the bridal bangles are placed on the bride’s arms by the maternal uncles. These are usually worn for an amount of time specified by your in laws, to signify you are a new bride in the family. Some wear them for five weeks, some as long as a whole year!

The next step was the Jago, which was traditionally a ceremony to get everyone in the mood for the wedding. Jago means wake up!


After “waking everyone up” we had a lot of dancing, more food and even some Bollywood karaoke! My family do love a sing-a-long!

Then it was time for bed.

An extremely early start for me was looming… 5am… and an extremely special day ❤

Anniversary Musings

16 years ago, I finally became a Mrs.

It was a beautiful day, albeit a little cold, being November!

A year of frantic planning, which had followed a beautiful four-year romance, during which we made the choice to be together forever ♥

We did the whole shebang, full on traditional craziness, from all the colourful customs, like the Maaiyaan (turmeric ceremony) and the Chura (Bangle ceremony), to some more modern, personal ones like a fancy dress night – well my family did anyway!

And the day itself was magical.

The beautician turned me into a princess, and my prince was there waiting for me at the Gurdwara, ready to take our vows in front of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and our loved ones.

We had a beautiful ceremony, followed by a fun-filled reception (I even had a bubble machine for the kids – and me!)

The Doli (leaving ceremony) was emotional, where it really hit home that I was leaving my parents, but after a heart-wrenching set of goodbyes, we finally set off on the journey that would take me to my new home.

And here we sit, 16 years on.

Happily together, with our own home, two crazed tweens, a furbaby and two feathered ones too!!

My Hubby Dearest has been my rock for the last 20 years, to be honest, and every day my love and respect grows for him a little more. He’s put up with my craziness over the years – and there is still plenty of that to come! He lovingly calls me ‘#Hashtag-Valiye’ – Hashtag Girl, basically, having had to share me with this blog, and all the social media that comes with it for the last few years.

I can truly say that I would not want to spend my life with anyone else but him.

Hubby Dearest- Happy Anniversary my darling, I love you more each day, thank you for being who you are, and for accepting me for who I am. Thank you for gifting me with our two children. Thank you for your never-ending support, and belief in me and my capabilities. My wish is that we are together forever, writing new chapters of our life together as we gain wrinkles and memories ♥

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Our First Dance

And so today we are off to celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary – sans children or pets – with a weekend away!

‘My Way’ – FFF42

Matt the Book Blogger is back with another wonderful #FFF prompt (Flash Fiction Friday!)

Neon Music Sign

This week’s edition will be on (drum roll please)… Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes!

Today we have the wonderful voice of Frank Sinatra to croon along to inspire us! (Is the singing along just me?!) And the song is My Way, a true classic!

So… here goes!

No fuss.
No show.
No craziness.
No feeding the five thousand.
No people I have not seen since I was in nappies.
No functions for two weeks in advance.
Just you and me… and the family of course.
A few close friends.
Food that we like.
Music we choose.
Sorry if your mum doesn’t like it.
It’s not her day, it‘s mine… ours.
Gone are the days of the parents paying for everything.
We’ve saved up and can pay for everything.
We decide what our wedding will be like.
Sorry, consoling her is your problem, we’re doing this MY WAY!

And just for the record… I was totally not like this!

My wedding was done with the true pomp and circumstance of the average Indian wedding.. I still watch the video (yes, video, I am that old!) and see people I don’t have a clue about, enjoying the festivities!

Seven hundred and fifty guests were there on the day! And only 200 of them from the boys side! (Yes I know may western weddings would gasp at 200 for the entire guest list! But that was a very small amount for the baraat, or groom’s side!)

Our functions started in earnest the week before, and we actually had the opportunity to rent our neighbour’s house to sleep some of the multitude of family who came from various international destinations to attend my wedding!

Would I change it? Not a lot!

Maybe if it was up to me there wouldn’t be as many people there, but the rest of it, well that’s the fun of a Big Fat Indian Wedding!

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