Seasons Of Life Change #Poetry

Feeling poetical…

We talk about life like seasons
Those different stages of life
The spring being our childhood
Summer, settled with husband or wife
Autumn comes bringing changes
Then winter creeps up on us all
It’s in our hands, our legacy
Do we leave smiles or tears that will fall?

But recently the seasons
Have not conformed too well
The fresh spring being frozen
The summer a fiery hell
And autumn, well thats still a muddle
Sometimes cold, sometimes hot
But winter merges within it too
Do we need woollies or not?

And so it seems life is following
A pattern just as confused
Our childhoods seem to be shortening
It’s hard to keep kids amused
Adulthood creeps up on us quickly
Responsibilities turning up heat
Some live a life of luxury
Others scamble for food to eat

Midlife crises and changes
Creep upon us before we know
Even our ladygardens showing
Early sprinkles of ‘snow’!
And the winter, oh the winter
Lasts longer than before
Longer lives, better health, more resources
A blessing or a chore?

Life is not meant to be simple
Not always going to plan
And so we should remember
To take opportunity where we can
Do all the things you want to
Work, write, travel, cook, dance, sing
Don’t let your winter arrive
Having not done anything

Ritu 2018

Siblings, Friends, Brother, Sister, Life

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Sorry Mother Nature, You Can’t Win! #ThrowbackThursday

A repost of an appropriate older post of mine!

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In the autumn, when there are light breezes, a bit of rain, and the falling leaves, I love this place. I gratefully pack away my Hayfever medicines! The evenings are comfortingly dark, at a respectable time. I can still wake in the morning, knowing it is time to hop out of bed, as the fingers of daylight sneak through my curtains.

But damn the leaves all over the ground! They looked so pretty turning golds, burnt oranges and reds, then they hit the floor.  After one or two sweepings, they are no longer pretty, but a God-awful nuisance, starting to decay, causing slippery paths. Heck they’re the reason I now suffer from sciatica!

It hits November, winter calls, and the excitement of Christmas starts to flow… Yes in November! In shops it starts at the end of September. But I think the excitement of Christmas is allowed to start around November! We enjoy a cold Bonfire Night on the 5th November, wrapped up warm, watching the fireworks, snuggled up to our loved ones. The clocks go back, another hour on bed! Wonderful!  Here is where I start to wish for snow. Let’s really get this winter going! Come on Mother Nature! Bring it on!!!

Then the chills start, the crisp white frosts… Oh they look so pretty… Until you have to spend 20 minutes de-icing your car windscreen, and if you have my car, from the inside as well as the outside, before you can actually go anywhere! Oh and the dark, dark mornings! And the dark early evenings, I swear we don’t see daylight because we are busy at work those hours! And  still NO SNOW!

Wait a minute! The gritting salt is in stock, it’s coming! Yay!  Need to get the the shops to bulk bug supplies! If we’re lucky it’ll be a couple of feet, so we can enjoy a few snow days. But after two days stuck inside we’ll all have cabin fever and be wishing it away! More likely, there will be a smattering of flakes, a centimetre at the most, and it will still cause the whole country to suddenly go into stand still mode! And life will still go on, the bulk supplies slowly going out of date… Fed up of the cold, wearing 3 jumpers, thermals, hat scarf and gloves along with my huge coat… Please Mother Nature, I think the animals are ready to come out of hibernation!

It’s lovely! I can see blossom on the trees! The frosts of the mornings are lessening, I can put away my gloves! I know we lost an hour with the clocks springing forward, but hey! It’s spring! The mornings start like they’re meant to, the evenings start to lengthen. Flowers in bloom, green shoots everywhere, Easter comes, along with lots of chocolate! But we still see those April showers… The temperature is getting better, still a little chill, but not so bad… I can cope…

…or can I? With the change, and the beautiful plants and flowers comes my nightmare…Pollen! Because pollen means Hayfever! Aaaaachooooo! Come on Mother Nature, hurry us into summer where the sneezing might lessen, and the sun will be out!

I can feel it, the temperature is rising, sunglasses out, legs on show! I even happily diet so I can look better in my summer clothes! Everyone seems happier when it’s sunny! And the summer holidays mean 6 weeks to relax…

But no, the Hayfever hasn’t gone, I can’t get early nights as it gets dark so late my body refuses to believe it’s sleep time! And as for the mornings… Well, what on earth is a lie in, in the summer? If you were to open your eyes at 4am, and see the light, why does your mind say “Good Morning!” When you still need at least 2 more hours of sleep?! And the heat… it’s too hot, I can’t cope! It’s torture to cook, to iron, to do anything! Please Mother Nature, turn it down a tad, let’s ease into Autumn now… Pleeeeaaase?!

And so then, the cycle continues…

Are we ever happy?

I’m sat here in April, in the UK, as we appear to be having a mini heatwave, hot, after ironing in the higher temperatures, not wanting to have cloth touch my skin, as it makes me uncomfortable, but not practical. I love the heat, when we’re away, on holiday, but I can’t cope with it getting too warm at home, yet a few short weeks ago it would have been me lamenting the cold, relishing the thought of summer!

Late summer, September, my birth month, that’s my ideal time of the year, as the temperatures are pleasant, the pollen has all but disappeared, the evenings are still pleasingly long…

What is your favourite season?

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