Seasons Of Life Change #Poetry

Feeling poetical…

We talk about life like seasons
Those different stages of life
The spring being our childhood
Summer, settled with husband or wife
Autumn comes bringing changes
Then winter creeps up on us all
It’s in our hands, our legacy
Do we leave smiles or tears that will fall?

But recently the seasons
Have not conformed too well
The fresh spring being frozen
The summer a fiery hell
And autumn, well thats still a muddle
Sometimes cold, sometimes hot
But winter merges within it too
Do we need woollies or not?

And so it seems life is following
A pattern just as confused
Our childhoods seem to be shortening
It’s hard to keep kids amused
Adulthood creeps up on us quickly
Responsibilities turning up heat
Some live a life of luxury
Others scamble for food to eat

Midlife crises and changes
Creep upon us before we know
Even our ladygardens showing
Early sprinkles of ‘snow’!
And the winter, oh the winter
Lasts longer than before
Longer lives, better health, more resources
A blessing or a chore?

Life is not meant to be simple
Not always going to plan
And so we should remember
To take opportunity where we can
Do all the things you want to
Work, write, travel, cook, dance, sing
Don’t let your winter arrive
Having not done anything

Ritu 2018

Siblings, Friends, Brother, Sister, Life

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Pops Busts Some Moves! #FridayFeeling

You will have read about me many times over, writing about my darling of a dad, my Pops.

He is a true inspiration to me and just never stops!

This past weekend, he was helping the Sikh Union Club where he teaches Yoga, at a Vaisakhi fair.

He heard a Dhol (Punjabi drum) from afar, and couldn’t resist!  I edited the video he sent because the end was a little advertorial about the stall he ended up at, and in Punjabi, so not understandable for most of you!

What you do see, is my nearly 72-year-old Pops busting some moves!

He did say in a little interview after his ‘performance’ that the sound of the drums got his shoulders moving, and then he just had to follow the beat and ended up improvising a little routine!

It tends to run in our family, hearing music and then dancing and/or singing!

I love my dear Pops, and his energy for life!

He says that the music makes him feel full of life, and he has to dance, and he dances from the heart. Then he watches videos and cringes at the old man who is on the screen.

Can I hear it for my super-cool Pops, who not only rocked the moves, but the sunglasses too!

Lick it!


I love this tee shirt!
So tru, life is too short, so go ahead…
Lick it, lick that bowl!!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

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