‘Skin’ – FFF43

Matt has a corker of a song for us this week as our #FFF (Flash Fiction Foray) prompt this week!

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Skin by Rag’N’Bone Man.

And here’s my take!

The almost perfect one.
The one that got away.
We never got past that initial stage, before our future crumbled before my very eyes.
I can still remember the feel of your touch upon my skin, as you brushed past me.
My eyes followed you, as you strode purposefully ahead, my heart and mind conjuring up images of our ‘happily ever after’.
Then, as quickly as I had imagined our future, you destroyed it. Crushed it.
With that one kiss.
Not on my lips.
But on the mouth of another man…
Why do I always choose the wrong blokes?!

‘My Way’ – FFF42

Matt the Book Blogger is back with another wonderful #FFF prompt (Flash Fiction Friday!)

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This week’s edition will be on (drum roll please)… Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes!

Today we have the wonderful voice of Frank Sinatra to croon along to inspire us! (Is the singing along just me?!) And the song is My Way, a true classic!

So… here goes!

No fuss.
No show.
No craziness.
No feeding the five thousand.
No people I have not seen since I was in nappies.
No functions for two weeks in advance.
Just you and me… and the family of course.
A few close friends.
Food that we like.
Music we choose.
Sorry if your mum doesn’t like it.
It’s not her day, it‘s mine… ours.
Gone are the days of the parents paying for everything.
We’ve saved up and can pay for everything.
We decide what our wedding will be like.
Sorry, consoling her is your problem, we’re doing this MY WAY!

And just for the record… I was totally not like this!

My wedding was done with the true pomp and circumstance of the average Indian wedding.. I still watch the video (yes, video, I am that old!) and see people I don’t have a clue about, enjoying the festivities!

Seven hundred and fifty guests were there on the day! And only 200 of them from the boys side! (Yes I know may western weddings would gasp at 200 for the entire guest list! But that was a very small amount for the baraat, or groom’s side!)

Our functions started in earnest the week before, and we actually had the opportunity to rent our neighbour’s house to sleep some of the multitude of family who came from various international destinations to attend my wedding!

Would I change it? Not a lot!

Maybe if it was up to me there wouldn’t be as many people there, but the rest of it, well that’s the fun of a Big Fat Indian Wedding!

‘Every Breath You Take’-FFF 41

Matt the Book Blogger’s #FlashFictionForay this week…

This week’s edition will be on (drumroll please)… Chase Holfelder’s cover of Every Breath You Take (originally by The Police). Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes!

Now this is a take on a song I knew previously as just the Police original version!

I know if you listen to the lyrics, they are kinda creepy, but Sting singing it made much more of a romantic impression… Chase Holfelder’s version, though very good, had me looking behind my shoulder.. so unsettling!!!

Inspiring, in all sorts of ways!!

I know you don’t want me to know, but I do.
Ever since we split up, you’ve avoided me, blocked me on all social media, not returned my messages or any of my phone calls.
But I still know.
It’s Brett, isn’t it?
I know you said he had nothing to do with it, but I’m not so sure now.
I saw you, leaving his place the other morning at 7 am…  after arriving at 10.43 pm the night before…
Ok, yes, hands up, I‘ve been following you.
Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.

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‘Young and Menace’- #FFF 40

Matt The Book Blogger is back with his prompt for this week’s Flash Fiction Foray, or #FFF.

This week’s edition will be on (drumroll please)… Fall Out Boy’s new song Young and Menace. This is quite a different song from the last few weeks; but I couldn’t help loving the bass drop – make sure to turn up the volume… Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes!

Another song I hadn’t heard before. Eerie and the video was a strange one!!! Oh well, here’s what I came up with!

Sometimes I wonder if I was actually born into this family, or if there was a mix up at the hospital…
I look at you all, with your Dresden doll looks, all blonde hair and fair skin, and then check myself in the mirror.
My naturally sun-kissed skin, and curly chocolate brown locks are a race apart from you.
You like bland food, I want something with a kick.
You listen to Pop, all I want is Gangsta Rap coursing through my earphones…
Then I remember Grandpa… He was the same, wasn’t he? A bit of a misfit, like me.

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‘Everything Works Out in the End’-FFF 39 #FlashFictionForay

Matt The Book Blogger’s prompt for this week’s #FlashFictionForay.

This week’s edition will be on (drumroll please)… Kodaline’s Everything Works Out in the End. Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes!

It’s a song I hadn’t heard before, but here’s my take!

100 words of crazy, as usual!

Meet Bob, my fiancé.
And that’s Jill, my Maid of Honour.
Yes they are walking up the aisle.
Rewind to three hours ago.
I was having a breakdown.
It had dawned on me that it was Jim I loved, not Bob.
Jim, the Best Man.
Jill’s boyfriend.
So was I!
And I was meant to be getting married TODAY!
Then Bob went all gooey eyed looking at Jill.
And she looked at him the same.
So we swapped places today.
Jim squeezed my hand.
Everything works out in the end, they say … I guess they were right.

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