Spidey’s Serene Sunday #412 and #JusJoJan the 29th, 2023 – Exercise

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Your prompt for JusJoJan, January 29th 2023, is “Exercise.” Use the word “Exercise” any way you’d like. Have fun writing!

“I am wonderwoman!

I wonder where my keys are.

I wonder why I went upstairs

I wonder where my mind has gone

I wonder who will annoy me today.”

The Hot Flush Club

Thanks, Spidey. That quote kinda sums up my life right now.

Perimenopause is a painful thing, my Peeps. I know many of you are experiencing it at the same time as me.

Some have been through it, some are approaching or not near yet, and then there is the other half of the population who don’t know what happens to the women in their lives…

One minute your missus/mum/sister/friend is as she usually is. The next, you have a screaming banshee/blubbing mess standing in front of you, quite possibly fanning herself as she negotiates a hot flush or scratching her skin/unmentionables as the dryness is driving her insane. Or she is looking at you without a clue in the world. Why was she even there? What did she come to say/do?

Welcome to the World of Perimenopause!

Did you know that Menopause – that big word that we have bandied about forever actually only lasts for ONE day?

It is Perimenopause that is the killer, as your body begins to negotiate the withdrawal symptoms of hormones slowly seeping away from your body, rendering you a loon/monster/incapable. (Or none of the above, if you’re lucky.)

Then once you’ve hit a whole year without a bleed… that day, that ONE DAY is Menopause day.

Then you are in Post-Menopause, where you might still feel weird things…

But apparently, nothing is as crazy as that ‘peri’ part.

So I began my initial journey when extreme tiredness was unexplainable, I was snapping at my family, my joints were aching for no reason whatsoever, despite all investigations being undertaken. My weight crept up despite me trying so hard to eat well, and lose it. Sleepless nights, fitful sleep when I got it, cold sweats, and what I now know were hot flushes.

Then I started to feel this brain fog. My thoughts were unclear. And I could not remember the simplest of things, despite being in the middle of a conversation about the same damn thing! It came to a head when I was forgetting the names of the children in my class.

My Boss is brilliant. She is a headteacher who is going through the same right now. I have several colleagues who are too. We spoke at length. And I was convinced to go and speak to the GP.

I did.

And they first tried to send me off with antidepressants. (A common occurrence when misdiagnosis is happening due to GPs not actually having enough knowledge of Perimenopause.) I am the least depressed person around!

But I persevered, and we started our journey with HRT>

Can I say that I am feeling so much better. There are still things that aren’t perfect, but I can remember more, and I feel a little less tired, and that is a good thing.

I take special vitamins, too, and I have embarked upon an exercise routine, set by my son, to help build my core strength, and hopefully feel better all round. And I try and take my 11k steps every day, too.

I am also very open about what I am feeling. As long as my family know what I am going through, they can support me through it, as I support them through their own ups and downs.

It’s a ‘give and take’ game, life. Don’t you think?

So, Peeps, anyone want to share how they have coped with the dreaded Change, whether as a woman, or a male watching someone else go through it?

Ritu’s Healthy Living – Week 24 #icandothis


Another week, another bunch of wonderful meals… and some exercise!

I have had some naughty things,

I have had some extra healthy things…

And I discovered baked oats! Ooooh! So good!

Simple recipe

40g plain oats
Half a Muller light vanilla yoghurt
1 teaspoon sweetener
1 small egg

  • Mix together
  • Bake at 180 C for 30 mins.
  • Enjoy

You can bake fruit in it too but that adds syn values to it as the fruit is cooked (an SW thing!) so I just ate it separately. And for one of them, I added chocolate chips too which made it rather sumptuous!

And I attempted my first Bhangra class too this week!

I am by no means a beginner to Bhangra. I have been dancing pretty much since I started to walk (though if you ask my mum, she’d say I started in her tummy!). But whatever I have learned has come from observation, practice and a natural rhythm inherited from my Pops!

But this class was a ladies beginners class, and at the same time as the kids’ Dhol drum lesson. It was convenient, and one of the other mums wanted to go too. I went, all dressed in my fitness gear, and sports bra (a must for the more generously chested of us. Bhangra involves a LOT of jumping!) and it waws 45 minutes of great fun, breathlessness, and realising I really needed to get fit! We were learning a routine, and remembering the moves in the correct order was hard enough!

True bhangra has never been touted as a ladies dance in the Punjab. At functions, we would probably do a more sedate version. The real ladies dancing is called giddha, which I also do, which has song rhymes that you dance too. Nowadays, however, you have more female bhangra teams and they use more or less the same moves as the men. It is very energetic, and some would say not that ladylike!

I survived it, though, and was told my body moves naturally to the beat (as I said, it’s in the blood!) so I hope to try it again next week. At least I will be managing one physical activity a week! (This class was on Wednesday evening… I am still aching!)

And on to the important announcement…

This week…

I lost another 1lb!


That makes 22.5lb down since I started Slimming World, and 27.5lb in total on this journey…That leaves 0.5lb to go until I hit my 2 stone loss!

I have not been this weight since university I think!

I am so proud of myself!

And I am off to finish my chicken and chips… not diet at all, for my dinner now! See, now I have that control in place, I can still eat naughtily, and make up for it in the week!

Until next week my dear peeps!

Ritu’s Healthy Living – Week 2 #icandothis

So it’s been another week since I attempted to eat healthily, and live a generally healthier life…

Did anyone tell me how hard it is to eat healthily or incorporate any exercise into your day when decorating?

I have been half good, half naughty this week.

I tried to have good breakfasts, and relatively good lunches. Dinner has been a little hit and miss.

Then figure in a day trip to visit my best friend so we had lunch out, and dinner at the services on the way home… and after that, Friday through to Sunday my whole eating plan, went out of the window, with me concentrating on moving furniture, and painting.  I guess that counts as some exercise though eh! And we have ended up eating convenient food, and take outs, rather than cook, as by the time we sit down, we are hungry and exhausted!

I did start the week by digging my hula hoop out and did 3 days of 20 minutes hula-ing. Actually, on the third day, I actually did 30 minutes continuously! I managed one proper walk… but no more than that.

And for all my sins… this is the result this week…

1lb down!!!!!!!

So still a little loss! I’m happy!!!

Ouchy Easter!

See, I always knew exercise wasn’t good for you!

I am loving the Hula Hooping, though I have had the bruised hips and sides from it, but I can cope with that, I am seeing results after all.

It was a beautiful day here in the South East of England and as you do, on an Easter Sunday, (!) after the obligatory Easter Egg hunt in the garden we decided to take the kids for a stint on the park  Tennis racquets, Cricket bat, balls of various shapes and sizes, we were all prepared, and for once even I was happy to play a bit of tennis.  I used to play a bit at school too, Apparently I had potential, but I was too lazy to pursue it!

But then I got injured!  Went to collect a wayward ball that had gone out of the court, and misjudged the entrance, which appears to have been made for 3ft people, I might add.  I straightened up too early and whacked my scalp on the wire fencing and had a sore head.

Hubby Dearest checked it when we got home, and I had indeed scratched/cut/done something to my head!


Wanna see? Okay then, but please excuse the white hairs which I now notice are again in abundance!!! Drat! Than means I will need to get the dye out too!

Ouch! Can you see the red?

Ouch! Can you see the red?

And another view…

See?! Oooh it hurts!

See?! Oooh it hurts!

I have a sore head, a head ache and now I need to make dinner! Antiseptic cream applied, and pain killer taken…

Sympathy please oh all of my Blog Pals!!! 😦

More Hula Hooping information, and encouragement!

I have been checking out hula hooping exercises and came across this great article! Hula Hooping in the Daily Mail.

Firstly the lady in the pictures has my hula hoop! And secondly, wow! I am in great hooping company, with Beyoncé and Kelly Osborne all doing the very same thing I am mastering now!

It really is apparently great for mummy tummies! I even got creative and wrote a poem about mine here.!

And I found a fair few videos to get ideas! The Lady on the left keeps dropping hers… so that’s ok to do too!!

And here’s a lovely Hula Hoop Song to listen to as you are rotating your hips!


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