Twenty Beautiful Years #Anniversary #20years

This morning as I wake, Hubby Dearest and I celebrate twenty beautiful years of marriage.

Twenty years of building our life together, having our family, creating our forever home…

Twenty years ago, I left one life, and embarked upon another, equally wonderful, with different joys.

Parents love

The last time
Family of four

A new member
Twenty years ago
We pledged our love to each other
Promises to walk together
Stand by each other
Grow old together
Share a beautiful future

And now, here we stand,
Hair grayer, laughter lines
Still strong
With our own family
Our home
And the promise of
Many, many more years
To come

Wishing my Hubby Dearest a very happy twentieth anniversary. Thank you for all the love you’ve showered me with. I’d never be happier anywhere else 💜

47 Years #lifegoals

Today, my parents are celebrating 47 years of marriage.

A goal I aspire to as well.

They are a couple who have shown us how love, understanding, patience and a sprinkle of madness, is the best recipe for marital success.

Wishing them a wonderful day and hope their union may last many more years.

Happy Anniversary Pops and Mum ❤️

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 196 – Anniversary Special



“A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.”  –  Paul Sweeney

Thank you, Spidey for this.

Today marks our 17th wedding anniversary.

There have been ups and downs, sadnesses and joys, kids and pets, houses and cars, and lots and lots of family stuff!

He asked me what I wanted for my gift… I genuinely want nothing. I have all I want. Him, our kids, our kitty, our family.

I can say, hand on heart, that there is no one else in this world who I would want to have spent over half my life with so far (20+ years dating!)

I love that man that is my Hubby Dearest, more than I can express in words, and I count myself as a blessed one to have him in my life.

Happy Anniversary to my soulmate ❤


And a little of 18th November trivia, for you all too! There are a good few other special days celebrated on this same date…

  • Mickey Mouse’s birthday – he’s 90 this year!
  • Princess day – maybe I’ll get treated like one (unlikely, as I have a child who is currently being sick everywhere – more Cinderella than Princess!)
  • Apple Cider Day – Cheers!
  • Occult Day – ooer!

And a good few more!

And traditional wedding anniversary gifts for the 17th milestone?

Wine and Spirits! 

So… tell me, what would be your ideal anniversary gift? 😘

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps ❤ And enjoy your week!

The Wedding Day

So, I have led you, briefly, towards the main event.

If you want to check out the wedding build up, click here.

This time 17 years ago, one of the biggest days of my life played out. The day I finally became Mrs Bhathal!

All dolled up and ready to meet my Prince! This was our last family photo as a foursome. Soon another would join us ❤

We had a magical ceremony,  where we took the four laavan, or rounds, of the Guru Granth Sahib, making our vows to each other,, followed by a beautiful reception that whizzed by so fast…

It wasn’t long before the tearful goodbyes… I may have been gaining a new family, but I had to say farewell to my own…

He’s not one for sharing photos of himself, so I will post one from our first dance, one that I love.


A truly wonderful day that I will cherish forever ❤

Happy Anniversary to my soulmate ❤

Fickle Nickle!

This weekend, after realising that I am allergic to my Pandora bracelet, Hubby Dearest worked really had to arrange for an exchange for one of their (more expensive) Rose Gold ones!

This nickle allergy!

Honestly, I hate having lots of money spent on me, I don’t need expensive things! But my body obviously has other ideas!

And something else I don’t like, is exchanging gifts, as I feel that what was chosen for me has such sentimental value, but in order to actually wear the item, it had to be changed!

Still, after a whole load of phone calls and emails, and explaining to Pandora that if we exchanged, we would end up spending more, as the Rose Gold is a more expensive bracelet to furnish with charms in the future, we ended up at the shops on Sunday to change it over!

And the whole allergy experience ended up as a poem!

I am quite a simple person
I don’t have expensive tastes
But because of reactions and allergies
I can’t be bought things in haste

Would you believe a little metal
That goes by the name of Nickle
Can cause such a commotion!
My body, oh so fickle!

Now my birthday’s a great example
Of my body’s annoying habit
Having reactions to gifts
First time was my Fitbit!

Religiously I wore it
Counting steps as I waled, in a flash
But after a few weeks of wearing
I came out in a terrible rash!


We exchanged it for another
More expensive, and rash-proof, we thought
But alas the same thing happened
And so we returned what we bought!

this year my Hubby gifter me
With a bracelet of the Pandora sort
But guess what? Allergic!
It contains Nickle – Who’da thought?!

But after much disctussion
Phone calls and emails galore
I’m now the owner of a rose gold one
And suffer rashes no more!


Ritu 2017

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