Pops Busts Some Moves! #FridayFeeling

You will have read about me many times over, writing about my darling of a dad, my Pops.

He is a true inspiration to me and just never stops!

This past weekend, he was helping the Sikh Union Club where he teaches Yoga, at a Vaisakhi fair.

He heard a Dhol (Punjabi drum) from afar, and couldn’t resist!  I edited the video he sent because the end was a little advertorial about the stall he ended up at, and in Punjabi, so not understandable for most of you!

What you do see, is my nearly 72-year-old Pops busting some moves!

He did say in a little interview after his ‘performance’ that the sound of the drums got his shoulders moving, and then he just had to follow the beat and ended up improvising a little routine!

It tends to run in our family, hearing music and then dancing and/or singing!

I love my dear Pops, and his energy for life!

He says that the music makes him feel full of life, and he has to dance, and he dances from the heart. Then he watches videos and cringes at the old man who is on the screen.

Can I hear it for my super-cool Pops, who not only rocked the moves, but the sunglasses too!

Day 31- #musicalmarch🎵

Day 31 of  #musicalmarch🎵!

Can you believe another month has passed?  I could fill a year with songs that mean something to me, but alas I just had a month!

Today I chose, Killing Me Softly, by The Fugees, as it is a song I absolutely love singing! Lauren Hill is fantastic!

And for my Eastern final song, I give you… A bhangra song by some more Brummie boys, B21, from the 90’s. They brought a more modern feel to the songs, and again were dance floor fillers! Chandigarh, by B21!



Day 29 – #musicalmarch🎵

Oops! Sorry I’m a little late today! Scheduled the post to publish for the wrong time!!!!

Day 29 of #musicalmarch🎵!

A song whose lyrics mean more as I grow older. I haven’t experienced the loss of love as such, but the work a woman does, and sometimes not feeling appreciated… Karyn White and Superwoman.

And a track from another Brummie-based Bhangra singer today. Malkit Singh and Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha. It was a wedding favourite again in the 80’s and still gets people dancing!



Day 19 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 19 of  #musicalmarch🎵!

Some party classics today!

Black Lace were great for those party songs! Let’s all do the Conga!

And we had our very own Bhangra version too! Sorry, there was no official video from this song, here is the track! Rail Gaddi!



Day 17 – #musicalmarch🎵

Day 17 of #musicalmarch🎵!

I have to go to one of my alltime favourite Disney films for today. The best song ever! The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book! I do love Baloo!

And a classic 80’s Bhangra track which again was a dance floor filler with many young single men grabbing their sisters in law, to convince them to find wives for them! Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye by Alaap!



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